Kevin Bass, BTW, became a “relevant” medical commentator for pumping out absurd, vitriolic, unhinged hit tweets against anti-establishment science writers in the field of diet and nutrition.

He’s totally devoted to The Science in that realm, and has done everything he can to propagandize against those who offer reasoned critiques against it.

You can disagree with the perspectives presented by Taubes or Teicholz, but they’ve undoubtedly produced formidable scholarship/journalism that should be dealt with in kind — not through character assassination, strawmanning, etc.

Bass has long been a power serving sycophant — now deployed as an operative of some kind.

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In 2017 I received a Tdap booster during my last week of work as an RN before going to grad school for Nurse Anesthesia. One week after the injection, I developed an intense neuropathy down my arm. I remember thinking that my arm felt as if it were on fire. Since I did not have health insurance (I had just left my job) I basically had to tough it out for a month before I could get the diagnosis of cubital tunnel syndrome. The doctor who evaluated me said, "These are things that just happen as we get older." I was 26 years old at the time. After a complete overhaul of my lifestyle habits with better diet, exercise, alcohol cessation, and curiosity in how to get better, I have regained function of my arm but still have muscle wasting in my hand and forearm that I have not been able to regain.

The reason I am writing this is because I did not even know that a vaccine could have caused this kind of reaction until 2020 when I began a deep dive into vaccines during the hysteria. It was deeply ingrained in my training as an RN that vaccines were one of medicine's greatest accomplishments. It was how we eliminated deadly diseases like smallpox! Adverse reactions were exceedingly rare. It is this indoctrination of medical professionals and consequently the public that allowed these horrendous few years to happen.

I believe the adverse reactions are much higher than are being reported. I know several people in the medical field who appear to have had vaccine injuries, but are in denial or completely unaware that their health issues could have been caused by the C19 injections. This is what is particularly insidious about mandates, it's the abrogation of informed consent. If people were shown the nine pages of possible side effects shown on PHMPT, how many would voluntarily sign up?

Thank you for writing this substack, I recently discovered you and really appreciate what you're doing here. Godspeed.

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This situation is not a mistake, it is a well planned crime, executed using taxpayer money. First they created the virus with NIH funding, exaggerated the death rate and suppressed all effective treatments to create more actual deaths, censored all opposition, then forced a large swath of the population to take a poisonous injectable on the grounds that "it's a deadly disease with a huge mortality rate and there is no other treatment!!!"

Oh, and while they were at it, they also destroyed the economy with useless lockdowns and rampant monetary inflation, leaving millions of people needlessly impoverished.

This abomination was foisted on the entire planet, but especially on the Western World as it is over-centralized and over-governed. The Third World, being more disorganized, was less ripe for takeover, fortunately for them.

This is genocide, and needs to be treated as such. This is like the Nazi Holocaust, the USSR Holodomor, and the Cambodian killing fields. Stop talking about "mistakes" and apologies. We need harsh and severe justice for all the perpetrators.

Also, powerful large international organizations like the WHO need to be dismantled entirely, as they are tempting targets for psychopaths looking for power over the masses. Like child-proofing a house, we need to psychopath-proof human society to prevent future debacles.

COVID was a global, painful test, and unfortunately with very few exceptions the human race has so far failed resoundingly. Far too many people went along with this scam. It says something very bad about human nature.

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I wish they would get an actual doctor to apologize. They made me into a near anti-vaxxer, something I never believed in before. I can’t be the only one. I don’t think I’ll ever be going to the doctor again for any of the routine stuff, I’ll only be going if there’s something clearly wrong with me. I just don’t trust them at all anymore. I wish there was a real apology or some true justice.

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There are many fake ways to apologize.

There is only one honest way to apologize:

I am sorry I did x. (No ands, ifs, or buts.)

And then behave like you mean it.

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"What we did not properly appreciate was that preferences..."

This was the most offensive paragraph in the whole piece to me.

The problem with everything the public health experts (Fauci, et. al.), political leaders (Trump, yes Trump, Biden, et. al.), the elite (Bill Gates, et. al.), the pharma companies (Pfizer, Moderna, et. al.), and our neighbors did was not their preferences.

The problem was their acting out the very worst forms of totalitarianism, narcissism, sociopathy, and psychopathy.

An opinion piece that glosses over and provides no specifics of who did what and why it was wrong is never going to cut it. Asking for forgiveness means very little to me in this instance.

Rather, we need to see actual, real justice meted out upon those at the highest levels of the decision makers (Gates, Fauci, Bourla, et. al.). That justice should and needs to be harsh as the harms are the worst and largest humanity has ever seen.

Government agencies (certainly the health agencies but also education and others) need to be shut down over this rather than just those at the top of those agencies being replaced.

I doubt any of this ever happens though.

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"I thus was in a rather small minority: I personally benefitted from the lockdowns, but worked really hard to stop them because I felt the “gain” I got was inconsequential relative to the harm I saw them causing". There was a lot more of us than you think

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The only silver lining in this tragedy, is that through the sacrifice of thousands of vaccine victims, the public is waking up to the fact of serious vaccine injury to our precious children, and will refuse to participate in this evil practice.

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No amnesty!

No refunds!

No forgetting!

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Thank you. It’s the first time I comment. I have been reading your articles for a while now. I am a retired doctor. I did feel very isolated during this mascarade. I am Irish and here more than 90% of the population got the first jab. I didn’t. For the same reasons you expose. For several years I had been questioning a lot of vaccination campaigns ( influenza in pregnancy, HPV in young girls) and was met with disdain and obfuscation in the clinics where I worked. My ex colleagues have presented a deafening silence on vaccine injuries. I admire the work you have put into all these articles. I share your views on the situation of our profession. I have read Ivan Illich’s Medical Nemesis years ago. I do share the idea that we were in a cult in medical school.

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Thank you for a well-reasoned article. I would just like to add that in the last screen grab of the Newsweek text, the final sentence is "Restoring trusting in public health--and our democracy--depends on it." THAT, to me, is the real reason they published this non-apology! This is all about "please believe US again! We know we lied, but we're so much smarter than you--so you just need to trust us again! Our profits are shrinking, but it's your fault for seeking out--and worse, believing-- all that we deliberately tried to hide from you." (For profit and the ultra rich looting our country in the process.)

And then, in classic WEF form, throw in the stale line to "protect democracy" BS. The Democrats have been revising basic civics and repeating that line for decades now. We are not a "democracy" but a "Constitutional Republic"--sadly, one that has been subverted by those who deeply want us to be a "democracy" in order to push their Marxist one-world government narrative!

Again, IMHO, the whole Covid lockdown/mandate disaster is all the proof we need of the ABJECT FAILURE of any "democracy!" For only in a democracy can pure evil be mandated with a mere "majority" or "bureaucratic" rule. And with the subversion of our basic God-given rights and Constitutional protections by non-elected bureaucrats threatening employers to go along or be fined and a spineless Supreme Court that refuses to weigh in--compounded by the nonstop propaganda put out by the media THEY OWN and the "majority party" in power supporting every single totalitarian step...

Yet somehow, these psychopaths feel a "non-apology" is enough. We should just move on. Forget about it. Except we're all left to pick up the pieces from the incredible damage they've caused millions of people worldwide. Not just from vaccine injuries we can measure in the present, but in fertility damage that will run generations. These people are the worst of the worst of humanity. Their utter disdain for the rest of the world is obvious. Personally, I feel GITMO would be far too kind for any of them.

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Great substack article. However, I do not think the author appreciates the magnitude of what is going on. This is a worldwide genocide that has been planned out for years:

Recent conference speech by Sasha Latypova, who has a pharma/medical industry background. Her claim is that the US government and the governments of the world are at war with their citizens. This seems crazy, but she has the receipts for what she is saying. Lots of people are becoming aware of this situation as well and that is part of what is called The Great Awakening. People are realizing that the world is not run the way that they thought.


Alternate link, with extensive comments from viewers:


Article by the speaker, Sasha Latypova, which provides more evidence for how this war was planned and organized against us.


Sasha Latypova's substack which contains related information.


DOD 'Vaccines': Press Conference, Tues January 24th


On January 24, 2023 Katherine Watt was an attendee at a press conference that discussed the ongoing emergency use rollout of bioweapons being marketed as Covid vaccines. She discussed the legal framework for which this is happening and provides ways to circumvent the WHO/BIS/DOD initiatives that undermine sovereignty.


American Domestic Bioterrorism Program: Building the case to prosecute members of Congress, presidents, HHS and DOD secretaries and federal judges for treason under 18 USC 2381.


Article from a doctor which extensively details how fraudulently and criminally the "pandemic" was handled. Of course it was a plandemic.


Government Reports & Pfizer Documents prove COVID Vaccination is causing Depopulation & we now have evidence it was the plan all along


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Spot on! Meanwhile the Mengele experiment on children continues unabated. Unfortunately, Nuremberg 2.0 will never happen and the leaders of this genocide will escape retribution (the appeal for forgiveness is cynical to the core.) Meanwhile Gates, Schaub, Harari, Biden, Trudeau, et. al. continue with their grandiose schemes.

For years I wailed the "we live in 1939 Nazi Germany," —after seeing the past 2 years' madness, I am chastened: we live in a renascent Third Reich.

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The vaccines were made before Trump became President. Hillary was supposed to get 3 SCOTUS picks for the mandates to stick. They were coming out no matter what... there was always a plan for a fake pandemic because they stole all of our money through theft and inflation -- No Social Security, No Welfare, No Food Stamps, No 401ks, No Retirement Pensions were payable.

It's called Democide. You don't have to pay someone who is dead... they also don't take out revenge because... well, they're already dead.

They tried to use the pandemic to steer Trump out of office and make him look like his handling of the Pandemic was malfeasant. That's why the Death Toll Count was rapidly ratcheted up: "Ermahgerd! It's all Trump's fault people are dying in droves!!!"

They expected him to call the whole thing out as fake... but he played along and downplayed the death-toll as much as he reasonably could without looking like a cold bastard to the people trapped into believing the narrative.

They didn't expect him to "Outframe" them. In NLP, Outframing is when you steal the frame someone is trying to set around you, then use it against the person who tried to set it. To do this, he took the Pandemic more seriously than them, started bringing in Hospital Ships (which they wouldn't send people to), started naming therapeutics that could help ease the effects (they hated this and forced them to show their cards by coming out against them and creating stories about drinking bleach), he sent gowns and ventilators to anyone and everyone.

Everything he did showed normal people that something wasn't right with this Pandemic and it made them skeptical of if it was real, or if it was as bad as they were saying.

And if it's not that bad, why would you need a vaccine? The president was telling States they could open back up. Why would you need a vaccine? Why would you need a vaccine 9 months into this? Shouldn't you be dead already?

Anyways, he made the deal to "develop" the vaccine. They didn't know how to take this: "does he know it's already made? Is this something else? What side is Big Pharma on now?" Big Pharma probably reassured them.

They came out against it because they knew what it was going to do and they wanted him to go down as "Worse Than Hitler" so he couldn't come back.

He takes credit for the vaccine because he has plausible deniability. He knows they're trapped and this is the end of our corrupt government -- they could have pulled the vaccine long ago... why didn't they? Why did the media keep pushing it? He exposed their plan. It will come out at some point the vax was made years ago. Why didn't they correct him when he took credit for getting the vax made? See?

The man is a genius.

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HOLD them ALL accountable! Like all the other pandemic despots, the death jab pushers need to face the full wrath of the people everywhere in a global people's tribunal to prosecute these perpetrators of crimes against humanity.

Every parent who lost a child, every child who lost a parent to these monstrous injections needs to go for the legal jugular. They ALL need to face indictments - everyone from the resident in the WH, his secretaries, every congresswoman, every nurse and doctor, every school principal and university president who pushed these death drugs needs to be charged with crimes against humanity.

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Oops, the powers that be intentionally enacted a genocide comprising lockdowns and mass experimentation with a gene-based 'vaccine' which they knew to be uniquely dangerous, even before it was injected into billions of people via an aggressive, coerced, even mandated, globally coordinated mass vaccination program. We scientists and doctors were fully and for the most part, knowingly complicit in that genocide, with varying degrees of knowledge and insight into the dangers presented to the public. It's time we apologised and moved swiftly on. So, 'sorry folks'.

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