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What a teaching moment the Dictator of Canada provided to the world yesterday with his weigh-in on the SCOTUS decision!:

"No government, politician, or man should tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. I want women in Canada to know that we will always stand up for your right to choose."

Hey Trudeau! I'm a woman and I say, "I CHOOSE to NOT take your Globalist clot-shot 'vaccine' into MY body!!!"

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First, a general comment. Your writing is simply some of the best on Substack. As an English Major, a former attorney, and a secondary editor of 2.5 books (the author died before he finished the 3rd one, maybe I’ll try and finish it someday) I have at least some expertise to opine that your technical writing style and ability is outstanding. I know the effort and amount of time it takes to craft even short missives. To do it well, takes a whole other level. I believe I am not alone in saying thank you for your devotion in ensuring you publish quality pieces than not only inform, but cause people to think and reflect.

Second, I found this interesting: (You wrote).

“As time has progressed, I have become gradually more and more unnerved by how much less life is valued now than it was even a decade ago”.

In response I would say as a general matter, I tend to agree. However to my way of thinking, Covid exposed the dark underbelly of the cognitive dissonance suffered by so many in regards to death. Lacking (I believe) any shred of true spiritual well being, their fear of death was exposed by Covid. Lining up for multiple jabs, continuation of mask wearing (even today when any semi intelligent person knows they don’t work), refusing to associate with the unjabbed, destroying families and friendships, the list is endless. A lot of this, in fact I would say most of it, has been driven by my generation. The Boomers. I’ll leave the stinging missive that there has been no worse generation in the country’s history for another day. I will only say that, in general, their fear of death and their seeming desire to fight aging at every turn, has led to outcomes that would otherwise never have occurred.

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I’ve said it from the very beginning!! How hypocritical the “ my body my choice- EXCEPT for the vaccines “!! Makes me sick. When I ask a hard core vaxxer why ? They either look at me with confusion or give the excuse of “Well- this is different because people spread disease not abortion” bullshit. Unbelievable.

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What we are seeing is a fundamental shift in society. The traditional ethical construct, informed by morality of religion has been displaced. The new religion is a dystopian Malthusian form of collectivism which demands personal autonomy be subverted to a select few. Population control is a major goal.

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We could only be stunned and then laugh at the ludicrous display of PM Trudeau's righteous indignation. The man who said women's bodies cannot choose to board a plane or train and cannot choose to continue to enter federal workplaces because they refused to consent to their bodies being injected at least twice with experimental unsafe ineffective gene treatments ordered by PM Trudeau, even if their bodies were pregnant and the gene treatment could kill the baby, is gonna make sure we CAN choose to terminate a pregnancy we choose not to complete. I see.

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Excellent analysis and spot on! "An odd situation that has arisen in American politics is that the party that supports the right to abortion also supports mandatory vaccinations. Regardless of how you dice it, it is very difficult to use the same logical standards regarding bodily autonomy to support both positions. "

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Doc, I feel that this is an appropriate point to cut to part 2 since this is more of an "introduction."

Part 2 must be really good, because this was an excellent primer.

As my community pharmacy career progressed, I found it becoming harder and harder to trend on the morality side of the equation due to pressures from, well, everywhere. But especially re-imbursement, and of course, management.

Metrics, it is all about metrics!

And metrics were all about management's "bonus" which was seemingly the only concern ever acknowledged, besides lawsuits.

But we want you to "tab" through these drug utilization reviews and patient allergy screens really really fast because there is a slew of oxycodone scripts and hydrocodone scripts and Xanax scripts and Viagra scripts just jumping up and down in the cue, and you must get them verified and out before they turn RED and ruin my district manager's "metrics."

It is all a forking joke, but the joke is YOU!

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Perhaps one longer one, that might be shareable. (Especially, for potential sharing, if you feel that, at least within some parameters of time, the difficult choice to have an abortion should belong to the woman, not the state).

As Toby Rogers says, there's a need for compromise ... https://tobyrogers.substack.com/p/how-the-scotus-abortion-decision/comments

I understand why some would want no abortions, ever. But I don't think that's viable or fair policy.

But the double standards are tremendous. It's one thing to protest on behalf of women in states that would ban or severely restrict, it's another to demand abortion be OK and no problem anytime, no matter how late. (Of course medical exceptions should be honored. As they should be with other things).

But they didn't protest on behalf of those whose jobs or school forced them to take injections with significant risk of being left with debilitating health problems.

And the language some are inserting here of "and people who can get pregnant / pregnant people" is absurd. If a man is going to bend reality itself to get pregnant, the right to then terminate the pregnancy is a totally different thing. Then again, he may realize he's in a medical disaster and need to terminate the pregnancy. All the more reason to not even try - and support the networks of adoption, and more emphasis on adoption as an alternative to abortion should be OK to talk about, (without shame).

Once again, Ron De Santis is a voice of reason on this, as well as covid. Restricting abortion to only until the 15th week should be enough time to know that one is pregnant. As well as support for adoption. They'll frame it as banning, but that's not the same. Some other red states have restrictions much sooner. (Barely enough time to know you're pregnant).

Looking forward to reading the rest of your article, trusting it will be a welcome voice of balance and respect for all.

I believe something sacred begins at conception, a spark of life that is still residing in another person (woman). The framing of it being something so simple, on demand and without apology!, like nothing has happened, does not feel right.

We are missing informed consent, with everything. Vaccines. Covid non-vaccines. Puberty blockers. and abortion not being spoken of with the magnitude of a deep and difficult decision, that there may be alternatives for, yet, like other things that reach inside bodies, the state should not dictate nor forbid. Yet as the months go on and the fetus is closer to a baby ... it's a different conversation ...

Yet for many it is all or nothing ..

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This resonated with me - I am a retired hospital RN - thank goodness I retired because the mandatory vaccine requirement would have forced me to quit. I am having a hard time finding “my people” (politically and personally) because I do believe in my body my choice-I believe no mandatory vaccines, no mandatory pregnancies, responsible gun ownership. I believe people, for the most part, without government interference, will make the best choices. I have generally voted a straight political ticket, but these days and nights have me unsure of my loyalty. If you think like me, how do you personally figure this out?

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My prediction is that somewhere in the future, abortion will be viewed as a barbaric practice that deserved to be ended, similar to the barbaric practice of slavery, and war.

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We all are multitasking and have a finite time to absorb an avalanche of daily excellent information. Shorter format very helpful. Thank you!

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Some interesting comments on the Roe vs Wade decision at https://www.coffeeandcovid.com/p/-coffee-and-covid-saturday-june-25?utm_source=substack&utm_medium=email

His take is that the Supreme Court is no longer finding a "right to bodily autonomy" in our Constitution, also that "this Supreme Court decision is just the latest and the most obvious example of how the government’s pandemic overreach has badly backfired. And the backfiring isn’t done yet — not even close"

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Another great piece. Thanks!

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Indeed I did. And yes it should. But, as I frequently would tell my kids as they were growing up “Occasionally I am incorrect, but I’m never wrong.” LOL.

Now that they are 35 and 30 they frequently toss it back at me. Live by the sword, get skewered by the sword. LOL.

Good catch from a clearly close reading. Which is nice in and of itself. Substack is just nice that way.

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I'm looking forward to reading tomorrow's article.

So much boils down to the Golden rule.

Thank you.

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I just found your substack recently and I am really enjoying it. You have new slants on things. I prefer articles to be in parts. I wished that with your long but fascinating article from yesterday.

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