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I love this article. I have several virus deniers on my substack. While I do not agree with them, they are my valued readers with interesting thoughts on various matters. I do challenge them gently from time to time.

While I do think that virus denial is a mistaken belief, I am pretty certain that I unknowingly hold some other mistaken beliefs, so I just let them say whatever they want and I sometimes make comments to express why I do not agree with them.

Overall, the belief in virus denial is not really a big societal problem, unlike, say, belief that covid vaccine is safe and effective.

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I believe it’s important to note that if there is or isn’t a microbe isn’t as important to understand that deaths from every so-called infectious disease declined by massive amounts before any vaccine or significant medical intervention. This began in the late 1800s into the mid-1900s. Measles deaths were down 98% to almost 100%. Whooping cough deaths were down 92% to 100%. Scarlet fever deaths (a bigger killer than the previously mentioned two) were down 100% without a vaccine and well before penicillin was being used. Flu/pneumonia deaths were down 90% before vaccination began in the 1970s. Yet, after 40 years of vaccination, the death rate remains the same as when it started. Smallpox persisted and killed many for 70+ years after a vaccine was available and only declined in deaths during the same time frame. Smallpox went from killing 1 in 5 to a near zero fatality rate often being confused with chickenpox.

Why? The terrain (to use that term) changed radically across societies and individuals. Sanitation, nutritious non-rotting food, labor/child labor laws, electricity, plumbing, transportation, dreadful pollution, etc., were what made the difference. So by the 1950s, infectious diseases were not considered much of a problem. Yet, today this – the greatest health revolution in human history – remains largely forgotten and replaced with the idea of medical intervention to solve all our problems while mostly ignoring the true nature of disease – the health of ourselves and societies.

Please check out all the charts with references that show the massive declines in deaths from diseases before vaccinations.https://dissolvingillusions.com/graphs-images

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“Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right. Here I am stuck in the middle with you”

I find this whole no virus argument exhausting! “There are no viruses” my 61 yo friend on the right said. Me : “Then why did our moms send us to chicken pox parties n we got chicken pox immediately after” friend : “well it’s just a regular cold” me “isn’t a cold a virus?” Same friend who almost lost her 72yo husband because it was just a cold and didn’t treat aggressively. She was lucky I was prepared. I had friends on the frontline in ICUS talking about patients who were talking/alert with O2 sats in 60s in March 2020 so I knew this wasn’t just a cold or flu. Doctors who came out of retirement to assist said they had never seen patient symptoms like this before. just know to take it seriously n not trust pharma or government. Then I have “left” friends who still worship Fauci n the vax even though they have had Covid now for the second time. I help them out too when needed. This has been the most genius psychological operation I have ever seen! I don’t trust anyone on social media, no one. I believe at this moment (and I’m open to changing my mind) the “virus” and V is more of an incapacitating BW like Lyme. You will be too tired n sick or too tired n sick taking care of your sick family that you won’t be able to push back on anything. Unless ur too weak or get a hot lot n taken out quickly not to mention the slow kill mechanism of all this. Amyloids, cancer, prions incoming. Arguing about if viruses are real is a waste of time. Grifters going to grift tho. I bet it pays well. PS the terrain is important too! They knew in April 2020 low vitamin D n overweight/ metabolic syndrome increased ur risk. Why no messaging about vitamin D.

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I am someone who is kind of on the fence on this issue. I tend to lean toward terrain theory overall. I truly wish to see debates on these issues. We are arguing within the framework of a system of healthcare for profit. Within that system, it is not in the best interests of the system for the people to be healthy. Terrain theory gives the individual back their Power over their healthcare. In all honesty, I really like the concept that I have control over my health and that I do not need to go within a system that is going to rake me over the coals financially in order to help me.

Why is it so necessary that we look at things as black and white. This issue has so many gray areas it is truly worth exploring. We need debates. Debates are very good things. As soon as I see someone not willing to debate I’m thinking they are not comfortable in their truth. Please please please can we not put aside our differences and have some really interesting discussions. Interesting discussions are awesome. And we all so need more awesome in our lives.

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Kaufman et al are right in that viruses as presented by the NIH under Bill Gates, Tony Fauci's controlled are fraudulent. That doesn't mean they exist, but it means they are presenting falsehoods, and they are doing it deliberately.

COVID, aka the symptoms are broad and non-specific. They are not just respiratory distress, they are cardiovacular and neurological, which seem to be induced by autoimmune reactions.

There seems to be several possibilities for the illness during 2019-2020.

Graphene oxides.

Graphene electromagnetic properties were discovered, I think around 2005. A lot of money went into funding research into it's use for the medical industry. I think a lot of this research was for good intentions, trying to take medicine to the next level. But I think the technology has been highjacked for the globalist agenda of a transhuman future called human 2.0.

Spanish Researcher from La Quinta Columna have been donated a number of COVID vaccines vials, Influenza vaccine vials, saline solutions, anesthesia, and meat to examine. This began with the COVID vaccine vials, they wanted to know what was in them. They found they were mostly comprised of graphene oxides. After this discovery they were given these other items and found graphene oxides in them. They have reported graphene oxides are spread through chemtrails and are found in some water supplies.

They say they have found research indicating Graphene oxides cause respiratory distress and blood clotting. They conducted tests under electron microscopy showing in real time, self assembling nanoparticles. They placed a 4g phone next to the slide, and called it. You can see in the video that when the phone call is answered, the nanoparticles assembly speeds up. they measured the increased rate at 5x.

Retrovirus activation.

Retroviruses are part of the genome of life. Humans are born with them. One of them is called HERV-W, for human endogenous retrovirus. This particular retrovirus is responsible for forming a placenta after conception. Without it, there would be no births.

Humans aren't the only species who share this retrovirus. Animals have it. Monkeys, Mice, dogs, bats, you name it. This retrovirus was noted by James Lyons-Weiller in his paper

Pathogenic priming likely contributes to serious and critical COVID-19.

https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov › articles › PMC7142689

The protein produced by HERV-W is syncytin. Many humans have been walking around with animal versions of RNA that produce this protein who are unaware of it because their immune system has prevented it from expressing.

Dr. Judy A. Mikovits has done extensive research into this. She had a group who were studying a retrovirus called Xenotropic Murine Leukemia Virus, Related Viruses(XMRV's) and their association with ME/CFS patients. She had number of symptomatic ME/CFS patient cohorts who frequently donated saliva and blood samples, and found this retrovirus was very hard to detect. One day she tested a patient and found the blood was full of it. She found out that patient had recently received an immunization. It was this discovery that led to a practice of giving HIV/AIDS patients a viralblocker before they received immunizations, because she witnessed virus activation.

So it was concluded that strong pathogenic attacks on the B cells could activate these viruses.

Further testing revealed about 6% of the U.S. population had these viruses, but weren't sick and didn't notice them.

She decided to test the blood supply. I think this was around 2011. She found 20% of the blood supply was contaminated with HIV and XMRV's. She found a company called Cerus or Ceres, I don't remember exactly, to clean it using ultraviolet light. Fauci wouldn't let them do it until around 2014. I do know this company is still doing the work today.

So severe COVID-19 may have been from virus activation. Strong pathogenic attacks, such as influenza vaccines are a known trigger for virus activation. Mikovits discovered other forms of activation were possible from unbalanced hormones. I believe it was Bob Silverman who first discovered XMRV's among prostate cancer victims. It was from this discovery that Mikovits learned how unbalanced hormones led to virus activation. Men who produced above average, excess testosterone, and who were found seropositive for XMRV's had the most aggressive prostate cancers.

Stress produces cortisol. Excess cortisol is known to have deleterious effects on immunity. When cortisol levels are high, other hormone expression declines. One such hormone is vitamin D, responsible for many things including T cell mobilization, according to Carl Geisler. Another suppressed hormone critical in the COVID pathology is insulin. These suppressed hormones allow the retrovirus to begin expressing. When they express, they begin producing a foreign version of syncytin which triggers autoimmune attacks against self, typically targeting genetic defects or other weaknesses. Thus a wide array of targets may be affected creating a vast array of injuries from blood clotting, to platelette loss, strokes, heart attacks, respiratory distress or numerous neurological problems.

Genetic defects affecting the ability to degrade RNA viruses may cause early onset of symptoms following infections with the foreign RNA.

So this begs the question, what was the source of the animal RNA? How did it get inside humans? Mikovits was holding conference sharing her findings on XMRV's when a scientist in the room blurted the answer. OMG, this came from the vaccines! The scientist was referring to the process of attenuating live viruses in cell lines.

To learn more about Mikovits findings check out her books Plague, 2014, by Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D, and Kent Heckenlively; Plague of Corruption 2019, same authors; and Ending Plague by Frank Ruscetti, Ph.D., Dr. Judy A. Mikovits, Ph.D., and Kent Heckenlively.

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This is a big can of worms. Which is why I personally haven't trod too far down this road.

Truth be told, I feel guilty for not researching the virus denial movement further especially in detail. Because sometimes the devil really is in the detail. Maybe it is. Maybe it's not. I actually do not know.

I agree heavily with your assertions that this could spawn a huge division between parties and ultimately put the anti mandate movement down as a result. Sun Tzu made several comments in the art of war about the use of infiltration and then destabilization of a cause or political movement. And despite years of being told biggotry and stereotyping is bad. It is still very common for people to lump groups into a stereotype and hate them all equally. For no reason other than their own generalized assumptions.

I have also seen a similar movement to the viral denial movement before in a very different field of electrical engineering and magnetism which is electron denial.

Again I don't know either way, but I have seen some cool theoretical models based off this idea/theory and how it could revolutionize technology like wireless electrical technology and even potentially unlocking perpetual energy systems (which is super cool) yet this technology has not eventuated nor am I an electrical engineer or physicist so I suppose I am just waiting to see if anything unfolds. It hasn't yet it seems.

Terrain theory is IMHO valuable to understand. Two models of disease management seem to exist in use today.

One is primarily about disease suppression. (Allopathic medicine)

The other is based mostly on health promotion (Naturopathic/Terrain)

And both IMHO are equally important. And both should be used concurrently for best effect (my opinion)

But do viruses exist? I think so. Based on the observations of germ spread.

I worked for a while in an isolated rural army camp that housed many recruits and trainees. They came in hundreds at a time. There we had a few outbreaks over the years requiring short term quarantine of soldiers. Of which was a scabies outbreak. Another was norovirus and the other Swine flu.

All of these outbreaks were essentially treated the same way. Infected soldiers were isolated in their own barracks separate to the rest of the camp where meals were delivered by medics three times a day and treatments given at roughly the same time (obviously different treatments for each outbreak) Where they had come from before hand was thoroughly decontaminated and cleaned. And usually after a few days or a week the problem passed nor spread further.

This seems to indicate germ theory and disease transmission and quarantine as a method of preventing it.

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You pull the usual trick of conflating isolation/purification with replication. If viruses existed, there would be zillions of them in clinical samples taken for patients with "viral" diseases. They could be isolated/purified from the samples. Unless of course they self-destruct upon leaving a cell, lol, which would then raise the question of how they got in there in the first place and how they could then spread to other cells and other hosts. Obviously they couldn't. So if they existed they can be found and isolated/purified, and then sequenced, characterized and studied with fully controlled experiments (aka science). But this has never been done with any virus, as admitted by the CDC. Virologists don't even purify the particles that the claim to be "viruses" from their monkey/cow/human mixtures (cell cultures), and follow through with sequencing, characterization and fully controlled experiments (aka science) using the purified particles to see if they actually fit the definition of a virus (replication-competent obligate intra-cellular parasites that transmit between hosts and cause disease via natural modes of exposure). Because virology is not a science.

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MwD... Thanks for addressing this prickly issue. Sadly, the efforts to divide us further seem to have been enhanced by the "no virus" zealots. Emotion has replaced reason. Pseudo-science has replaced science... Igor Chudov's remarks below are spot on.

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It matters not that I either agree or disagree with your work. I recommend you publish it to open opportunities for more and much needed further debate and research.

So far there is virtually no one who will profit by proving viruses don't exist.

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As an engineer I'm relaxed about accepting a theory that seems to help explain processes. My problem is that I haven't heard any good explanation about why some people succumb to a disease and others don't. Obviously ones starting immune system plays a role, but sometimes it just seems random.

It could just be that the body is so complex that we only have a really rudimentary understanding of it.

I can accept that viruses exist until a better theory comes up.

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Brilliant analysis as usual ! The virus denier's protestations are indeed Circular- It is challenging to break the circle with some TRUTH when the rabbit is chasing it's tail. I honestly think it is controlled opposition or perhaps Psy-ops pushed by CovidCon globalists who want never-ending control and power with more mandates, Mid-term Covariant lockdowns= mail in voting schemes.

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You are brilliant and logical, which is why I have been following you. However, your logic has failed you on numerous occasions in this article. For instance, in your wrap up you demand from the virus denier side:

"Provide a reasonable way you will accept your position being tested and disproven"

This is backwards. Those making a claim for a virus need to back up that claim. As you said there is no direct evidence of the virus. The only evidence is PCR which is indirect evidence. When you look closely you realize that it is really only evidence of some DNA/RNA in a sample. It is non-specific. Corman-Drosten, the PCR test authors, admit they had no sample of the novel virus when they devised the test. Please apply your logical mind to the idea that they crafted a test without a sample of the thing they were testing for!

One of the commenters on this thread is Christine Massey who has filed many FOIA requests with the CDC. In their responses they admit that they have never purified virus directly from a human sample. And if they have not purified virus then they have not done any valid causation studies, if they have done any at all.

Also, to say that some people are getting sick, therefore, there is nasty new virus, is poor logic and worse science.

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Good article. I have my own theory that you may find interesting.

I’m not a dr or scientist but I have had a very interesting life which lead me to become interested in certain areas. My whole life I have had adverse events due to exposure to metals. It has meant I’ve met some very specialised scientists who value my experiences a lot. I’ve also been known all my life as someone who is highly intelligent with a high IQ. I have no conflicts at all. I went in with no biases. It’s lead to me coming up with my own theories based on my own health and the health of others I’ve observed and had input into. I have written a Substack on it. Very short and basic.

Basically the reason different people react differently to a virus is down to their toxic load and their hypersensitivity to their toxic load. The toxins the body has trouble breaking down. Metals to be specific. I’ve had a type 4 delayed type hypersensitivity to certain metals from about the age of 13. I’ve even had bad reactions to the mercury in tuna which caused chronic fatigue syndrome. I was eating a lot of it at the time.

I’ve found from my observations that we all have our own personal antigen tolerance level. Once we exceed our antigen limit disease occurs. Lowering the antigen level and symptoms improve. If heart attacks are a family susceptibility it will only happen to you if you exceed your antigen tolerance.

With orthopaedic implant allergy the symptoms can be minimised if the patient avoids vegetables, eggs and herbs. I even know a couple both reacting badly to their hip implants. The wife eats lots of organic fruit and vegetables yet her symptoms were so much more severe than her husbands who only ate fries.

With covid if you have a high metal load and have a type 4 allergy to metals you will have severe symptoms and could die.

If you have a high metal load but do not have a type 4 allergy to them you will have a rough time with covid but unlikely to die.

If you have a low toxic load and don’t have a type 4 allergy to viruses you probably won’t even know you have covid. I don’t believe a virus like covid kills people. I believe it’s the patients metal load and their sensitivity to it. When the body tries to detoxify the virus it also in the process tries to detoxify the patients built up toxic load of metals. It moves the metal toxins around the body and through the organs and that’s what causes the symptoms.

It happens to me without having a virus. I’m having a bad reaction to PMMA bone cement but also have a type 4 allergy to certain metals and a toxic load of them. So everyday I avoid things that have a detoxifying effect and avoid moving too much as that sets off all the symptoms too.

But if I do eat vegetables I get really sick. The symptoms are the same as long covid. I even have what’s been called “covid tongue” but I’ve never had covid. My covid tongue is caused by low vitamin c. I lowered it on purpose before my implant was removed in order to survive the symptoms. I was having anaphylactic shock every time I ate. After lowering vitamin c the symptoms improved.

I believe testing all covid patients with the Melisa test and also testing metal levels in the blood would be very revealing. Maybe some scientist out there wants to give it a go

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Perhaps the belligerence, shared by Qbies & FlatEarthers, is 'sudden onset hostile attribution bias'. When one realises the sheer scope & constancy of the lies we are told, a vast betrayal by authorities we were taught to trust and, in many ways, need to trust .... It's a self-protective reaction run amok to begin to distrust everything. "If I didn't realise they were lying before, anyone could be lying now and I might not notice, so I'll just assume everyone's a liar and won't get fooled again."

Sudden betrayal can be very useful if it leads us to re-evaluation the things we've taken for granted. I find that double-checking things against logic & life experience helps to prevent the spiral into cynicism, as does finding some really wonderful people who serve as examples to counter the always/never extremes. Weirdly, Covid has stopped me from hating doctors (after some terrible experiences), because I keep remembering AMWD, Dr Mercola, Dr McCullough et al. fast enough to reject the all-or-nothing before it poisons my thinking or exits my mouth/fingers. Silver linings :)

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The January 24th 2020 study published in the New England Journal of Medicine entitled A Novel Coronavirus from Patients with Pneumonia in China, 2019 describes how the scientists arrived at the idea of COVID-19: they took lung fluid samples and extracted RNA from them using the PCR test. It admits that the coronavirus failed Koch’s postulates:

“Further development of accurate and rapid methods to identify unknown respiratory pathogens is still needed … our study does not fulfill Koch’s postulates.”

Chief epidemiologist of Chinese CDC admitted "they didn't isolate the virus". ON CAMERA.


Here's a bunch of questions which, if they can be answered with satisfactory scientific proofs, would utterly convince.

1. Why can't virologists extract purified virus particles from the infected patient sample without first:

a) introducting the unpurified patient sample to a cell culture;

b) starving the cell culture of nutrients;

c) poisoning the cell culture with antibiotic/antifungal drugs;

d) waiting for the cell culture to die (cythopathy), and then claiming the cell death was caused by the virus and not the steps a-c?

2. Why can't virologists perform a control test of the above "standard" isolation methodology to demonstrate once and for all that the very process they are using itself does not result in the cytopathic effects observed rather than the introduction of "virus" from a patient sample? Please note that Dr. Stefan Lanka has performed and repeated this control experiment and found that the process itself causes cytopathic effects, irregardless of the presence or absence of "virus".

3. Why can't virologists biochemically characterise the virus particle isolated directly from the patient sample without a culturing process in question 1?

4. Why can't virologists genetically Sanger sequence the full genome from the biochemically characterised virus particle wholly isolated from the patient sample without prior culturing?

5. Why must virologists mix the whole cell culture together (Q1.a-d) in a centrifuge at 100,000G until it forms a clump of material ("pellet"), and then genetically sequence that mixture for the "viral genome"?

6. Why can't virologists use density-gradient centrifugation to actually isolate the components of the "viral isolate" according to their size and molecular weight, and then genetically sequence gradient-sorted particles and compare them to the sequence extracted directly from the patient sample in Q.4?

7. Why can't virologists take the purified viral isolate extracted directly from the patient sample, add it to a healthy cell culture and then keep the culture well-fed and healthy to see how long it takes for cytopathic effects to occur?

8. Why can't virologists take the purified viral isolate extracted directly from the patient sample, add it to an inert nasal spray and permit its inhalation (the alleged mode of transmission) into a number of monitored animal subjects to discern if they acquire the suspected disease thereby?

9. Why can't virologists take the purified viral isolate extracted directly from the patient sample, add it to an inert nasal spray and permit its inhalation (the alleged mode of transmission) into a number of monitored human subjects to discern if they acquire the suspected disease therefrom?

If you want to assert that "viruses cause disease", then this claim must be proven scientifically. It never has been (especially questions 1, 2, 7, 8 and 9).

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A very good article. I must confess that the virus deniers and the government response to the pandemic have affected me, in the sense that I now challenge what I used to believe, and not just in relation to the existence of viruses. I am now far more open minded and perhaps even more sceptical. Certainly I no longer believe anything the government says.

And your point that this is no time to be divisive is highly poignant. One reason I think the “freedom parties” did so poorly in the recent Australian elections - instead of coalescing on a few issues, they offered too many choices and different policies.

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