Thank you AMD for your deeply thoughtful analysis and reporting on the Maui fires. As always, you present a balanced and multifaceted perspective, supporting and credible documentation and videos, plus some good solutions that could be implemented if only people would do the right thing without concern for their own gain.

On a related note, Idaho is the #3 state with the most land owned/controlled by the federal government — 61.9% (32.8 million of 52.9 million acres) as of August 2022 (https://stacker.com/idaho/idaho-3-state-most-land-owned-federal-government).

Much of this federally controlled land is forested and many fires occur each year. Although the locals (and many of the boots-on-the-ground government fire service employees) know how to manage these lands, federal policy and law often prevent good solutions.

One governor candidate in 2022 had a plan to return control of our public lands to Idahoans. Unfortunately, and for many reasons that I won’t mention here, this candidate was not elected.

We must continue to educate ourselves and think hard about the people we elect — and encourage good people to run. Knee-jerk reactions and shallow thinking are the enemies of our future.

Thank you, AMD, for helping to educate us so we can make better decisions.

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"Hawaii has a curious political situation—from the top down it has one of the worst state governments in the USA, but from the bottom up, it has one of the best grassroots movements in the country."


I would dare to say that those things are intrinsically linked. The people who live under the worst governments understand that they can't rely on said governments to save them.

We should ALL be learning the lesson that Lahaina suffered so much to teach.

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AMD, here is some alternate research to compliment yours, this is a land grab at best and something far more sinister at worst:


The Maui fires were no accident. Before the smoke even cleared in Lahania public officials (Josh Green) were already talking about stealing the land. They are going to transform the area into one of America's first 15 minute prison cities where your freedom and money will be heavily restricted and will be doled out in fragments based on your social credit, carbon footprint & vaccine status. This researcher explains - quite well - how all of this fits together:

Lahaina Hawaii Destroyed to Turn It Into A 15 Minute Prison City - The Vanguard Sacrificial WEF Lamb https://bitchute.com/video/w4kGxmgH6LIJ [22mins]

Here is a 15 minute prison city in China, this is what the WEF is planning for the entire world: https://bitchute.com/video/bwcnOTGI4nd7 [2.48mins]

Think You Won't Comply? I Think You Will: Australian Senator Antic On 15 Minute City Nightmare: https://bitchute.com/video/CxsyAqM4oTod [1.32mins]

EU MP Christine Anderson: Digial IDs Will Be Mandatory--Will Imprison You In Your 15 Minute City: https://bitchute.com/video/q3UcxGYDhyGc [1min]

Boris Johnson Explaining the Future Hell the Elites have Planned For You https://bitchute.com/video/QAxI56FTNqAg [1.23min]

This is what they've meant all along with their crocadile tear incantation 6uild 6ack 6etter: Enslaving the population, crushing mankind's spirit, and lording over us as if we were cattle and they—gods: https://bitchute.com/video/5XkkXCvnKM6Z [1.53mins] ●https://bitchute.com/video/lW5xHt4RySSb [2.20mins]

In order to build back, you must first destroy. And they are destroying.


Thank you for your tireless research, sir!

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The argument making the rounds about a siren driving causalities uphill is bunk and second guessing like technical bureaucrats typically excel at; e.g., the conditioned response would be that siren launches a stampede into the flames and a lockup occurs resulting in human toll exceeding the current. Projection, calculation, assessment, judgment…and nowhere in the mix is there a rational, desperate human being.

A siren would alarm anyone who heard it, and responses would vary between ignore and respond. Can’t help “ignore”, a person has at least been given a classic heads up without specificity, and it may not be interpreted as other than a drill. So be it, nature takes its toll as always.

For those alarmed, the response is “who knows?!”. But, a reasonable expectation would be dialing into tv stations, radio stations, picking up phone to neighbor/friend, going outside to look, grabbing a go bag and running out the door…

Once outside, a person has a chance to observe a live situation from a “who knows” vantage point. Self defense and instinctive behavior typically takes over, and people act as people do historically in mass casualty events. There is no right way to corral an entire population in such an event. However, at a minimum, one must sound the alarm and let them have their fighting chance at survival.

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Lahaina Incineration is Deadly Weather Warfare – Dane Wigington

According to Wigington, they used climate engineering to create a “wind tunnel effect right over Lahaina” with wind speeds up to 100 miles per hour to superheat the fire.


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One of the best boots-on-the-ground disaster relief and reporting resources has been provided by Eric West, a 13-year resident of Lahaina:

> MauiLFG.org | "Maui: Let's Fill the Gap"

See the main link above for disaster relief resources.

See Erick's YouTube channel for daily updates from Lahaina residents:

> https://www.youtube.com/@hawaiirealestateorg/videos

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Sometimes we tend to focus on one thing and don’t see other things that happen elsewhere. Please take a look at this list, do you think this can all be a coincidence?

A huge part of my job is to detect anomalies and patterns, I detect both here.

Fires on islands, across the world, not all mentioned in the mainstream media. Notice that non of these started on the same day. There is enough time in between for “someone” to travel to and from all these locations...

July 18 (Tuesday), Rhodes, Greece

July 23, (Sunday), Corfu, Greece

July 24 (Monday), Sicily, Italy

July 25 (Tuesday), Evia, Greece

August 8 (Tuesday), Maui, Hawaii

August 16 (Tuesday), Tenerife, Spain

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Aug 22, 2023Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

"Note: People on the ground have told me that The Red Cross has also been helpful. Unfortunately, since it is a larger organization, a significant amount of the money donated to them goes towards administrative costs rather than directly helping people in need."

Odd how economies of scale work in the opposite direction with "non-profits".

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MD, have you read Lee Fang's Substack article about the corruption of the regulators on Maui?

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Aug 22, 2023Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

It just seems to me that too many things went wrong in Lahaina for it to be considered simply incompetence.

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There is an old saying to not ascribe to malice that which can be ascribed to incompetence or stupidity. But evil things are often done that could be ascribed to incompetence.

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Arson fires (direct energy weapons)

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After witnessing three fires on my very own property and the fantastic response from the local fire department, I would also surmise that Maui was not prepared for a fire of this magnitude. How many fire stations and firemen were there? How did their warning system and alert to the fire dept. work, if at all? A lack of water and they're right in the middle of the Pacific Ocean strikes me as absurd.

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Aug 22, 2023Liked by A Midwestern Doctor

"I’ve received multiple requests to cover a concerning GMO mosquito control technology being forced onto Maui and then the other islands ...." I heard of Gates working on a project involving contagious disease carrying mosquitoes a short while ago but what got me reacting to your comment I quoted above is that Gates began experimenting his initial 'covid' on indigenous people both in India and Africa before sharing it with the rest of the world - and millions have died. So, knowing he's using Hawaii as his baseline makes me wonder if his eugenics background focused on eliminating 'undesireables' from the world (poor and uneducated) and being the racist he is, that's where he focuses his experiments.

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And so pushed the new narrative is.

Every day I see the headlines

*Managed retreat

*Global boiling



It's for your safety they tell us.

So get in your fifteen minute jail cells and just stay there

And do what we say

Otherwise you'll have a heavy price to pay

Because... $cience™

And then the whole crowd shouts out

Oh no

Shun the non believers!

...Don't you all care?

About the Earth and the water

And the plants and the air

If we don't hurry now

If we do not comply

The world will soon end

And our children will die.

So the masses they turn

Snickering and squirm

Narking and bickering

Cult like and mimicking

Every damn phrase they hear

Repeated on TV or radio channels

Save us oh government they will scream.

We won't eat meat, we won't drive or leave

We won't buy new clothes

We won't run away

Just chip us and jab us

And feed us on hay


And just like that we are at it again

Like Covid the madness, placed in a pen







Pushed around


Until one day when the power goes out...


Then UFOs appear in the sky and people will shout

What the hell is that!

Then we get bombed.

Or raided and shot

Because this is all part of their treasonous plot

To control the population

To thin out the herd

To have the great reset

I know... it's absurd.

The end.

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Whatever did occur in Maui, living in a "nation" governed by corrupt groups that have flung open our borders, and exposed us to tyrannical medicinal practice, while censoring any critique...is a much broader problem. Nations thrive when trust is high, and there is uniformity of intellect, culture and standards.

Alas, while we appreciate the Herculean efforts of good medical professionals, who have braved Heaven and Hell to expose the malfeasance, we have a "populace" that is increasingly conditioned to accept endemic corruption, and one so "diverse" it can never agree on a defensive posture.

TL;dr? America is heading for a Civil War, and it will be the people who founded it, vs nearly everyone else.

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