You say, "I would like your feedback on if you feel this is an appropriate area to examine and respectful of your time." Absolutely, and absolutely. While substack reading does take much more time than I used to spend getting "news" from completely unreliable sources, thorough articles like yours are well worth it. And the reason covid / injections are such a disaster is propaganda. And we see it happening again with the next things, the madness of crowds in never ending cycles.

Your work is exceptional. Thank you.

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An excellent synopsis. Thank you. I woke up this morning, thinking about how my fellow Americans, having been battered for two years with the blunt instrument called Covid Policy (which I have come to believe killed and is killing many more people than the virus has or will), are now being bombarded with imagery from Ukraine and the Public Relations of War. That has a psychological effect, it causes damage to the brain.

Witness now the overwhelming bipartisan support for a no-fly zone over Ukraine (until you frame the question about shooting down Russian jets.) These elite are so unconscionable I have come to believe this war was provoked so that we will not have a conversation about accountability for Covid Policy, aside from all the money that will be made making war (assuming they don't destroy the Dollar in the process, which may even be part of the plan, on their way to instituting a centralized programmable digital currency.)

I am so well attuned to the propaganda and the machinations of warprorfiteering, as soon as I hear our media talking about Putin planning to use chemical weapons, my next thought is, I wonder if my government is going to use chemical weapons in Ukraine and blame it on Russia? Because I know the monster that is Putin is not any bit more or less a monster than the people who rule America.

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As an old-timer, I remember "liberty fries." Even at that point, they were a bad joke, so I kept joking with my students at the time (it was all right to do that at universities in Europe at the time) that from now on, instead of a French kiss, I'd ask my wife to give me a "liberty kiss." It's a better name for that, anyway, and she gladly went along!

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Excellent article! One commercial of late that has really got my ire up is the normalization of autism. I couldn’t believe it when I heard it. It basically stated that autism was a “common” childhood condition and that 1 in 30 children deal with this. So, please contact “ABCD” or whoever “they” are for more help. This is insane and I believe a direct result of harmful vaccines given. There has been a huge push to normalize different conditions that never existed before. It is all so disgusting!

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This is the time to catch the beast by the throat and go for the jugular: the basis for it a fraudulent paradigm, Germ Theory.

The beast of modern medical "science" is a criminal enterprise and must be dealt with as such.

Unless people, including "professionals," realize the fraud of Germ Theory, there will always be new "infections" and/or "pandemics."

Terrain Theory must replace Germ Theory. Of course, "doctors" and "researchers" would have to re-learn their profession and find alternative means of funding. The corporate-owned mass media must be dissolved as genocidal monopolies on information.

Banker-owned governments that have hijacked countries two years ago must also go.

The nearly 100% corrupt legislative branch also needs to be revamped.

Most of all, fiat currencies that have given a bunch of criminals worldwide power, must be eliminated and replaced with gold-backed ones. The fraud of central banks issuing credit at the taxpayer's expese must also be terminated. Credit and investment must be regulated in order to prevent them from ending up only in a few hands. The Stock Market must be canceled the way it works (bets whose outcomes can be manipulated must be outlawed) and the financial system has to start from scratch.

Sounds like a new start, but inevitable. The only question is whether humanity will start over from a depression or from the Stone Age.

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Oct 11, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

I commend the writer's expose of the nefarious uses of PR. I also note, however, that such tactics are hardly limited to "corporations." Equally guilty of dangerous propaganda are unions (recall their partnering with the CDC to manufacture guidelines for school closures) and cartels, e.g., the AMA and others seeking to kill their competition in the name of "keeping you safe." In short, ANYONE lobbying government to coerce others - corporations, unions, cartels, foreign governments, and even so-called "non-profits" - is to be shunned and should be denied the government-assisted power and taxpayer funding they seek.

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Such a thoughtful piece, thank you!

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I’m not buying the narrative on bacon. Prior to more recent times, no part of an animal was wasted. It may not have taken the same shape or name but for most of history nothing could afford to be “wasted”. Many still subscribe to this notion today as it’s seen as honoring the animal.

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Mar 13, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Thanks, MWD. You're doing really great work!

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Mar 12, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Love this, thank you.

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Jul 5, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Wow, great article!

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Thank you for your thoughtful article. However, there is one more player in the game and that is the World Economic Forum (WEF) and how they're using COVID and Climate Change to usher in their world agenda. This is known as The Great Reset. In a nutshell, their predictions for our lives by 2030 are:

You Will Own Nothing and You Will Be Happy

- Whatever you want you will rent and it will be delivered by drone.

The US Won't Be the World's Leading Superpower

- A handful of countries will dominate.

You Won't Die Waiting for an Organ Donor

- We won't transplant organs, we'll print them instead.

You'll Eat Much Less Meat

- An occasional treat, not a staple for the good of our environment and your health.

A Billion People Will Be Displaced by Climate Change

- We will have to do a better job at welcoming and integrating refugees

Polluters Will Have to Pay to Emit Carbon Dioxide.

- There will be a global price on carbon. This will make fossil fuels history.

Western Values Will Have Been Tested to the Breaking Point

A lot of this sounds lovely on the surface, but it's how we'll get there that is more than concerning. You can easily connect the dots to what we're currently going through. They're now boldly making their agenda public and they have a channel on YouTube if you're interested in learning more. I'd also recommend looking up videos on Klaus Schwab who is leading the effort.

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Not only did I stop watching news & TV years ago, I threw away the social media platforms; they foster discontent & manipulate in “real time”. We, the people, could bring American oligarchs & their companies to their knees if we quit using their products. You really can live a meaningful life without knowing the details of other people’s lives. IMO, the mainstream media outlets are a branch of the Democrat party…there is only room for the leftist viewpoint. Thank you MWD for this article.

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Thank you Doc. This brings back many memories.

As a Gulf War veteran with medical conditions stemming from the war, I had participated on a congressionally funded panel reviewing medical research proposals for possible funding. This congressional funding mechanism was forced after DOD and VA spent roughly $200 million on research, and had nothing to show for it.

It was very rewarding work, and also very disappointing. There were a number of very novel research proposals, but some were absolutely taboo. Taboo is the sense I got from several of the panelists and the contractor that was administering the funding. Taboo research projects were rare, but they did come up periodically, but funding was even more rare because it meant looking into possible medical injuries from vaccines, or depleted uranium, which your Kuwaiti patient may have been exposed to given the fire at Camp Doha that burned for 3 days.

Please keep digging.

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Fantastic summary of propaganda in the US! I had been telling my kids about the "taking babies off incubators" story in relation to the propaganda related to Ukraine, so I'm sharing this so they can watch it. Please expand on the propaganda you are seeing in the Ukraine conflict! It amazes me that friends who agree they were lied to for two years about covid suddenly think their government is taking them the truth! 🤦‍♀️

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I was born in Russia

They told me in America all my life how useless I am

Viruganda kills

Hacksxxxine kills

Arrogance kills

Now. Medicine is killing folks

Killafornia has been killed

Why are these kalouses killing the world?

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