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As a physician in practice with multiple jobs, I have a very full plate. The main reason I do a lot of this work to support charitable projects for the world because my value system prioritizes good karma over profit. There seems to be a critical need for the type of content I can produce on here, so as time allows, I have taken up that responsibility as well.

Because of my unique situation, I will only produce content I feel is important and worthwhile to read; if it’s not I would rather spend my time somewhere else. I do not like getting spammed, and you have my word I will be quite selective in what I send to your inbox.

Having more subscribers allows the messages I am writing to reach more people. It is my hope that what I produce here has earned your trust and made you comfortable being part of that by signing up for this newsletter.

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I am making a sincere effort to lay out the concepts a lot of people want to know now but don’t have access to. It’s a bit of a challenging project, but at the rate I’m going I’m think I can complete it in the next year or two. My hope is this means the majority of emails you receive will be insightful and non-repetitive.

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One of the major challenges with COVID-19 has been the continual effort to isolate and stigmatize individuals who do not follow the mainstream narrative. The comment sections on these articles have become one such spot where you can interact with people who share your values and interests.

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Here I expose both the light and dark within medicine that has remained hidden. My hope is that knowledge can improve your health and the health of those around us.


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