I work in the UK. At the start of the pandemic, I followed Didier Raoult's work in Marseille and started prescribing HCQ and AZ off-label to treat Covid. This combination turned patients around overnight from Sats approaching 92% (the threshold for admission to a NHS hospital) to >95% with symptomatic improvement all round within 12 hours. This is a more dramatic improvement compared to prescribing antibiotics for bacterial chest infections. I was amazed at the campaigns against HCQ and AZ re cardio-toxicity and the susceptibility of my medical peers.

By the time of Delta, I had noted that the HCQ/ AZ combination appeared to have waning efficacy. The population-based study coming out of Mexico and various Indian/ Middle-East studies suggested Ivermectin as an effective treatment. Prior to the pandemic, Ivermectin was available as a cheap generic in the UK. My pharmacist was contacted by the generics manufacturer who told him that they were not allowed to distribute it for Covid. Both the pharmacist and myself were amazed by this. Now in the UK, Ivermectin is a special order drug with a very high cost. I've noted some patients requesting it for intractable scabies who I suspect may want it as protection against Covid.

Shambolic state of affairs in the Anglosphere!

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Seen this?

"Supreme Court ruling: Covid vaccines are not vaccines.

Hardly anyone noticed that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. won the case against all the pharmaceutical lobbyists. Covid vaccines are not vaccines. In its ruling, the Supreme Court confirms that the damage caused by Covid's mRNA gene therapies is irreparable. Since the Supreme Court is the highest court in the United States, there are no further appeals and the appeal possibilities have been exhausted.  Robert F. Kennedy emphasised in a first statement that this was a success that was only possible thanks to the international cooperation of a large number of lawyers and scientists. Of course, this judgement opens something internationally, especially here in Switzerland this judgement should make waves, because Switzerland has a special position here with its federal constitution.  For one thing, the Nuremberg Code is in the constitution with Article 118b, and the misuse of genetic engineering on humans is prohibited in Switzerland under Article 119 of the Federal Constitution.  This is supplemented by Article 230bis of the Criminal Code, ... The perpetrators thus face up to 10 years in prison.  However, this ruling should also make the rest of the world sit up and take notice, because the Nuremberg Code has international validity and is also included in Article 7 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. In the case of criminal charges, reference must be made in the declaration to the thalidomide scandal in order to lend special weight to the significance of this charge. So politics is in for a hot autumn. One should also know that the German lawyer Dr. Rainer Füllmich and more than 100 other German lawyers were involved in these trials.


No media is talking about it, neither in Switzerland nor in Europe.

Unfortunately, this only comes with a time delay again.

So forward the resolution to your family members, friends & acquaintances."

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Aldous Huxley:

Medical science has made such tremendous progress that there’s hardly a healthy human left.

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As a recent MD graduate I have seen what a mental (and physical) health toll the carrot and stick model takes on medical students and residents. I notice that the energy and stress dedicated to tis takes away from the learner's ability to cultivate their own health-fostering practices and to investigate into any medical knowledge between what is presented in the standard curriculum and framework.

This also reflects a pervasive thought pattern in our society that "Once I achieve x, or y happens, then I can be happy". But then 'x' comes and usually the person is still unfulfilled, now with a new target in mind. I find it unfortunate that many people in our society find it difficult to find happiness in the moment, repeatedly deferring it until some future milestone has been reached. Ironically, I feel that by cultivating mindfulness habits and not fully falling for the carrot and stick, I actually had a smoother time with maintaining academic performance vs many of my classmates and achieving the desired endpoints.

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Let's face it! ABIM is a tool for maintaining the allopathic medicine model whose engine is Prescription drugs/injections! ABIM is a necessity to keep physicians in line! Universities go along to get along and keep research funding flowing. Thinking outside the allopathic medicine model box is verboten! The ever expanding role of dermatologists are due to the side effects of drugs that are expressed by the largest organ of the body! The continued push to discredit the true role of Vitamin D in maintaining good health is a on going push and dermatologists know they would need to find a new line of work if all humans had a blood value over 50 ng's. That's why NIH states 20 ng's is sufficient. Covid would have been a non issue and simple known treatment options would have handled the issue. Not the game plan! A medical con for profit. Our medicine model is corrupt beyond fixing!

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How come no one does anything about the continuous law breaking in the medical field? I am talking about violations of 15 USC 1 (MONOPOLIES AND COMBINATIONS IN RESTRAINT OF TRADE). The Supreme Court has ruled that the insurance companies are not exempt from the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, monopolization and price fixing. Our entire medical field engages in price fixing each and every day. How is it legal to charge people different prices for the same exact services based on whether they do or do not have insurance and what kind of insurance? See here and here.

Group life & Health Insurance Co. v. Royal Drug Co.: the McCarran-Ferguson Act and Health Service Plans


Arizona v. Maricopa County Medical Society, et al., 457 U.S. 332 (1982)


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I've been gradually losing trust in (what passes for) science in the areas of nutrition/diet, medicines, and vaccines for 15-20 years. The Covid debacle merely accelerated the loss of trust.

Being able to read studies for myself on the internet has been an eye-opener. I'm not a physician or scientist, but some studies are so badly designed or deliberately rigged that even I can see the problems with them. Or the abstract is blatantly biased toward supporting a given outcome, and the conclusions seem to be the opposite of what the data shows.

I don't plan ever to take another vaccine. Nor will I do routine invasive health screenings where the risk of injury from the procedure is non-trivial and I'm at low risk for the condition being screened for.

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My website for any interested in the thoughts of an independent physician:


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Malcolm Kendrick is mentioned just before the conclusion of this article. He is the one who recommended motion after a heart attack rather than bed rest.

Well, yet another attack on Kendrick for his views on statins. He was accused of putting patients lives at risk in the media and has been in court to sue the journalist and publication for libel. This is why he has not been active on line in the last few months.


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>>>In many ways, the purpose of the educational system now seems to be primarily to support the educational industry, socially condition students who are in it (e.g., by keeping them out of a broader society which would challenge their beliefs), and make everyone be invested in becoming a lifelong cog in the system.

The prime directive of the public education system is to de-motivate clever students - it's something in our society that actually works...

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I’m always interested in the underlying root cause rather than the effect. It always comes back to the same place: lack of self awareness rooted in the lack of knowledge and underdevelopment of being.

Two years ago I was asked a Quora's question: ‘Have you been impressed by Dr. Fauci's consistency of statements regarding COVID-19?’, to which I answered that the issue I had was not specifically with him (since every country has a “Fauci”) but with the “oiled production line” that manufactures those "Faucis" to begin with.

It’s always easy to look at these things in isolation, but one very inconvenient detail one must keep in mind is that the level of awareness that so-called experts and leaders possess is always parallel to the cumulative consciousness of the populace. In other words, the leaders we have (in all sectors of life) are always an emblematic reflection of the population’s level of awareness, which inadvertently maintains their position. You want a better (more aware) leader, it’s essential to cultivate self awareness in children.

Modern society has long ago ceased to cultivate awareness, and in order to atone for the wide dissonance, the immature, undeveloped person is conditioned to cultivate knowledge only.

There are two lines along which man's development proceeds, the line of knowledge and the line of being. In correct evolution, the line of knowledge and the line of being develop simultaneously, parallel to, and helping one another. But if the line of knowledge gets too far ahead of the line of being, or vice versa, development goes wrong, and sooner or later it must come to a standstill.

This is especially seen in today's world where a person may possess a lot of knowledge; for example, he can be a talented scientist, make discoveries, promote science, and at the same time be ignorant in terms of awareness. And yet this is his being.

If knowledge gets far ahead of being, it becomes theoretical and inapplicable to life, or actually harmful, because instead of serving life and helping people better to struggle with the difficulties they meet, it begins to complicate life, brings new difficulties into it, new troubles and calamities which were not there before.

Today, people place great value on the level of a person's knowledge but do not appreciate the level of a person's being and are not ashamed of the low level of his being. They don't even understand what it means.

One of the biggest distortions on this planet is lack of self-respect and self-worth. Coupled with a need to find love and identity; a role in one’s life, it propels many to acquire an “education”; a profession or a skill set in order to become “somebody” in life. A false premise by which they can atone for the lack of self worth by proving to others that they know; that they can lead and impress others with acquired (memorized textbook) knowledge.

Based on such disposition, these become perfect putty material for academic indoctrination. Since there’s no center of gravity; a discerning agent of one’s own, everything is blindly swallowed with great zeal. Competition and self abuse are encouraged for the holy grail of a diploma at all costs, which in turn secures a position in the ladder of society.

This comes down to a reality in which we have so many people who assume the wrong positions; doctors who shouldn't be doctors, teachers who shouldn't be teachers, politicians who shouldn't be politicians, CEOs who shouldn't be CEOs, leaders who shouldn't be leaders and so on, because the individual has entered the profession all for the wrong reasons. Over time, people filling in these positions may indeed look older in age but completely lack maturity, since their level of development has been stunted.

With the advent of the information age, it has become extremely dangerous. There is so much information going around, easily accessed by the touch of a finger, by which anyone can become successful in spite of ignorance. All one has to do is juggle between ad-hoc answers that can instantly be drawn from under the belt to anything one doesn’t know, while pretending to be mentally certain. By holding on to these at all costs, they eventually morph into "truths".

Covid, in essence, is the microcosmic expression to such distortion. The contrived behavior is the main culprit behind the collateral damage rehashed as “Covid-19”, not a virus infecting people. In other words, pretentious certainty is the real malaise. It has become so dangerous because all the focus and energy are directed towards persuasion rather than finding the facts.

The cumulative effect of this skewed behavior, which really starts in childhood, - if you multiply that by millions of people who, by our academic institutions are encouraged to follow and maintain - what you get is the prevailing consciousness in which there is absolutely no added value created.

None. Zero. Nil.

Instead, it is all about homogenized thinking and subservience to boxed paradigms focused on competition who’s a better parrot as a means to preserve one’s position.



The value and importance of the level of being has been completely forgotten. We forget that the level of knowledge is determined by the level of being and not the other way around. In fact, at a given level of being, the possibilities of knowledge are limited and finite.

This is because knowledge that does not correspond to being cannot be large enough or suitable for the real needs of Man. It will always involve knowledge of one thing together with ignorance of another; the knowledge of the individual without the knowledge of the whole; knowing the form without knowing the essence. In such a situation, it doesn't matter how many books one reads and how many courses they attend, there will be a limit to the ability of the acquired knowledge to crystallize within them.

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Doctors should join together and sue the ABIM as a criminal organization that should be shut down or rebuilt, since the goal of ABIM is extortion and coercion, the organization clearly does more harm than good. I'd bet a good attorney could put together a solid case. I wonder if there are any real doctors with the ABIM?

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Thank you for this thoughtful work. A fine essay and educational for the laity. Your critical remarks on the brutalization process and it’s effect in selecting for traits and adaptability that could produce what some might call the medical enterprise’s sad cooperation with mass depopulation and wounding are important. Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely (Machiavelli). I have long wished for the calming down of Med Ed and end of brutal education to beat the humanity out of physicians. Their education should be well supported by the public on a basis that recognizes the skills of generalists and family practitioners— not just narrow specialists. If students make progress, then let them have time to learn with zero debt except for a service component. Stop loading the selection in terms of certain personality and learning types because it narrows the adaptive capacity of the profession and makes it hard for diverse patients. Yes, integrate basic science learning with the clinical tracks to improve diagnostic and clinical reasoning. Expand the notion of patient values to include patient inner wisdom and personal experience. BUT FIRST—There needs to be a massive de-turfing of power abusing groups from the security state complex to the corporate complex to the professionals and academics and the judiciary — and media. How to do it? We need to get past old labels and down to first principles. Any privileges of special powers need to be removed and addressed through the lens of strict construction and topic limited voting (Gaetz). Public Health must become subject to high degrees of debate and very limited. And, we need to revisit Jefferson on inheritance wealth and the original limits on copyright and patents.. The founders warned us about all the ways power corruption increases until you get the madness we see now. The status of corporations needs to go back in time to pre-Civil War and the obligation to serve the commonweal. I’m sure there are larger lists of reformation, but the ability of special interests to buy legislators must end. In the end, I don’t think we can do anything unless we recall we are one people UNDER OUR CREATOR who endowed us with inalienable rights.

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I’m a pharmacist, not an MD, but I can attest to the truth of what MWD says here. I was utterly astonished by the ease with which highly-regarded physicians lost their certifications and their licenses during the plandemic, because my own experience with a thoroughly corrupt physician was entirely different. In 2002 my pharmacy was invaded by a busload of geriatric Medicaid patients, all with prescriptions from a single doctor. All the prescriptions were pretty much identical: 70-80 year-olds were being prescribed Norco 10/500, 2 tabs 4x daily #240, Soma 350mg, 1 tab 4x daily #120, and Valium 10mg 1 tab 3x daily #90. Obviously, Doc was running a “pill mill” that supplied scripts for a fee, the elderly mules got paid, and the drugs ended up diverted to the illegal market. We refused to fill any of these scripts. We called the police, reported this guy to the DEA, the Board of Medicine and the ABIM. Absolutely nothing was done. Not one of these agencies had any interest in investigating this obviously dirty doctor. He worked this scam for 20 years, and finally was convicted of Medicare fraud in 2020. He was sentenced to 2 years in prison and a million dollars in fines and restitutions. It took twenty years, but finally he was off the streets. See ndtv.com, “Indian Origin Doctor Gets 2 years in Jail for Healthcare Fraud in US”.

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Regarding the first half of your article, the physicians / medical personnel I know personally still believe everything they are hearing on the news. The younger ones have gotten their small children (toddlers) vaccinated against Covid, and the older ones have started getting serious health problems such as turbo cancers. Yet I don’t think any have the slightest skepticism toward the authorities in their career.

On the one hand that makes sense, how can you spend hundreds of thousands of dollars and 20-40 years of your life in the field and then realize your mentors / schools have fed you some lies? But then, they all have much more evidence that things aren’t working than a layperson does.

Interesting times.

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