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Because an executive branch agency was forced to create VAERS, it should not be the entity/branch operating or overseeing it. This is like asking a parolee to be his own parole officer while still being paid by the criminals he works for. Though there may be many ways to deal with the issue, IMO the GAO (Government Accountability Office), which is an investigative agency of congress, should be the ones managing VAERS.

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The video uploading issue happened again (despite my best efforts to prevent it). The issue essentially is that if I load a video into the post and then duplicate the post, Substack's server will lose the video at some point after the post is duplicated (so the copied post will shift from having the video to saying it can't load video). I re-uploaded the video but it's not in the email that was sent out so I'll include it in the upcoming open thread.

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In just three short years I've gone from "Vaccines have saved the world! Give me more!" to "Vaccines are the most successful psy-op in world history and, overall, do far more damage than good." The proliferation of censorship, lies, and deceit are expertly designed to prevent more from taking my trajectory. The gaslighting will continue until more of us begin to question everything.

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Jessica Rose has done a phenomenal job analyzing and presenting VAERS data - she puts Steve Kirsch to shame and makes him look like a rookie!! THANK YOU for all you do and post!

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These five rules of propaganda have been known for a long time, and they are certainly not original with myself. They can be found on the ineternet through searches. Please send them around so that more people will be aware of them. Ideally get them posted on scool classrooms. Thank You.

The Five Rules of Propaganda

1. The rule of simplification - reducing all data to a simple confrontation between 'Good and Bad', 'Friend and Foe'.

2. The rule of disfiguration - discrediting the opposition by crude smears and parodies.

3. The rule of transfusion - manipulating the consensus values of the target audience for one's own ends.

4. The rule of unanimity - presenting one's viewpoint as if it were unanimous opinion of all right-thinking people: draining the doubting individual into agreement by the appeal of star-performers, by social pressure , and by 'psychological contagion'.

5. The rule of orchestration - endlessly repeating the same messages in different variations and combinations.

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Two pertinent comments:

1. The military has always used soldiers as their lab rats. Excerpt from my book:

The winner of Ugly award besides the killer goes to Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes who started out his career as a young Army Medical Corps doctor at the Edgewood Arsenal where biological experiments took place. They included a drug called CAR-301,060 (also known as cis-2-Methyl-3-quinuclidinylphenylcyclopentylglycolate or just by its code number 301060) is a potent and long lasting anticholinergic deliriant drug, related to the chemical warfare agent 3-Quinuclidinyl benzilate (QNB). It was developed under contract to Edgewood Arsenal during the 1960s as part of the US military chemical weapons program, during research to improve upon the properties of earlier agents such as QNB. Dr. Hayes downplayed his involvement by saying “a few dozen well-informed volunteers tested the safety of atropine.” The word deliriant is a code word for the word “hallucinogen.”

This was just one of the many experiments at Edgewood carried on from 1958 to 1975 and involved hundreds of drugs and about 7000 soldier volunteers, to determine how mind-altering drugs would affect soldiers and others under various conditions.

2. Dr. Kessler was the last FDA Director who believed he had the job of protecting American citizens from harm. The Tobacco lobby successfully pushed Dr. Kessler and Dr. Koop out of their positions because they wanted tobacco products to be considered a drug since they delivered nicotine which is harmful overtime.

Excerpt from my book.

Dr. Kessler, who was in charge in the 1990’s, only one of the two FDA Commissioners I remember that truly put patient safety first, stated he believed that only 1% of ADR’s are ever reported. The actual death toll was truly much greater and a factor of 20 is very plausible. The same issue is true in 2022, when the VAERS system has reported by October of 2022 that about 32,000 have died from mRNA injections. The question we cannot answer, is how many deaths were caused by Zomax and the death certificate indicates something else such as Steven’s Johnson syndrome and they do not connect it to the drug. Also, the lack of reporting of ADR’s is a major factor.

My view is that the FDA is OVERWHELMED with adverse reports on the mRNA injections and the input is not up to date because of LACK OF REVIEWERS TO PROCESS THE RAW DATA. In turn, the data being released is just the tip of the Medical Titanic Iceberg and the truth is being hidden and will not be known for years! They will NOT allocate more labor to the VAERS system!

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Marvelous summary takedown of the VAERS program. Thank you.

Bureaucracy. Incompetence. Greed. Shame. Ease of implementation. A deep belief that vaccines are an "unquestionable good." A willingness to act out the notion that "the ends justify the means." All of these are major factors at different levels of organization which explain why things are as they are. Yes.

BUT... after having my head in the vaccine question for six years now, and having spent most of my adult life looking into the more general question of "why the world is as it is right now," I have grown convinced that there exists a hidden control level, a group of entities which works behind and above the layers of government, media, and medical professions we see at work in the world, people whom the conspiracy researcher Michael Hoffman calls "Cryptocrats," for whom "harm" is the very point of all of this.

This is why I began using the word "evil" some years back, as squeamish as I felt doing so.

No other world seems to fit.

I think you already know this.

You take care. Thank you for your good work.


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I joined the US Navy in 1977. Soon after the 1976 'scare' of an impending epi/pan-demic. On joining, I was vaccinated up the ying-yang for anything on the radar at the time, maybe for some things not so 'on radar'. I don't know.

For the next ten years, I endured the yearly, mandated, injections. From what I remember back then, there were no 'exemptions' available, you took the jab(s) or you went up on charges. Because of this, and other issues with what the military wanted, I left.

Now...wondering what those ten years of jabs, plus getting the Shingles jab, a yearly flu jab and the J&J C19 jab, might have done to my immune system. My overall health.

I'll never take another vaccine, period. Federal or state 'mandates' be damned.

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It is time. All of the US based 'public health' agencies need to be either abolished out right (given over to state agencies?), or, drastically de/re funded and re-governanced - still, likely not a fix. They serve no purpose other than promoting injurious policies and products and lining the pockets of them and their pharma overlords. There is no reason the US taxpayer should be funding this debacle.

At the same time, the US, at least, needs to abandon the UN/WHO, no funding whatsoever and no adherence to 'policy' from these unelected socialist bodies.

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In truth, the government never wants to have to tell the truth about ANYTHING. It is very hard to force it to do so and VAERS is not even close to presenting the entire picture. That is because it is in the hands of one of the most long term nefarious government agencies ever invented...The CDC. If you are expecting the truth from the government, you are going to have to pay to get it...or what pretends to be it.

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I have been totally unsuccessful in submitting any of my reports to VAERS.

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I can’t find the words to describe how disgusted I am after reading your articles. I have spent the day reading your past articles that you linked to and this just flabbergasted me:

"Many other agencies within the federal government, including the CIA and the NIH, have their own foundations that were also created by Congress to allow them to access corporate bribes donations that are not subject to legal oversight such as freedom of information act requests)."

I have found out how for decades congresses have passed legislation that legalized criminal activity and crimes against humanity just so that a select class of people can get rich no matter the cost to we the people. And of course the actions of big pharma are just the tip of the iceberg because every industry has done the same things. Bought our government so it serves the donors at our expense.

Anyone who thinks that we can vote our way out of this corruption needs to wake the F up.

Thank you for exposing all of this . This seems so inadequate to say how much I appreciate your work.

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Thank-you for your post. Over time, many people have been tricked.into thinking that vaccination was safe for adults as well as children. I do remember over the years many of issues with different vaccines. If some doctors were calling out safety and efficacy issues with vaccines in the 70s and 80s, it likely explains some health issues with generation X and below.

Over the years, I have lost trust in big pharma and in the medical profession for that matter.

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I want to share this comment with you from another substack about fraud occurring in VAERS. The comment isn't that long, but it explains a lot of what happened with COVID. The article is good as well. The link is at the top.


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Marketing and bribes trump science:

"When injuries nonetheless occur that no one can deny were linked to a vaccine, they are viewed as acceptable collateral damage for the greater good of vaccination—even if in reality there is no “greater good” to begin with."

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