Ten years ago I would have considered your explanations preposterous. Now I think they are restrained. As my eyes opened I found many other people around me who saw the truth, but most of the "progressive" true-believers still cling to their self-destructive ideology. Usually they hang on to their discredited ideas because they are fixed on some "right" they think they will lose. Abortion, affirmative action and sexual identity politics are the adhesive that holds too many people on the path to serfdom. They grow angry if you disagree with their political ideology and that anger stops them from re-evaluating their dire circumstances. The censorship and propaganda networks also complicate rational discussion and promote delusional beliefs. The most misinformed people I know are the ones who read the New York Times or watch CNN/MSNBC.

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There are two goals I hope to reach with this, my 3rd comment here. While one is to highlight what is going on in Japan, I offer my experiences as a teacher at a medical and nursing school in Japan, as father of children attending elementary school as do all normal Japanese children as examples of the world wide nature of this problem and has these are almost universal experiences worldwide.

The 2023-24 (April to March) school year is the first we have been allowed back on campus since the start of the panic, but only for required classes. Some or all elective classes are still via Zoom as the med school says it is too dangerous to have our students on campus all day. I have two classes of 7 students, smaller than prepanic, cuz covid. In one class of 7, two are experiencing mental issues that keep them from class. One out of the other class of 7 is in the same boat.

The nursing school class was a year long course but reduced to the first semester only, cuz covid. Two students out of a class of 16 third year nursing students had mental issues. One is to repeat her 3rd year, the other dropped out. Medical students and nursing students undergo psychological evaluations before acceptance into their schools. 3/14 first year medical students and 2/16 third year nursing students experiencing mental issues in their first year on campus. Around the world, massive numbers of elementary students have “disappeared” during school closures. While elementary schools did not close in Japan, many students have stopped attending class here too.

A few months shy of 3 years in to this madness, my eldest then just turned 9 began exhibiting difficulties understanding his native language when spoken. How could this not be the case given that a full third of his life to that point he was denied the right to hear it spoken clearly? Over the summer this year, he began displaying inability pronouncing certain words and can not catch his mother’s correct pronunciation. Worldwide, children are not learning how to communicate in person. Masks distort the sounds of language and hide nonverbal cues from those who are just learning to speak in the case of the very young and those who would otherwise be expanding upon what they learned earlier. The effects on spending lunch periods in silence makes learning how to communicate with one’s peers a lesson unlearned by all children forced to follow this practice regardless of where they go to school. IMHO, these facts alone is worthy of banner headlines in every written language on the planet. One could easily write several lengthy posts on what this means to the future of mankind.

There was once a time in the US navy, and the royal navy too, when talking amongst the crew was strictly prohibited with limited exceptions. Crew members would converse around the scuttled butt, a “butt” being the size of barrel used for drinking water and scuttling the act of putting a whole in something. The “scuttled butt”, later “scuttle butt” was where the crew drew their drinking water from, thus “Scuttlebutt” came to mean rumors heard around the scuttle butt, much like the office water cooler of today. The other was when “spinning yarns” a long and mindless task that allowed for story telling. Both activities were always under the close observation of an officer or midshipman who reported the topics brought up in these conversations. Otherwise, all private conversations aboard a man o war raised suspicions of mutinous talk and would get the offending tars in trouble. I believe this line of thought plays a big role in masking, social distancing, closing bars and restaurants, parks and anywhere else ideas can be exchanged verbally and extends to the forced lack of education in verbal communication for the world’s children. They want all communications done electronically so that every human interaction is recorded and known. And again, this is observed worldwide.

While the timing may be accidental, overall, this is no accident.

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I remember very clearly, at some point in early 2021, thinking “l WISH this was just about a stolen election!”. That particular stolen election led me down a rabbit hole and each successive learning down another and another. So I’m never surprised when someone realizes the truth about their area of expertise and that opens them up to all the lies we’ve been living with for decades. All this to say, no surprise to me to hear a doctor discussing the Deep State or the NWO, because many of us have been down the same rabbit holes. This is OUR New World Order, not theirs, where we see the lies and the deception and chose to not comply!

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At 2 weeks of lockdown I became very angry, because it was immediately apparent that so many people all around the world would be economically ruined. I expected that we would all suffer, and many millions would starve due to crashing supply lines. I was one of the very few people on the road at the beginning, due to being in health care. The COVID years have been an angry time, since I perceived most of the COVID measures as being ineffective and harmful, but felt guilty about abandoning my post, (since other health problems exist). Finally did that 2 and a half years later.

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Preposterous! How could you get all this CORRECTLY on the very first Substack I’ve read on this topic!

For a democracy (or the republic version we have) can only exist to function with a moral and educated populace! - John Adams.

You hit this one with the bases loaded. As a History major I took courses in European history. The feudal system is exactly where we are headed today and the new Lords are the Bill Gates, Soros, Fink and other billionaires and their bought elected government cronies.

Problem is - American education system is much weaker since the mid 80’s, people are too ignorant on how to research and investigate, people are too busy grinding it out day to day and then vegetating on their free time. And sick people are easier to control!!

Our problem doc is - the cure eludes us due to the mass hysteria psychosis and big tech involvement that conceals the truth from individuals. I think it’s too late. I have hope but as Bob Hope said - it springs eternally and only in Christ do I see a righteous outcome!!!

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Great essay! I was literally just thinking about “America the Feudal” or as Theo Von calls it, “America LLC”. I am 34 and have had jobs up and down the socioeconomic ladder and the contempt that the average large employer has for their employees is heartbreaking. Rampant wage theft, overtime violations, unpaid work requirements, nickel and diming right and left. For jobs that pay under $15 an hour. I have also been involved in several small businesses and personal ventures and the quality of the average person has declined year over year. A functioning society (especially a capitalistic one) is based on trust. You have to trust that when you enter into a contract with an employer they will uphold it, or when you enter into a contract with a contractor to fix your plumbing they will act in good faith. I think that is really what is missing in “America the Feudal”; good faith.

I think America is especially vulnerable to the machinations of corporate/media/entertainment/governmental manipulation because we have less and less local community. Less and less are we embedded deeply in the community, knowing our neighbors, when people pass, when our relatives are going through something. It is far too common for someone to grow up in one state and move all across the country for a job. And then do it again and again and again. We become increasingly atomized consumers, waiting for the call of the corporate fearmongers, making us hate ourselves and everyone around us because it makes us more receptive to advertisements, both overt and subconscious.

I used to drive Uber in Hawaii and I talked to all sorts of different people from all over the world. This movement away from your place of birth is not normal. It happens, but everywhere it does there are rips and tears at the social fabric, and I think it happens most aggressively here in the USA. (I am guilty of this and am trying to rectify it in my own life)

This social fabric is our best defense against the feudalism of today. The beauty of today’s feudalism vs those of the medieval past is that we have agency in our feudalism now. If you are sick, seek healthy foods, sunlight, exercise, cold water and sauna. If you are in debt, spend less. If you are not in debt spend less. Seek connection with family, friends and neighbors.

Every time we have an unmet need, whether loneliness, self-consciousness, sex, hunger, connection, purpose, we tend to seek the easiest gratification of those needs. In our corporate world the traditional, evolved sociological processes which are copacetic with human brain chemistry (ie traditional family/community/civic values) are interrupted for a profit motive. What does Tinder really do? It monopolizes the market of mate choice and manipulates it for profit. The app makes money by people serially dating and its app perpetuates that pre-condition for their profit model. What does Facebook/Instagram really do? They make us feel self conscious because our perception of what is normal/real is distorted to an extent where we can’t help but feel chronically underwhelming compared to everyone else. What do political parties do? They weaponize personal (often familial) relationships in service of in-fighting over non-important topics (really our main distinguishing characteristics are who to bomb and who to hate, but no productive solutions). We can choose to ignore our corporate overlords and keep our gaze closer to home.

I think the home price increase, which is especially atrocious where I grew up (my parents house was bought in 1984 for $180,000, it is worth 4 million today, no renovations), is mostly due to money printing and government policy anti-subsidizing (intentionally increasing the price of). The government pushes people into homes, through a variety of programs for first time home buyers, veterans, people with disabilities, government employees, and many others. This causes more people to be able to get into houses, which artificially increases the prices. This is great if you are the recipient of this or an existing owner. If you aspire to own it pushes it further and further with each subsidized home price. If you let the government be involved with the price of something, it will f**k it up. Basically we have an artificially priced housing market. The other side of that is the money printing. I don’t understand all the math, but an enormous volume of dollars have been created in the last decade, something like double all the previously made dollars (crypto, as well as the Federal Reserve are both fundamentally money printers, and this is why crypto won’t last long, there can only be one money printer in town). All these dollars have to flow somewhere and boy did they flow. They flowed into equities, everything, but especially into home prices. Again, great for homeowners and terrible for non-homeowners. Until we have a massive crash and a reduction in the printing, housing will continue to be toxic. But again, we have agency. We can chose to live smaller, live in a trailer (like I do) not in debt. I know it is a sad time when that is may be our best choice, but sometimes opting out of the corporate bull***t and opting in to real human values is the right choice. If you don’t need to impress someone with your car, clothes or house, life can be liberating.

Wherever life finds you, be well and be good to the ones you love.

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The Trilateral Commission was founded by Zbigniew Brzezinski and David Rockefeller in 1973. The "peanut farmer" Jimmy Carter was also a member. In fact, that's how he met Brzezinski who became Carter's National Security Advisor. A ghoul, who played a major role in organizing Jimmy Carter's policy on the Soviet Union, better known as the "grand strategy," for shaping global hegemony. Hence, Brzezinski, played a key role in organizing the Mujahideen under Osama bin Laden’s leadership as a means for triggering mayhem in Afghanistan bogging down the Soviet Union's military in an endless mess. Sort of like, the 20 year "US mess" which ironically followed the Soviet debacle.

That being said, the Carter administration was basically selected by Rockefeller as every person in the cabinet was also a member of the Trilateral Commission. It's similar to Obama's cabinet only that was selected by Citigroup, another bunch of bankers. Are you beginning to see a running theme; namely the power of bankster gangsters.

And you thought the President was actually in control and set significant policies--well think again. These supposed elected officials are merely political "managers" who are supplicants to the national security state who are further directed by international oligarchs who own banks, trillion dollar asset management firms, energy corporations, tech entrepreneurs, and pharmaceutical/chemical companies. In addition, there's a cabal of families who have sustained fortunes over many centuries, ie, the British monarch, Rothschilds, etc...

The above mentioned voracious pyschopaths are eager to transform the entire planet into a technocratic neofeudal totalitarian hellhole where a few live in splendor while the rest of humanity are in servitude.

It should be stressed, that every crisis whether the scamdemic or a series of barbaric military conflicts are systematically deployed to transfer wealth to billionaires why simultaneously heightening worldwide repression.

These clever criminals know how to rebrand past repressive policies with benevolent sounding terms like "sustainability" or "public health" via the captured corrupt UN in order to gain public acceptance for a tyrannical agenda.

Be prepared for more shenanigans, as the ghouls never give up.

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Thank you for this exceptional historical analysis that explains the world’s terrifying economic, health and sociological trends. The imploding economy WILL turn out to be the world’s biggest killer. (As your article notes, this is already happening).

Ross Perot was prescient about the out-sourcing of jobs. Another politician who’s been prescient for 50 years is Ron Paul, who says the key to everything is real inflation, which he correctly labels the “cruelest tax” on the working class and poor.

Real inflation has been under-counted for decades to conceal its harsh effects. Our governing rulers manipulate inflation data just like they’ve manipulated Covid data/metrics.

I wrote an article where I used the metric of “work-arounds” to better calculate real inflation. “Work-arounds” are the things families (and businesses) MUST implement to deal with real inflation.

Examples include cancelling your maid service, dropping out of a civic club (to save dues), going to movies or sporting events less often, cutting back on dry cleaning, using (less expensive) cremation instead of burial, adult kids living with parents longer, “cutting the cord” on cable TV - anything that allows people to cut expenses and keep paying for those things they HAVE to pay for.

Mothers having to get a job (a second income) was perhaps one of the earliest and most significant family work-arounds.

Corporations use work-arounds to save money (and make sure they don’t have to increase prices even more) by moving jobs to cheaper-labor nations and by using cheaper illegal immigrant labor. They also have automated everything they can so they can hire fewer employers.

If you think about it, everything now-a-days is a work-around ... all necessitated by real inflation.

Executives with media corporations should know about “real inflation” because they know that businesses have dramatically cut back on advertising (another easy business work-around) and former customers have eliminated paid subscriptions.

Everyone is already using 20 work-arounds, but we’ll have to come up with 20 more in the future.

The work-around we “serfs” should be using is to purge all the crony capitalists and would-be totalitarians who created this system. If we don’t do this, our current rampant inflation might become hyper-inflation. It's a given the economy will only deteriorate.

As you noted, “censorship” is a vital work-around to keep the Powers that Be in control … so I imagine we are going to get more of that in the future as well.

For those interested in this novel inflation metric, I identified about 40 common work-arounds in this article:


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Maybe 18 months ago, I was getting gas and while I was waiting, I looked around and saw a fire extinguisher on a post next to the pump. It occurred to me that it was the perfect metaphor for the CV response when it came to alternative treatments. IMHO, if CV was a real pandemic, you would throw everything you have at it. The response of "only vaccines will save us" is like telling someone that the spilled gasoline at the gas station rolling towards the open flame over there can only be put out by the fire department. The fire extinguisher won't work - don't use it! And then they let the gasoline roll towards the flame...

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I really appreciate articles like this, which zooms out and attempts to analyze the larger situation. I always bring up epistemology (not that I'm that versed in it) when I'm trying to talk to my highly educated blue pill friends (pretty much all of them), as the sources they have trusted for years are often captured. I think one of the reasons the Leviathan smears people who are truth seekers with repetitive epithets is to prevent people turning to those sources. Just yesterday, for instance, a professor at Michigan Tech ranted about some young conservatives who made a model of a section of the Berlin Wall as being "racist, homophobic, childish, stupid idiots," which reminded me exactly of what Trudeau said about the totally peaceful bouncey house trucker protest "racist, misogynist, transphobic blah blah. Before October 7, a number of people speaking truth and analyzing the truth according to their lights were called anti-semitic (Neil Oliver, C.J. Hopkins, Vera Sherav) or pilloried with the ubiquitous "right wing". These epithets have become a sort of heuristic to drive people who have not thought out their epistemology away from even reading them. My bluepill friends, for instance, call DeSantis "deathsantis" or a nazi or a book burner as their sources for knowledge tar him in that way. And, I notice, they are unable to hear context or complexity at all. (I have all sorts of contradictory impressions of him, but love him for what he did during the pandemic) Maybe because all of our cognitive resources are being purposefully overwhelmed with crises and fears from all directions. Not an accident. The people I know, for the most part, are also on the down slope of cognition anyway, naturally losing some ability.

But just teaching people to comprehend what their sources of knowledge are, getting them to consider that, and to perhaps consider if changes have occurred to those sources, wakes them up a bit if they will think about it.

Thank you for taking on the meta topics and meta analysis!

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Great article. A couple of complementary points:

1. Ed Dowd has said that a key part of the pandemic was to cover a financial crisis in the fall of 2019. The massive expenditures, under the guise of a pandemic, distracted the public from what was really going on. A massive government bailout. Similar to the Housing collapse of 2008. No time to think, spend. The lockdowns and financial destruction were great covers.

2. It has been well known since the 1980's that unemployment causes deaths of despair. Although there were numerous estimates of what the ratio of changes in deaths to changes in unemployment, a number often used decades ago was 60,000 additional deaths per 1% additional unemployment. I have not researched recently to see if that number was still relevant, and the country has changed a lot since I had heard that number, but with unemployment dramatically increasing because of lockdowns, that would have created an estimated million extra deaths.

3. When Fauxi was asked during the lockdowns what their health impacts would be he replied something like "that is above my pay grade, I am not an economist". That he didn't know something like the simple rule of thumb quoted above strains credulity. In the last year, when he is home free, he mentioned when he talked with his wife, his chief compliance officer, he stated they discussed exactly what the impacts would be. Lies all the way down.

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Across the board, 'fixing things' during Covid Hysteria was a disaster. Economy, health, constitution, ethics, financial, liberty, media, trust, ... all badly damaged.

Similarly, Climate Hysteria and the rest.

The burgeoning Administrative and Expert Classes - canonised and brandished by elites - are an unmitigated disease on society.

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Excellent post! I grew up in a middle class environment when it was large with all kinds of options. A lower middle class person could build a small airplane in the garage, and learn to fly it if he or she had the mental wiring for that, and rent a tie-down at a local airport. In today’s world, these billionaire/WEF/CFR scum want to cage us in ‘15 minute’ cities and specify how many pairs of shoes we’re allowed to buy per year….

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Their plan has been playing out in front of our eyes for decades. Covid was a layer of icing on a decades-in-the-making cake bomb. Yet, so many still cannot see what's happening. Seems controlling sick people was a successful tactic.

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I'm happy to learn The Midwestern Doctor now has 61,000 subscribers. I wish I could be one of the "paid subscribers" but one of my "work-arounds" to be able to pay the light bill necessitates limiting my Substack paid subscriptions.

On a depressing note, I learned that Your Local Epidemiologist (allegedly) has 211,000 subscribers (!) ... of which 10 percent are paid. She is the No. 1 "science and medicine" Substacker (and a millionaire).

This is disconcerting to say the least. Also, lately her big posting push is to get even more censorship to fight the plague of "vaccine hesitancy." You can read all about it here:


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Wonderful synopsis - thank doc!

The entire history of civilized human culture can be crudely summarized as a series of arrangements by which those with the most wealth and power, manipulate the masses for their own benefit and pleasure, using the most efficient means and methods available at the time - which are currently on steroids that tech makes available. The international cabal of central banks have long occupied the top of the pyramid.

The worldwide upheavals of the 1960s scared the shit out of the psychopathic power elites who then scrambled for a plan to regain their control. The "Powell Memo" and "The Crisis of Democracy" white paper in the early 1970s established a blueprint for most all of what you chronicle in this comprehensive post here - indiscernibly incremental steps to funnel money and power to the upper echelons, dumbing down education, systematic social engineering of lower classes, and most of all - constant stoking the flames of divisive issues, actual or contrived - that render us frightfully easy to control.

Awareness of all of this actually happening is paramount - which is why censorship is the critical issue of our times. They own and control all mainstream media and social media - thus define and maintain the worldview of the masses to match their oppressive narrative.



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