This is actually a GLORIOUS day for the anti-vaccine movement. What was once the problem of a few unlucky parents is now everyone’s problem. CDC just decreed the end of vaccines as a reasonable scientific concept and respectable public health policy.

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I just finished “The Real Anthony Fauci - The movie” and it earns a big thumbs up from this reviewer. If this film could go viral, it might make a bigger impact than Robert Kennedy, Jr’s book of the same title.

I wrote a review, summarizing some of the scenes that particularly resonated with me and added a few quotes from the producer and writer as well as some early reviews written by viewers. BTW, a lot of Substack “All Stars” were interviewed in the documentary.


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The CDC has lost all credibility, and they couldn’t care less. This whole mess is absolutely sickening.

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"The first of these three was that man must stop working for the sake for money."

I discovered Steiner later in life. Like many new path things in my life, it was due to my Vaxx Injured son. For roughly five years now, I have focused on creating a life for my Son with Autism, and I have not made money other than now covering for some expenses. My wife keeps the cash flow going by continuing in her career that allows us to continue our life. There are so many single family Autism families that don't have this ability, so it has become a "Family Mission" for our son and others.

Money is so complex of a topic, in everything, including vaccines.

It blows my mind that the "Medical Establishment" has at the very least, looked the other way - for money. I see the theories on "world bad actors" and such, but sadly, I think most of this is opportunistic people at the top, and people in the middle of Medicine who don't have the courage to lose their status (beach house, fancy car, respect from colleagues...).

I have said it before, and there is only one way out of this. Just say "No".

We have no idea what mRNA is going to do in 5 years. Is it still looking for cancer cells in our system? I don't have to worry about it, but trust me, I am worried. This path of taking care of the "Vaxx Injured" is hard. There is only so much the body can take from Vaccines, and there is only so much that Society can take from the Vaxx Injured.

I am headed to Maine for the weekend to clear my head. I thank Midwestern Doctor for this awesome information. Truly a "Beacon of Hope".

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Those CRIMINALS just added THIS to the "vaccine" "schedule": ALC-0315 and ALC-0159

Intended for research purposes. Not suitable for human or veterinary diagnostic or therapeutic use


This is a GENOCIDE

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“it is my sincere hope those in positions of power will stop choosing to make money over doing the right thing”

^ Don’t hold your breath, Doc. These folks are operating in their own little alternate reality where morality and ethics are gone. It brings me no pleasure to note this—but we have to be real. They don’t care.

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Great article. A mere formality indeed. How insulting is it to read that JAMA article from Lee et al about ethical considerations for the cv genetic injections. Truly, it is difficult to stomach. Another thing I'll mention, is the article talking about compensation to the Tarsell family for their tragedy, is similar to many I've read over the years in corporate media print publications that mention deaths or harms from injections. Read it carefully & you'll see how certain paragraphs are meant to reinforce the notion of injections being necessary for public health. Details of harms only get a few lines, begrudgingly it seems, the rest is simply propaganda. This shouldn't surprise people, because the major news corporations have owners who are heavily invested in the injection paradigm & who have set up their own research institutes & foundations pouring money into the field.

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Excellent historical perspective that explains this obviously inane action. But here’s another big problem for us physicians:

What about the rest of medicine?

Cancer care recs?

Surgical recs re: ortho procedures, hernia repairs, robotic surgery?

There are countless examples of fraud in the above topics that take only a little digging to find.

Very hard for intellectually honest physicians (like myself) to stay in the game. Such a sad state for what I believe to be a once noble calling / profession

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1. Stop working for money.

I wish.

That's not what we mean to say.

Stop doing demeaning slavery work or unethical Harma to Womanity.

What are the other two?


Get right with God , etc.


Give folks a way to express creativity instead of mass terror narrative.


Use cash . Dance. Bring back music

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Oct 21, 2022·edited Oct 21, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

"Unfortunately, our bureaucracy has bypassed that process by allowing committees (whose members are appointed rather than being elected democratically) to craft “guidelines” (as this is the limit of their authority), and then have the rest of the government (and media) treat those guidelines as law."


The bureaucracies, esp. health ones, are Military now.

This is why I posited in one of your posts when you said we, US, had never had a coup, that yes, we did have a coup.

Right after WW2.

And our leader, duly elected, soon after, was assassinated as in all coups, and our "democratically elected" leaders co-signed it.

It is correct that bureaucracy has superseded democracy, but this leaves out that the bureaucracy is still being controlled and managed by our real State.

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I think the government should stay with its own business. The government has no business with people's health or religion. IMO a government is there to provide things, ,like roads, connections etc, to check who comes in the country and to have some kind of safeguarding, police etc. but not to judge where you go or who you speak to. And it certainly should not judge which health care you get. That is between you and a medical provider! Not just over-reach, but WAY over the border!

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“In democratic republics, it should not be possible for unelected groups to forcefully dictate the lives of citizens without those policies being legalized by the legislative process.”--boom, mix drop. Shows over, you don’t have to leave but ya can’t stay here.

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The way corporations are owned and controlled nowadays reminds me a lot of how hackers exploit proxy servers or VPNs.

Jumping from one to another and another. So when they attack a site tracing it back is like untangling a web of encrypted fishing line. It's basically impossible and you can't truly tell who is doing what or where it's coming from.

There are now all these shell companies, or fronts, tax havens, companies that own shares in other companies and so on. It's all a great big tangled mess. Then there is lobbying and spin doctors too.

Try find who has the controlling shares in what now and who is pulling all the strings? I bet you can't.

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Just curious how many people will it take to stop getting ANY vaccines before pharmaceutical financial panic sets in?

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Biontech co-founder Dr. Ugur Sahin being interviewed by german reporter, admits he hasn't gotten the gene-jab. Gets very agitated when asked 'why?'.

yt-dlp https://rumble.com/v1p49oh-man-who-invented-pfizer-covid-19-vaccine-admits-he-hasnt-been-jabbed.html

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