Great post. From a historical perspective, such incredibly reckless (at a minimum) developments do not end well and could result in mass death or disablement.

I know one young and previously vaccinated person who clearly has some immunity problem, very often seriously sick with non-covid illnesses (and covid too) , hospitailzed etc, plus long covid, that do not spread to the rest of his unvaccinated family, despite the rest of the family not being more than of average health.

How likely is it, in your opinion, that the post-vaccine problems such as immune deficiency, will actually significantly affect our demographics?

(I hope that the answer and the end result will be that these concerns will not materialize)

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For your statements of fact and critical analyses of them, I thank you.

Your observations regarding obscurantism and outright deception help provide context to a societal dynamic that has puzzled me for some years. There seems to be some sort of "don't ask, don't tell" dynamic regarding vaccine injury within the social contract, or so it appears to me.

Approximately a decade ago, I noticed something I considered rather odd. Mainstream expressions of opinion about the so-called "anti-vax movement" became increasingly devoid of information, becoming little more than exersizes in sneering dismissal.

Being supportive of vaccination writ large, but agnostic in relation to any given detail, I decided to explore the claims of what I thought a rather extreme fringe "movement." I was genuinely surprised at what I found, which was a rather wide range of opinion within a broad spectrum.

Within that continuum are viewpoints ranging from parents who wonder if administering innoculations in highly concentrated clusters might be inferior to spreading them out over a longer period of time with fewer combinations, to "vaccines are all pure poison!" The public narrative made no concession to such diversity of inquiry and opinion.

In a manner you might find touchingly naive, Doctor, I thought that this imbalance could be obviated with recognition of facts and a wee bit of compassion. After all, I reasoned, those who are injured and killed by adverse reactions to vaccines have sacrificed themselves for the good of us all and deserve to have their sacrifices recognized. I had thought that we all owe a debt of gratitude to these unfortunates, small in number as they are.

When I mentioned my exploration, discovery and conclusion to others, the responses were quite interesting. Universally, recognition of the injured and dead was vehemently opposed.

Ordinary individuals considered such recognition misplaced. The most telling example of this was expressed by an old soldier who thought that recognition was a form of "false valor" because few give fully informed consent to innoculation. I thought this a sensible viewpoint, and hearing it clarified a number of things for me.

What was most telling, however, was the reaction of the erudite. I was truly stunned by it. The wall of dissembling erected by their verbose deflections was impressive and disheatening. Time after time, I was confronted with extraordinary feats of rhetorical legerdemain. It was immediately apparent that such dishonesty was manipulative in nature and relied on a smug elitism that would brook no moderation whatsoever.

You have suggested that this is a form of gaslighting, Doc, and I have to agree. I find the varying motives self-serving, in the main. in it's simplest form, it seems to be some sort of a "whistling past the graveyard." Within the more complex and persistent "arguments" lies a combination of hubris and self-aggrandizement.

I truly appreciate the perspective that you bring to this subject. It seemed to me that the sort of reactions I encountered could not have arisen spontaneously. It became clearer with the advent of horrifyingly nonsensical and seemingly counterfactual hysteria in the official response to Covid.

A series of intersecting patterns have emerged, clarified by a few brave and knowledgeable souls such as yourself. You are providing a benefit to humanity in ways that will not be fully appreciated for a very long time. When providing a dominant narrative is considered preferable to maintenance of core values such as honesty and compassion, application of a corrective becomes necessary.

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MwD... Excellent coverage. The criminality (there is simply no other way to spin this) of these people defies all reason. What kind of people sell their souls for power, fleeting fame and fiat currency when they know (yes, they KNOW) that they are maiming and killing innocent people?

...Evil that is really incomprehensible.

I am certain you are correct in recognizing the dys-regulation of the ANS as an important part of this disease (natural and vaxxx-induced). This is why "anxiety" is the #2 co-morbidity in severe COIVD cased (behind, obesity - BMI>40) and things like diabetes, cancer, and autoimmune disease. This is where CBD (from cannabis) can help as it does work with the endocannabinoid system to return homeostasis - balance - to the ANS and HPA axes). I think that this should be part of any treatment protocol for long haulers and the vaxxx-injured (legal in all 50 states for now and relatively inexpensive compared to prescription pharmaceuticals).

Thanks for your efforts to educate us all!

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May 24, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

URGENT! Please vote! Health Canada doing a twitter poll asking true or false that vaccines prevent serious illness! https://twitter.com/GovCanHealth/status/1529114746951180295

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Here is the sad fact when you are dealing with an iatrogenic disease process; you either get gaslighting from medical professionals, or you get charlatan Integrative docs operating outside the system who more often that not cannot help but can give you false hope and grift desperate dollars from your dying and disabled self. When you are injured by the medical community there is no help. You are on your own.

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👏👏👏👏👏🙏 Exceptional piece.

Please keep us updated on the work you and your team are doing. There may be ways to improve the trial size issue and/or others maybe able to run synchronised trials under your teams guidence in other countries. Whether coalition of clinicians or even utilising citizen science. There are many around the world in a position to help, who wish to stay under the radar, but still work the problem. There is and will continue to be a lot of injured people, I personally think any possible depopulation agenda groups, actually underestimated the human bodies capacity and want to survive. Eventually, it may be on target as they predict, but I think there was supposed to be a lot more mortality initially, to help push through larger draconian measures.

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Regarding the sequence of events, the next one is the reformulation. There will be a general, vague, acknowledgement of previous problems, but then assurances that this new formula is addresses those things.

Any adverse event or lack of efficacy in the previous formula can no longer be applied to the new one, and the sequence will start all over again.

Psychiatry is a master at this. They've made it impossible for a patient to ever say "the drugs don't work". The doctor will point out the patient can't know this because there is always a new drug formula, or a new drug combination, or simply a different dosage level that hasn't been tried.

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I just discovered your Substack (though I've seen your comments on other Substacks). Great work, much needed. Thank you!

FLCCC just came out with a new protocol for treating vaccine injured. They will be refining it over time. I hope these links will help:

* I-RECOVER: Post-Vaccine Treatment (main page): https://covid19criticalcare.com/covid-19-protocols/i-recover-post-vaccine-treatment/

* I-RECOVER POST-VACCINE TREATMENT PROTOCOL (PDF 2-pages): https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/FLCCC_Alliance-I-RECOVER-Protocol-PostVaccine-v1-25May2022.pdf

* I-RECOVER detailed (PDF 19 pages): An Approach to the Management of Post-Vaccine Syndrome: https://covid19criticalcare.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/An-Approach-to-Vac-Injured-FINAL-May24-1.pdf

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"Covid" hasn't killed a single person, because viruses do not exist. Exosomes do.

The death toll from the lethal injections is up to 1.2 million by now, in the US alone.

As the symptoms have been/are real, chances are they have been caused by a combination of the muzzles, the "tests," the lethal injections, chemtrails, the cryptic disinfectants, and goodness knows what else. Either way, they indicated poisoning and they matched the symptoms for radiation illness.

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I'm in total shock reading this article. My 90-year old mother began suffering from polymyalgia rheumatica maybe a few months after her vaccine. We assumed it was because of her age and didn't imagine it was because of the vaccine. (She had 2 doses.) Of course the doctor gave her 15 mg prednisone (she is now down to 5 mg prednisone. She also started suffering from pain along her left leg and waist and the spine specialist, rheumotologist and pain specialist said it is "spinal stenosis" which occurs to everyone who gets old but which she didn't have before. She is about to have an epidural next week to relieve the pain in her leg and waist (more cortisone). We would love to see a doctor like you who isn't sold to the narrative and might actually help her. We would travel large distances to do so. My mother was relatively healthy before this, having a history of heart disease which was completely under control for two decades, and functioning normally in every way - mobile, active, entertaining, etc.

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Great analysis! I am still wondering who wanted global vaccination saturation. Someone above fraudci and the world politicians. But who and why. Depopulation or just massive gene therapy experiments to develop super treatments for the 0.02% after all the lab rats suffering from the trials. World population now the rabbits in the cosmetics testing. We all suffer for their pleasure and vanity.

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Have you tried N-AcetylCysteine for vaccine injured patients? It seemed to work for some of my patients. Zeb Zalenko talks about his approach and I think he's had some decent results with high doses of vit. D, some zinc ionophores with Zinc, Vit C as well. I agree, it is very hard to get to the truth with such active suppression of literature and thoughtful discussion.

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your substack is terrific. i am a physician and found the same reluctance of my colleagues to admit any vaccine related injury. My wife after receiving her second Pfizer vaccine, developed Takotsubo cardiomyopathy 5 weeks after , was treated as run of the mill takotsubo , and asked to leave the hospital after 5 days, MRI one day after discharge showed reversal of wall motion abnormalities, but with evidence of myocardial edema. She simultaneously with her drop in ejection fraction, had a prolonged QT interval. One week after discharge she suffered a cardiac arrest. I resuscitated her successfully and she had AICD placed. At no time did any physician even suggest the possibility that this might be myocarditis. She had multiple hospitalizations for heart failure with no clear etiology found and this despite the fact that her EF had returned to normal. I repeatedly had to ask for a right heart cath to assess her further for the possibility of HFpEF . There appeared to be a conscious effort to avoid discussing the vaccine as a potential cause. AFter some neurologic injury was noted i wrote to the NIH regarding their work with immunoglobulins and the primary investigator never returned by inquiries. Continue writing , you are right over the target

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I don't mean to overwhelm your post, and it's a good post, as usual... Cheers! But... this is kind of earth-shattering, and I know you'd want to see it. It's right up the same, and your, alley.

Because WOW, you wanna see some serious corruption (very likely) ??? This will blow all the toy boats right outta the bathtub!! And hopefully END this entire evil fraud...


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My mom is 82 and has a vaccine injury. None of the Drs in the hospitals will listen. All say they never heard of any vaccine injuries. Can you recommend a Dr in Florida. We will travel anywhere at this point.

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Reviewing the study and all the links, I find this to be a seminal and compelling analysis. Truly excellent work which I greatly appreciate.

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