Can I make a suggestion? Can you pin a thread in the comments for people to add links/citations for research they believe is relevant/enlightening? I'm tired of wading through snarky replies when I only want the references to research for myself.

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I’ve been an uncritical recipient of the flu shot for the last 29 years. In the last 10 years, I’ve had two terrible bouts of the flu that resulted in ruptured eardrums, even though I had received the flu shot. Having watched the lies told about the safety and efficacy of the Covid vaccine, this year i went searching for the efficacy and safety of the annual flu shot and found your piece on Mercola’s substack a few days ago. Thank you for taking the time to research and write it and thank you for taking the time to research and write your other insightful pieces. It’s so refreshing and heartening to find thoughtful, well researched, medical information.

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Every year I tell my allopathic MD NO when she suggests the flu jab. I tell her I like getting the flu. It’s a guaranteed 5-7 lb wt loss 🤣 She looks like she’s sucking lemons. Then when she recommended the Covid jabs I fired her. These imbeciles need to be FIRED.

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Thank you! As a side note, when the Los Angeles Times and the media began shouting about hospitals being completely overrun with COVID patients, and that they had to put up tents for the overflow, a curious man went around to some of the hospitals to photograph the tents and found every one to be empty! He went in some ER units and also found them very minimally inhabited!

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Haha ! I remember when I still went to church, one of my friends was a pharmacist, she promoted the flu jab, and I had just read that the former year the jab had a negative result. Another topic.

It is useless to try and explain what you say here to needle worshipers. It is very much apreciated, I wish you were a bit closer! Of course you would still starve with patients like me. I have a drawer full of herbal and homeopathic therapies and lately started experimenting with qi gong and accupressure. Very seldom it happens, that none of my remedies manage to help me. And now I read a book by former DR Guylaine Lanctot, she adds a spiritual note. Very interesting. The only think I can do is subscribe to your substack ! If you ever publish a book I will buy it. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

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You are kidding yourself. The "data" has been intentionally fubarred from the start. Alert # 2, a March 24, 2020 CDC /NVSS missive sent to all state health depts, and theron, to us as clinicians, iterated the now famous (illegal) changes in creating , intentionally, the type of data corruption essential to the planned "vaccine" mass-injection to the populace. This was always about a vaccine, from the start, and not about any public health "science". The agencies were most assuredly NOT interested whether covid19 was better, the same, or worse than a typical influenza, regarding IFR. We were thus instructed by "Alert#2, that the underlying cause of death (UCD) was to be "Covid 19" for all deaths occurring within 28 days of a positive PCR (at 40+ cycle thresholds), regardless of the real cause of mortality. This was a key, and VERY intentional element in producing the worthless datasets you have tried to use, and bemoaned about, in your essay. Mission accomplished. Now you will NEVER be able to "inform the public", and help"create understanding" , because what you need has been ruined. Similarly, corrupted data was determined by all agencies round the world, by failing to correlate deaths with vaccination status. ( Forget about the additional ruses of altering 'vaxxed' to unvaxxed by waiting two weeks for both boosters to be classed as "vaxxed", and the EMR fiascos of making "vaxxed" a platform-dependent data entry).

The IFR appears different in contiguous countries bordering each other all over Europe, because of deliberate reporting differences; thats how Luxembourg had virtually no cases, Belgium a huge spike , during one "covid wave". Australia had not a single death certificate with influenza as a cause of death for around 18 months , during all their quarantines. How does that happen? Not testing at all for influenza helped here in USA to inflate covid diagnoses; besides- why admit someone to hospital with flu, when the same symptoms occur with covid19 as a dx, and the uptick in reimbursement is 20% with the latter dx? Why would a hospital administrator want to know that it was really flu, and not covid causing the symptoms?

There will be no data clarity- count on it.

M Weiss, MD

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Thank you AMD for all your wonderful articles. Your Substack and Dr. Mercola’s are my “must reads”. I am amazed that you can research and write as much as you do while still treating patients. And yes, you definitely should write a book! I am a healthy 82 year old retired RN that has not taken any vaccines since childhood and I have not been to a doctor since my last child was born. This is mainly because of what I witnessed as an RN during my working years and because I lost both my mother and husband to “medical mistakes”. However if I could find a doctor like you who is open minded and critical thinking I might change my mind. 😉

I am responsible for my own health care and I believe my body can heal itself if I give it what it needs and don’t poison it with toxins, ie. drugs and vaccines. I do a lot of research and take supplements and so far so good. I did get Covid and was pretty sick followed by some erratic blood pressure and mild pericarditis, but have completely recovered now. However, I found myself second guessing yesterday after incurring a fairly serious puncture wound in my foot in a dirty environment. Should I get a tetanus booster since I don’t have any idea when I had my last one or should I uphold my vow to never get another vaccine? I started researching and found that the newest research shows that there is no need for a booster if the series of childhood vaccines were completed then one should have immunity for life. So I feel pretty confident in my decision not get the booster. My chances of having a reaction from a tetanus booster is probably much greater than that of getting tetanus.

I learned from Dr. Becker that over vaccination causes problems for animals. She said that most dogs have immunity for life after the initial puppy shots, so I always had titers done for my dog and sure enough he never needed another vaccine his whole life. Vaccines are big money for the veterinary industry too. Too bad we humans can’t have titers done to show we don’t need all those vaccinations! 😂

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I only had "the flu" once. But it was not respiratory.

I was so dizzy and sick I could not walk for two days. I did not eat or drink for days, and had to move around the house on my hands and knees.

That was about .... 1978 my last year of nursing school

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In recent years I've come to the same conclusion using logic and basic immunology 101 knowledge about suppressing fevers. I remember all the times I was sick, put on a jumper and after a night of sweat-soaked sleep, waking up feeling fresh and better.

Re: flu and covid vaccines - I like to joke that the people lining up for them are not unlike heroin junkies, believing the answer to their issues can be solved with just another needle in the arm. I watch all the affluent and "educated" people around me taking these shots every year and still getting sick regularly. Whereas I abstain and rarely get sick because I actually put in the work and live a lifestyle that keeps me healthy and fit. Just goes to show there are no shortcuts in life.

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The down side of discovering how Covid reveals the corruption that permeates our healthcare system is that one becomes even more of an outsider among colleagues.

My perstners and I are peaceful but no longer have conversation about the pandemic and corruption.

Because of all the dark corruption I’ve seen with regard to the Covid vaccine my gut told me the flu vaccine likely may also be a corrupted product. I always took it for the sake of my patients. This year I declined. The 2016 Cochrane review you referenced verified my suspicion. Thanks for that. And for pushing me further into oddball territory.

Regarding risk from Covid vs flu. When the pandemic began I dug hard for data on mortality. I discovered flu mortality is all over the map and unspecified. No systematic effort is made to define it. All estimates are crude at best. This is bizarre. As if there’s no real interest. Why I wondered.

What I did discover is that Covid mortality was being communicated based on case fatality numbers rather than infection fatality. This exaggerated risk by about 50 times. It was too systematic to be an amateur error or oversight. I knew then we had a big problem. What followed has caused me to question everything.

I’ve written about the new normal that is profoundly abnormal here:


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MwD... Thanks for this. Truly one of your best!

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"The more I study medicine, the more I’ve come to believe that business rather than science dictates what governs how medicine is practiced."

Exactly true. Here in Thailand there is no meaningful flu vaccination program. There is also not really a flu season, though I've certainly seen people get colds and the like especially during the rainy periods. Vitamin D supplementation immediately changed my grandmother's susceptibility to every little sniffle or bug going around: before that she seemed to be catching little problems 4-5 times per year, but after vitamin D supplements she had almost none. Always follow the money...

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Outstanding article. Before Covid, the flu - and getting your flu shot - was the greatest scam in medical history. The 50 state health agencies and the CDC might as well have been Flu Vaccine Promotion Agencies.

I've done a tremendous amount of research on different flu seasons and must have read 300 articles about the flu. I really cannot remember one of these articles that did not have this sentence:

"Doctors say it's not too late to get your flu shot."

The article I'd read just spent 15 paragraphs documenting that this year's flu shot did NOT work - but the trusted experts still want everyone to keep getting this shot. That should tell us everything we need to know about the healthcare profession today.

Basically, doctors and "public health" agencies want you to get vacccines that we KNOW don't work.

And this was the template for the Covid vaccine. Americans were conditioned to believe they had to get a "vaccine" - even if it didn't work!

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Between this quote: "During that flu season, I clearly recalled that each patient I saw who had been hospitalized or put onto a ventilator had received that year’s flu shot, whereas no one I knew who had not vaccinated had any issues with that year’s flu." and this quote: "A huge business exists that revolves around making people afraid of the seasonal flu so vaccines can be sold each year." ... we have to start realizing, maybe these "viruses" aren't what's been told to us.

I recently wrote about a paradigm shift occurring (https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/a-paradigm-shift-is-occurring) and if we take into consideration that our modern "health" care is a paradigm in which involves profits on conditions (https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/donating-to-a-good-cause-how-billionaires)- yet BETTER OUTCOMES are achieved when the treatment is avoided - we must come to the realization that our modern health care paradigm is FLAWED.

By coming to this realization, we can then embrace a new paradigm of true health, leaving this old one behind: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/the-religious-tenants-of-scientism

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And the flu shot is also on the list of required vaccinations for immigrants. I harp on about this but it’s just so wrong and I’m so weary of it all. It actually says on the website that vaccinations should only be on the list if they protect against a disease that has the potential to cause an outbreak or protect against a disease eliminated in the USA. Seeing as the flu and COVID vaccines do neither of these I actually believe it is unlawful for these to even be on the list. What danger does an immigrant coming into the USA with COVID actually pose right now. And considering the vaccine doesn’t prevent transmission it doesn’t even make sense. I’m so sick of living in this crazy world where common sense has been abandoned.

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Thank you so much for this article.

I am following my doctor’s orders to “never have a flu shot”. Those orders given to me by three doctors since 1961. I have never had a flu shot, and never will. In all those years I can count on one hand when I’ve had the flu. I’m not one to run immediately to the doctor...,rather let my body run it’s course. Raised our kids the same way. All of us are blessed with a strong immune system that we are so thankful for.

I have praise for my doctors over my life span. However, two of them passed away, and one retired. In the last three years after doing a lot of research, I now am synced with a Homeopathic doc.

Sadly I have family members in the medical field who are just so done with present day medicine, and a friend slated to enter medical school, but declined because of how so much had changed in the medical field.

So, again, thank you Midwest doc for all your excellent information!

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