There was no pandemic. You need to stop perpetuating this lie. As long as good people continue to assert that this manufactured crisis was in fact an actual epidemiological event the ghouls that concocted this lie will have fertile ground to create the next one- which rest assured is in the pipeline.

"Covid" is the engineered destabilization of the global economy.

"COVID-19", the operation, is essentially a cover-up for systematic debt-leveraged monetary expansion.

"Covid-19", the disease, is nothing more than a disease of ATTRIBUTION to other causes.

All of the exaggerated and repeated fear-based messages from the media and government agencies this past year were just part of the advertising campaign for the pharmaceutical industry’s newest lucrative product- mRNA “vaccines” which they plan to roll out as the new medical “miracle cure” for a variety of “ailments”, e.g. new line of “cancer vaccines.”

The plan is for the mRNA "vaccines" to be Pharma's new cash cow and launch an entirely new Bio-Tech wave of financialized "disease management."

It's worth noting that in the USA, disease management pumps almost $6 trillion/yr into the economy. Disease has replaced war as the world's primary money spinner, the elites need continuing large-scale health crises to keep the economy going.

And here we are though these phony pandemics date back to the early 1990's and Fauci's first crimes, the AIDS/HIV scandal.

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The best way to handle the pandemic that never was, was to ignore it.

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Your article is, as always, completely on target. The bumbling was monumental. Your doctor's perspective on effectiveness of these measures is most valued.

But I just wanted to make a somewhat unrelated comment: the people who are pretending to be saving us, were the same people who financed virology and specifically project DEFUSE, with Sars-Cov-2 likely developed at UNC by Ralph Baric.

The virus they designed, has many lab features (HIV inserts) adding extra pathogenic pathways, like infecting T-cells and monocytes through mechanism other than ACE2 or TMPRSS2, like HIV does.

These are also the same people who covered up the research that led to design and release of SC2, instead of helping us understand what kind of virus we are fighting.

It is not completely clear to me, and I mean this sincerely, as to whether we are witnessing their attempts to help us that are a bit misguided, or whether perhaps we are witnessing monumental corruption, or perhaps something even more sinister.

Several known facts (Event 201, CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG in the Moderna Patent, giving a "vaccine candidate" to Ralph Baric on Dec 12 2019) are concerning enough to at least entertain the possibility that this pandemic was not quite a surprise.

ICENI (Spartacus) on substack posted a few articles exploring this topic, among others.

When I mention "sinister" possibilities, please know that I do not think that it would take many people to conspire to perpetrate evil: just 3-5 billionaires and 3-4 scientists would be enough. Every other public player could possibly be "bumbling" and "misguided", with a healthy dose of corruption and herd mentality mixed in.

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Before even reading this, the first mistake is that there never was a pandemic. Let’s start there. The rest pretty much works itself out once you know that.

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"I felt they(the tests) had no medical value if you were asymptomatic." By asymptomatic, I think you mean you WEREN'T sick. What better way to keep a false pandemic running than to say you are sick because this bad test says so even though you are completely fine. You are now "asymptomatic", not healthy. I have monkeypox right now. My skin looks smooth and clean but this test says I'm asymptomatic. See how it works? You're right about the stupid temperature testing. I sat in my hot car prior to my dental appointment reading a magazine article. I went inside, they took my temp and said I had a fever. I said wait 15 mins while I sat in the air conditioned room. I was then fine. Testing and temp taking all pure baloney just like the entire covid creation.

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To handle by whom?

Only those in power were able to change the course and they made sure they did that for the worse, obeying their puppeteers.

For the average person, instead of watching TV, looking around and refusing the muzzle would have worked.

People started dying only after the injections... There was no "pandemic." Pandemics can be imitated by mass poisonings, but not by "viruses," because the particles called viruses do not cause illnesses or infections... The "covid" symptoms indicate radiation sickness during and after the 5G installations, but nobody knows what was in the chemtrails and the mysterious "disinfectants." The muzzles, however, contained graphene oxide and carcinogens, while the fraudulent "tests" posed mortal danger and stole people's DNA (that's what the original patent was for), while giving them lessons on obedience by torturing and humiliating them...

Instead of trusting their own judgments, people relied on fake authorities, because they didn't want to take responsibility for their decisions. What they didn't realize that the usual game of taking advantage of good advice and blaming the party who give them bad advice is not costing their humanity, health, dignity, freedom and, eventually, their lives...


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Jun 22, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

Important history you bring up about how propaganda campaigns have worked in the past to draft the public into service to some manufactured cause.

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Jun 22, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

I don't think the pandemic was mishandled, I believe it was handled in such a way as to produce a desired set of outcomes. We have all seen the little video clips of Fauci in the past saying that masking is laughable, and to take care of your immune system, and that natural infection produces the best immunity. The science really didn't change, his advice for this particular virus did, to fulfill a predetermined outcome.

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interesting idea about the small useless efforts to convince the actor for the campaign

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Jun 23, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

I appreciate the diversity of thought here. However, according to what I witnessed, There was definitely a pandemic. I am a therapist who works in ICU. There definitely was a pandemic. My hospitals were bursting with COVID patients. There has never been a flu the likes of what saw. Lots of people died. Horribly. All alone as family wasn’t allowed to visit. Gasping for breath for weeks until death. Many - probably about a 1/3--weren’t over 60.

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Jun 24, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

"I have often wondered if the hand-washing campaign for pandemic compliance was specifically chosen to recruit the neurotic members of society to fight for the pandemic policies."

Oh, wow! Of course. Well done, AMWD

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Jun 23, 2022Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

The UK Challenge Trial showed a large number of people who never became infected despite intentional exposure. We saw that in the couple on the Princess Cruise ship stunk in Japan in early times; the husband become ill, the wife did not despite being in confined quarters. Some hidden evidence from USN ships where some never become ill in a confined area. We conclude we do not share a com,on vulnerability.

Data from many SubStack writers now show that none of the mitigation steps did much to slow or stop the spread. Containment only works when you actually can contain the infected people; we lost containment early on and the lockdowns were pointless partial measures. But we already we aware that mitigation was unlikely to work.

The real obscenity was the engineered attack on the Great Barrington declaration which suggested trying to keep those at risk out of the the public. That mitigation effort actually had a chance to work had there been an attempt to try it.

I do hope there is a non-partisan assessment of all that was done. The politics seriously interfered with the response. I still see people knocking Trump's speculation about bleach when he was asking if some form of disinfectant might help. Of course, various disinfectants used as mouthwash may help stop virus replication early in the mouth and nose. The old remedies of salt water can really help.

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Thank you for the many thoughtful insights. Until those in control give up their love affair with power accorded by the pandemic and the 'emergency' it poses, we will forever drown in it. I wake up every day thinking "are they going to stop it NOW?" What will we do to stop it? How do we save people from the death shots? We are going to jab BABIES? How do we save people who already got the shot and are terribly sick? When will doctors stand up against the machine? I write to politicians regularly. I speak to my doctors; they think my injuries are an anomoly. I think about all the doctors who must be harmed. Do they know what did it, or are they gaslighting themselves now? They have had lots of practice with that. I post my injuries in as many places as possible hoping it will save just one, but I keep waiting for the masses to stand up and put an end to this! I suppose it's a gift that I will never trust our health agencies or government again. Hearing 'trust the science' makes me want to vomit now. I hope there is something/someone good left in these institutions to spur the masses and overcome this nightmare.

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Jun 22, 2022·edited Jun 22, 2022

The best way to handle it would be to investigate the origin, then have trials and executions for everyone remotely complicit with tinkering with technology that could end the human race. If that were 100k bureaucrats and scientists spread across the world that would be a small price to pay to leave a definitive message. "though shalt not engage in biological tinkering that could extinguish the human race". With splicing, editing, and modeling SW improving exponentially this tinkering can't be allowed. Do it and be executed! That is the best way to handle it.

Failure to do this means with time and decrease in cost/equipment needed to genetically engineer viruses an extinction event is inevitable. It would be like having the worlds largest Nuke within reach of anyone with $50k and an empty garage, and have no prohibitions against it.

The only thing that is going to sear it into people's brains are trials and public executions of a large number of people. It would be the most responsible thing we could do.

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If COVID was a pandemic, the flu disappeared

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There was no pandemic.

"Where Is The Pandemic? According To The BC Government Records Hospitalizations and ICU admissions in BC During the Covid-19 Pandemic Did Not Increase Compared to the Previous Years

A Pandemic of Deceit ":


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