I love your articles. They are long, high-effort, very intelligently written, and convey a great deal of knowledge. Thank you for making the obvious effort to write them.

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Superb, but being a surgeon who likes to "cut to the chase" I felt it was long. And every word was worth it. Being a surgeon - all of this applies and more. I recommended my cousin see a surgeon and he did and was very impressed --finding a surgeon who trained in Houston like me. That surgeon said.. "we considered the residency a major contact sport." Very accurate to my personal observation.- As a surgeon I had to be careful commenting on medicines my referring internists had prescribed. Statins - one of them, well explained and even more. it damages neurological cells and may have a role in Alzheimer's and Parkinsons. Or amiodarone - for heart arrhythmia but no concern expressed to the risks of lung injury, often irreversible when on amiodarone, even short courses. And of course the vaccines. Clearly informed consent was not given to the huge majority of the vaccinated. I retired a year ago..so glad because of what has happened. Simply put We the "naysayers" were correct. Still are and the complications continue to appear in the thousands. Be very very careful who you doctor is. Make sure you trust him.

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Your statin example at the beginning of your article is the precise reason why I have refused to ever take them. Every GP doctor I have had, except the most recent, has pestered me, badgered me, gave me disapproving looks and all but called me noncompliant and uncooperative to my face. Once I tried to bring in some articles about statin side effects and my doctor dismissively told me they couldn’t be accurate because they were a couple years old at that point, as if the side effects magically went away with the current crop of medications. My response was to find another doctor who wasn’t going to pester me about it, and that’s pretty much my attitude going forward. “See ya, doc, it hasn’t been a pleasure knowing you.”

That experience prepared me well for all the hoopla surrounding the COVID “vaccines” and immediately aroused my distrust in them. I am still enraged that the mRNA treatments are still being touted as the last best hope of mankind, while all the common, time-tested, inexpensive treatments (Ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, zinc, etc.) are essentially banned and hard to acquire. I’m sure I’m not the only one who thinks this, but it’s plainly obvious that hospital administrators and the government have these doctors over a barrel in insisting that they remain cowed and compliant and tow the party line without question. Patient care? What’s that?

Thank you for writing this and other articles. They are immensely helpful

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I also love your writings. They have helped me understand what happened to me 13 years ago when I developed severe facial pain. As you write about, nobody could figure it out. After a dozen different doctors and dentists I was told it was due to severe anxiety and depression. That began a viscious cycle of drugs and nearly destroyed my marriage and my life. In desperation I finally found a doctor willing to step back and look at a bigger picture. Something I had begged many others to do. He ultimately discovered I had a severe bone infection in my face and multiple fistulas. I had 4 surgeries, lost 5 teeth, and 8 weeks of intravenous Antibiotics and 6 months of oral antibiotics. I still get pain sometimes from all the nerve damage.

Interestingly, the fine oral surgeon who finally figured it out was trained in Scotland and practiced for years in 3rd world countries. And he told me that it should have been obvious to anyone I spoke to that the anxiety and depression was being caused by something and not the cause of my pain. He did not have much good to say about medical training in the US. And he was very critical of the complete lack of any homogenous effort between dentists and doctors.

Again, thank you for all the effort you put in to write. You are helping more folks than you know. Godspeed.

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May 8, 2022·edited May 8, 2022

MwD... Another excellent chapter in the saga! Simply reading through all of the comments confirms my own observations over my near 50 years as an MD. Though a boarded Ophthalmologist with solo practice for 30+ years (thousands of cataracts and LASIK), my medical direction took a serious turn following the loss of my paramedic son to PTSD in 2012. As a result of that event, I was forced to re-examine every aspect of my life (and practice) and I morphed into the cannabis physician I am today. I have now seen thousands of patients with every Dx imaginable and have seen first hand the failures of mainstream medicine (I was always a contrarian, however - fighting against statins and pushing Vit. D since the 90s). When all else has failed, people often show up in the "pot doc's" office - and, they get better! This is not to say that the cannabis plant is some miracle elixir (close, though), but it is an important part of healing in every chronic disease, IMO.

How can this be? Most disease, dysfunction can be traced to trauma. Life trauma (can be emotional, sexual, physical, socio-economic) dysregulates the autonomic nervous system (and the HPA axis). Our own endocannabinoid systems regulate these systems and return homeostasis to the body. Hence, things get better when cannabinoids are provided to the body. Humans (and all living things, for that matter) have tremendous healing and repair mechanisms and "medicine" really should be directed at assisting the body to heal itself, but it turned down the allopathic road long ago. A drug for this... A drug for that...

Space does not permit explaining this in depth, but suffice it to say that 90% of the patients who show up in my office have significant PTSD and most have no clue that their physical stems from their past and on-going trauma. Most have been to many physicians - all specialties - and almost none are ever queried about life events, family, etc. Sadly, psychiatry has failed massively, IMO, in that these specialists pigeon-hole their mental health patients into myriads of labelled boxes (bipolar, schizoaffective, mood disorder, ADD/ADHD, OCD, etc.) and their only "cure" is one psych drug after another. 99% of these conditions in my experience are actually rooted in trauma (usually family dysfunction - if there is an alcoholic in the family, everyone has PTSD, for instance). I use the VA's PCL-5 test and the Adverse Childhood Event (ACE) tests as screening tools with my patients now and these have been incredibly accurate in uncovering trauma that is repressed or ignored. Patients cannot heal, IMO, from trauma unless it is recognized and dealt with by working with a trauma therapist. Failure to "drain" the trauma abscess leads inevitably to physical dysfunction, disease, and death.

Dr. Peter Breggin (American) does a great job on discussing the insanity of psychiatry today. It is worth watching his videos on the internet. Dr. Gabor Mate' (Canadian) has been working with trauma and addiction for near 40 years and he has become one of my heroes, He expresses what I have learned in my own little journey through life. His recent movie, thewisdomoftrauma.com , is worth watching and he has written numerous books on the centrality of trauma to disease and dysfunction.

Apologies for the ramble. MwD and all of the groupies here are doing a wonderful job in dragging these long hidden truths into the light of day. Keep it up! Peace and Hope to all here...

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Thanks so very much for clearly and thoughtfully articulating these observations in this post and the last two. I'm printing off hard copies for the "philosophical/moral" section of my binder of articles which I've been collecting over the last year and a half. Stuff that's worth reading again, or good to have for posterity, for looking at in another 50 years when people wonder what went wrong and why.

I cannot begin to describe how deeply grateful I am for your putting all of these things into words. It's difficult to attempt to reconcile for non-physicians how and why so many well-meaning, compassionate, good physicians end up dismissive of patients' concerns, of patients' choices, of the corruption that has invaded the professional organizations, research, medical journals, and governing bodies.

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An outstandingly illuminating essay! Many thanks.

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May 8, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Superb post, yet again.

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Psychoneuroimmunology. Is this field of science something commonly discussed or talked about?

When you mention doctors dismissing fibromyalgia and FND as psychiatric manifestations. It somewhat frustrates me to hear this.

I have CFS/M.E. It sucks.

Putting it simply it is a frustrating condition. But more so, I used to be a special operations army medic who loved competitive boxing and adventure sports.

I was very interested in performance and absolutely pushing your body to the limits. And now gentle yoga is sometimes too difficult. I can't eat fast food. I can't get too hot or too cold.

This is not a small or subtle change. But polar opposite ends of the activity spectrum.

I haven't personally faced it too often but it is a common theme within complex chronic condition circles that often these are considered as "psychiatric manifestations" and it does come across as insulting.

However I do believe there is a psychological component. As stress levels certainly play a role in flare ups.

But so does exercise. Diet. Alcohol. Or stimulants - what goes up must always come down.

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This is excellent work. I appreciate the "real world" examples you provide and the presumption that these professionals believe they are acting in good faith. That is certainly the case for most.

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Let’s face it. Doctors follow the script they were given because they can never be at fault for causing harm. Most doctors do not do their own research because they are too busy following mainstream procedures and becoming experts at reciting the script. They are robots in a way. They are protected from any harm they may cause a patient as long as they are doing what the narrative tells them. I’m not blaming doctors, personally. This is the way medicine is practiced today. It is interesting how you began your article with statins. It was a doctors prescription for Lipitor 20 years ago that began my distrust in the medical industry. Thank goodness I never filled that prescription. But what I did do is fill my mind with data, facts, and knowledge. I have never gotten another vaccine after my last flu vaccination 20 years ago. I could smell this Covid vaccination 12 months before it even was put on the market. my worst fear came true.

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I am profoundly thankful for this blog. I read this aloud to my husband and daughter because I think this information is crucially important to the layman. Through this pandemic both my internist and my husband's internist retired rather than submit to the pressures of practising under the current conditions. The replacement internist lasted all of two months before he left to practise in Thailand . It's crucial to understand the mindset of today's physicians when seeking treatment.

Your work is so beautifully and thoughtfully written. May God bless you for the service and education you are providing to so many.

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My Doctor pushed me to take statins for high cholesterol. Test results were barely over the limit so I said no since I have found from experience that medicines may cause other issues and I didn't see my cholesterol being an issue. He then tried to convince me by telling me they are so safe and beneficial that some Doctors propose putting it in the water supply and he obviously thought it was a good idea. That was my last visit with this Doctor.

As for reasons for medical blindness. I would add fear and intimidation, especially when it comes to vaccines. The pro-vax health agencies, medical boards and pharma act more like the Mafia than the Mafia do. Calling out vaccines can end or limit careers. Many refuse to file a VAERS report despite the fact filing a report does not require them to verify the vaccine caused the symptoms. Of course, the time it takes to file a report is also problematic.

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I’m with Igor. Same.

Nice article. Good job interposing facts with personal anecdotes.

This (what you’ve written) is the problem. What is the solution?

I’ve worked for doctors over 30 years now in admin.

I’ve seen almost all of this in terms of the paternalism, the “I went to school for x years, who are you to question me?” Etc.

In the context of “why aren’t more doctors speaking the truth?” I’ve been responding “liability”. But you mention that as only one part of a larger issue.

I’ve never, ever thought about psychological trauma to doctors except once when my old trauma doc (great man) said he lost a child after an MVA. Interesting. He literally cried for that child. But he was unique. He was able to compartmentalize trauma unless it was a kid. He’s retired now.

I work for a mid size eye group now. I have this one doc. I love the man . He is a man of faith. But he and spouse were so trained in medicine (she’s also a health care provider) to look on vaccines as sacrosanct. Not the word he would use , maybe “inviolable”. I’ve presented multiple facts to him and he basically ignores. On the other hand he and wife seem to give me a great deal more respect seeing the effort I’ve gone into researching all this.

If you have any advice for the direction my next step should be, I’m all ears. Facts don’t seem to matter to them.

I find it fascinating, albeit understandable, that almost 100% of DCs and NDs are redpilled but I guess that comes with their training and “bent” as well.

I may work for docs but unless I have something acute, or non-reparable by natural means, I do NOT trust them. Most of your colleagues would rather throw a statin at someone than call out lifestyle.

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Aug 22, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

I have just cured my long lasting symptoms of facial tics which are likely caused by too many vaccines and stress after consulting with doctor google and taking magnesium suplements!

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May 31, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Absolutely fascinating. Thank you for the insights.

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