I cannot speak for heart transplants, but I have otosclerosis. Hit me in my 30's and my hearing declined significantly. I have had multiple operations for this and all of them ultimately deteriorated. I think it was the second operation when I got a bone transplant from a donor. These are tiny little bones that conduct sound. The operation was a huge success initially, and it was wonderful to have my hearing restored. After being discharged from the hospital, I returned home. Was a bit tired after the operation and just lay in bed to rest. The most wonderful classical music started up. I had no idea my neighbours played such loud music, but I was very happy to listen to it. I listened to this beautiful music for maybe an hour? It was still playing when my partner returned home from work. I commented to him that the neighbours clearly liked loud music. What music he asked? The music was still playing. Anyone with normal hearing would have heard it. There was no music. It was in my head. I can compose a lot of stuff in my head, but not music like that. I knew that my donor had a love of classical music. There's no other explanation that I can find for this experience.

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What an interesting article! I don't have a lot to say about it other than thank you for bringing it up and giving me something to think about! I feel like we're just scratching the surface of realizing the depths of what we DON'T know.

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thanks MWD, this devastates the brain-centric, atheistic transhumanist paradigm.

we're in a spiritual war

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This raises questions about the ethics of organ transplantation. I've read quite a few anecdotes of hospitals declaring someone who could be saved as brain dead and rushing to harvest their organs for transplantation.

The Bible forbids eating an animal with the lifeblood still in it. In a sense transplantation is a form of "eating" and incorporating the vital organs of another human being.

Perhaps we should be trying to find ways to regenerate organs instead of playing Dr. Frankenstein.

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My understanding of the world has changed so drastically due to the last 3.5 years. I have read voraciously from early 2020 hoping to discover what the heck is going on knowing something very strange & perplexing was occurring. I now suspect so much of what we have been told or understand about the world to be false, lies, and manipulations. Maybe going back thousands of years. In fact, I see now that its a full time sport to keep “us”, most of us who are not billionaires in a state of fear and anxiety while the bad guys are TAKING MORE AND MORE from all the rest of the world while fooling people into believing they are the good guys!! That is a very simplistic statement because its just too difficult to explain the full scope of it all. Thankfully Substack articles, whistleblowers and other advocates help to explain some of it. I feel without a doubt it is a heartless global coup d’etat by just a relative few compared to the 8 billion people inhabitants of the world, a minuscule few. Will they really be successful and accomplish their coup when the rest of us die or become imprisoned by these megalomaniac, power hungry, GOD-less creatures who don’t deserve to be called HUMANS??

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In the realm of there is more than the physical world, I have a friend who was a lawyer registered to practice before the Supreme Court and a true Christian who believes it is actually a sin to lie (bare false witness). He is obsessed with honesty. He had a friend who was a medium used by the police to find murder victims. Although highly skeptical, when the medium asked him to go with her to the local police station to find a missing young women, he went along. In a conference call with police from a different state a thousand miles away that the medium had never been too, she was able to provide such a vivid description of both the location of the body and the nature of the murder that police where able to find the body in a very rural, out of the way place that could only have been known by being there. They were also able to convict the murderer. It was an incredibly draining experience for the medium, she had to live the murder and experience the death of the young lady. My friend witnessed it all with amazement. Given his immortal soul was on the line if he lied, I was confident it was a true story. There is a lot more to life than we can even imagine. Keep up the great work Midwestern Doctor (MD). You're an inspiration.

Question - given the nanoparticles in the Covid shots and a lot of other things, do you think the distilled water and Zeta potential treatment would be a defense against that?

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The modern stone age medical mafia will never want to understand this since they rely on extremely lucrative organ transplants to get filthy rich. That's why the market for organs is skyrocketing. More people are dying and more people are experiencing life threatening diseases.

The nature of consciousness is virtually unknown. The connections between beings is mostly unknown. We are hardly as advanced as we pretend to be.

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I ran across this theory while investigating lung transplantation. I have pulmonary arterial hypertension and was told the only way to get off oxygen was through a transplant. This, along with lots of other reasons, helped me decide against it.

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What a thought provoking article. I now question organ transplants as being the best option if the existence afterwards shows such a short life span. I’m still pondering the true reason and admit I’m highly skeptical after the disillusionment of our medical community. I wish more doctors were as patient-focused as MWD instead of robots for AMA and big Pharma. An excellent article and makes us even more aware of the intricacies of human life. Our body including every step of life is a wonderment that only God could make to such infinite details of structure and function.

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This is a very thought provoking article. Very timely in looking at the world we are living in now where everything we thought we knew and were comfortable with must be reexamined. Frankly this is why I read substacks and the contributions of those who comment. For one thing the writers and readers are people who have realized or always knew the narratives we are told are wrong. In Zen they say to look at things with a beginner's mind. I strive, and sometimes fail to do that. I am seriously reexamining spirit and our connectedness. I have never had a transplant or known anyone on a personal level who has, but I have seen close friends and relatives die. and could feel their departure, not just a shutting down of the body. I also held a number of my pets because no one should have to die alone, dogs and cats, as they passed on ( I like that term because it is more accurate than die - like a switch turning off). Thank you for this look at what organ transplants reveal.

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I've read Pearsall's book, and many of his reports are jaw-dropping, the kind you want to jump up and tell someone about they are so miraculous. While the wondrous personality and other changes that occur following heart transplants can inspire us that there may be a soul whose residence is not confined to any one part of the body, but may be shared by multiple parts, if not every cell of the body in some small way, it will be sad but likely that those whose myocardium were injured by the COVID vaxx also sustained some time of soul damage. Personality changes have already been reported. I would be surprised if eventually a correlation was not found between myocardial COVID vaxx damage and personality change.

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Hi Doc, thanks for posting this! I commented last week on your post about the lack of innovation in medicine and I believe that it's because we have been given a wrong paradigm to look at medicine ...and the whole.

I mentioned how the whole pandemic made me research everything and one of the things I researched was the topic of consciousness and reality. Matter of fact, I'm working on an analysis diving into this topic:

The Spirituality of Reality: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/the-spiritual-perspective-of-reality

Long story short, I've come to determine that we can no longer look at the SPIRITUAL and the PHYSICAL as two different aspects. This was a mistake we made back in the 1600s and it's finally catching up to us. In order for us to truly understand the nature of our reality, we need to take a step back and look at everything, particularly how the SPIRITUAL INTERTWINES WITH THE PHYSICAL.

This concept has led to this post in which I question the paradigm we find ourselves in, which was built on off of the shoulders of "Scientism." This "scientismic reality" only scratches the surface of what our reality is truly built on, and if we study the myths and legends of old, we see they have much more to offer to understanding our reality, that what Scientism has come up with for the past two hundred years, starting with Evolution:

FYI: This is behind a paywall: https://unorthodoxy.substack.com/p/the-religious-tenants-of-scientism

Overall, this is just scratching the surface and I believe when we begin to look at the HOLISTIC nature of reality, then we truly begin to dive deeper into the true nature of reality. Once we do that we can begin to see just how powerful and strong these physical bodies are and what their true meaning is meant to do.

If anyone's interested in somewhere to start, here's a great article based off a comment on Dr. Malone's page:


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This is the most fascinating article I have read in a long time. Thank you so much for broadening my understanding of the heart.

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Doc, you don't deal with xeno-grafts (if that is the right term), but I bet they have the same issue, just different outcomes. In the 1990s we had a neighboring family, parents in their 40s, young kids and teens. For some reason the husband developed partial heart failure. He and his wife decided to take the option of having a part of his heart replaced with part of a pig's heart.

It took, and he lived. Several months after the operation, though, we met his wife on the road between our properties. She was exhausted and almost looked haunted. She told us that she was at wit's end, because ever since the operation, her husband was thinking of almost nothing but having sex and was constantly after her to have sex. I moved away soon after that, so I don't know how it worked out, but I recall at the time wondering if the addition of a part of a pig's heart had changed his personality into something more animalistic. Now in reading your summary of experience with human heart transplants, I believe my earlier theory was in fact correct.

Any part of your research deal with non-human transplants like this one I describe, or was that a 1990s experiment that petered out (so to speak) and is no longer done?

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Thanks for your article on this topic. I too have been fascinated by this topic since a patient told me about memories of an accident she never had, but later discovered her donor had experienced. My attempt to understand this phenomenon is summarized in the following paper about this phenomenon:


Would love to chat more about this topic.

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Aug 15, 2023·edited Aug 15, 2023

You observe, "Furthermore, some of those traditions believe each being’s consciousness is a product of multiple fragments of consciousness coming together into one cohesive whole. "

My chronic lymphocytic leukemia led me to spend my last 12 working years as an oncology massage therapist. Massaging disparate body parts frequently released totally surprising emotional shifts in my clients.

I eventually concluded that “cure” and “heal” are independent notions. “Cure” is a medical concept, to minimize or eliminate the likelihood of recurrence through appropriate medical treatment. "Heal” is an existential concept, to bring together your physical, emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual selves into a peaceful, loving and accepting whole.

Religion, psychology and philosophy all teach that the process of healing is simple, but it is not easy. However, for all of us dealing with cancer, it is both liberating and energizing to know that we can heal ourselves and that we can be healed without being cured.

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