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Why Does Peter Hotez Think We Are Mass Murderers?

What Can We Learn From "Cause Unknown?"

Scalability In Medicine

The Most Important Dataset of the Pandemic Was Just Released

We Now Have A Clear Estimate Of The Rate Of Vaccine Injuries

Please Watch Senator Ron Johnson's Roundtable COVID-19 Vaccine Roundtable

The Real Evidence Behind the Vaccinated Blood Controversies

The Current Protests In China Are A Pivotal Moment in History

What is Causing the Blood Clots from "Died Suddenly?"

What Is the Third Party Technique?

What is Causing the Explosion of RSV?

What Causes Alzheimer's Disease?

I Would Like To Take This Day To Honor A Masterpiece

Dissecting the Deceptive Plea for COVID-19 Amnesty

Why Do Vaccines Consistently Fail to Prevent Disease Transmission?

Who Owns the CDC?

Why the COVID-19 Vaccines Could Never Prevent Transmission

Why Isn't There A Cure for Alzheimer's Disease?

We Now Have Clear Proof the Vaccine is Dangerous and That The CDC Concealed It

California’s Misinformation Epidemic Pt. 2

How Do Vaccines Cause Sudden Death?

Why Do Doctors Push Dangerous Pharmaceuticals on Patients?

What Makes All Vaccines So Dangerous?

What Do We Now Know About Hot COVID-19 Vaccine Lots?

The Century of Evidence That Vaccines Cause Infant Deaths

Why are the Top Vaccine Officials Suddenly Quitting?

What Is The Story Behind Sudden Death Syndromes?

Did the CDC just end COVID-19?

Where did COVID-19 Come From and What Can be Done to End this Pandemic?

Nuanced Ideas and Simplistic Truths in the Context of COVID-19

Thoughts on the Existence of Viruses and Evaluating Controversial Scientific Discussions

The Psychology of Totalitarianism

A Major News Network has Finally Explored the Link Between Mass Shootings and SSRIs

Analysis of a Large Vaccine Injury Survey

Spiritual Considerations in Medical Ethics and Abortion

Modern Medical Ethics and How They Relate to Roe vs. Wade

What Roe vs. Wade Teaches Us About The Importance Of Medical Ethics

Who Was Responsible for the Botched Pandemic Response?

A Sensible Approach to Handling the Pandemic

Were the Correct Approaches Chosen to Handle the Pandemic?

Did the mRNA Vaccine Rollout Correlate to Internet Searches for Adverse Reactions?

This is Real Advice from the CDC

Vaccines Have Been Repeatedly Developed for Forced Sterilization Campaigns.

How Rare is Justin Bieber's Vaccine Injury and What Do Crooked Faces Tell Us About Medical Blindness?

All Evidence Suggests The COVID Vaccines are Causing a Spike in Disability and a Potential Catastrophe for Our Economy

A Massive Spike in Disability is Most Likely Due to a Wave of Vaccine Injuries

Why the Covid Vaccines Were Never Likely to Be Effective

How the FDA Buried the Dangers of Anti-Depressants

The Evidence for Antidepressants Causing Mass Shootings

A Landmark Study on Vaccine Injury Once Again Proves Systemic Corruption in the COVID-19 Response

Why The Baby Formula Shortage Is Actually a Good Thing

How to End Medical Blindness

Another Investigation Proves There was Systemic Corruption in the COVID-19 Response

The Politics of Medical Gaslighting

Why Do Doctors Close Their Eyes to Medical Injuries?

The Origins of Medical Blindness

Why Can Doctors Not Diagnose Medical Injuries?

The Federal Government Finally Admitted Corruption Crafted the COVID-19 Response

How Corruption Dictates the Practice of Medicine

Vaccine Zombie was a video ahead of its time

The Complete History of Depopulation Vaccines

What is the "Forgotten Side of Medicine?"

The History of Population Control is Important for Understanding COVID-19

The story behind Will Smith's recent Oscar performance for Pfizer

The Military's Anthrax Vaccine Appears to Have Been a Beta Test for COVID-19

Public Relations has created the current state of medicine

Adverse Reactions to COVID Vaccines I Came Across During Their First Year on the Market

Early Clinical Observations on the Effects of Smallpox Vaccination

The smallpox pandemic response was eerily similar to COVID

Reflections on the First Year of the Forgotten Side of Medicine.