Intramuscular injection for an upper respiratory viral infection is next to useless. It cannot stimulate adequate mucosal and thus cellular immunity.

The premise that we are born defective and require the injection of diseases and toxins to acquire or maintain good health is ludicrous and defies all common sense and logic. It is the terrain, both inner and outer, that determines our good or bad health.

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IMO a factor for the decrease in strength of the immune system is also that the lymphocytes are too busy destroying the body-cells that produce spike to prevent infection with viruses.

Arne Burkhardt found large numbers of lymphocytes in nearly every tissue when he did autopsies on vaccinated people, even when their last shot was half a year ago.

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As someone who worked for a medical distributor for 20+ years I can tell you I sold 2 boxes of flu test kits in 2020. I typically sell over 1,000 so the fact remains the vast majority of POL’s simply weren’t testing for influenza.

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In 04/21, I read an article that said the Sloan Kettering Cancer Research Institute had discovered that the c19 injections were stripping out anti-cancer genes in the victim's cells.

That, and the contagiousness of these genetic alteration injections, plus immune system destruction, plus the insanely lethal ingredients in these injections... all of it being bathed in 2,000 plus 5G satellites worth of electromagnetic radiation level that is off the charts, and the various toxic heavy metals (now including graphene oxide and lithium) being sprayed on us day in day out from airplanes ...? Survival takes on a whole new meaning.

My friend died of Guillian Barre Syndrome after a flu shot. Her death is not in the VAERS system. After 2 years, the garbage Vaccine Court awarded her $395K and she died a few months later. Now, I don't even believe in vaccination as a thing. Dare to watch:

--Vaccination: The Hidden Truth (1998; Australian doctors)

--The End of Germ Theory (2022)

-- And read: The Poison Needle by Eleanor McBean (1957!)

Just those three pieces of information completely destroy the entire virus-vaccination narrative. A bunch of milkmaids in the 1700's, scratching themselves and putting milk in the scratches to avoid "cowpox" should not be dictating our reality today.

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Nice discussion of the different possibilities!

I also wonder if the covid vaccinated mother's breast milk (which is now known to transfer the vaccine mRNA to infants)* is another contributor to the decline of the hematopoietic stem cells. So the youngest got hit with the decline of the HSCs because of their covid vaccinated mothers while they were in the womb. Then they get it again because of the breast milk.

I mean we don't even know the effects of the vaccine mRNA in the breast milk. Perhaps it's just another stressor for the baby which again is another load on their immune system. But cumulatively it becomes too much.

I also think the 'regular' shedding is still a possible contributor. I am a healthy covid unvaccinated man and I still notice the effects of shedding with every covid vaccine wave when I am in crowded public places like public transportation or a mall. The worst were associated with the first two doses last year, but when people were getting their 'boosters' recently, I encountered the same symptoms again. For me, the 'booster wave' symptoms were annoying but relatively mild, and easily treatable with 1g-2g of vitamin C and short-lived. But scale down to an infant's size, and the amount of exosomes they are inhaling may actually be quite huge relative to what they can handle. Especially if they are living with multiple family members who are all covid vaccinated.

*Reference for the breast milk study: https://igorchudov.substack.com/p/jama-vaccine-shedding-in-breast-milk

*Reference for covid vaccine exosomes (see figure 2 chart E: https://journals.aai.org/jimmunol/article/207/10/2405/234284/Cutting-Edge-Circulating-Exosomes-with-COVID-Spike)

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RFK Jr The Defender Podcast discusses this topic "Doctors Discuss RSV", many of these professionals come to the same potential reasons as outlined here. One of the guests mentions her husband is an ER Doc seeing children with extreme RSV which he had never seen before. Here's the show on Spotify if anyone is interested. Thanks again Doc for your contribution!


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Have you seen the newest video by Prof Arne Burkhardt? (the pathologist who became famous for doing autopsies of suspected vaccine-deaths)

It is from September this year.


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The two of us came down with something this week that we haven't been able to identify. At first, it began with a bout of vomiting, aches, chillls and feverishness that was originally attributed to some bad oatmilk. After a couple of days, the other one got it, not having tasted the suspicious expired drink. Same pattern. Horrible aches, impossible to relax, praying to the porcelein god all night. That part ended after 2-3 days, but then gave way to a persistent sore throat, with occasional sinus irritation, and continued fatigue. These lingering symptoms continue after a week.

The symptoms respond well to even a small dose of IVM, which we've started to take with caution due to limited supply. This works well, but whatever-it-is returns the next day.

We're both unquaxxed, but this sickness coincides with an unusually prolonged menstrual cycle for the appropriate partner, similar to the suspected shedding incident from earlier last year. This is very unusual. So this has had us chasing our tail: did we get shed on again, food poisoning, stomach flu, RSV, or...what?

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Now that you mentioned vaccination against influenza, I am wondering whether anyone verified the correlation between covid complications/long covid in persons with long-term history of seasonal flu shots (and thereby destroyed immune systems)? After all, from the economic/industrial perspective, flu is same as covid -- a similarly benign respiratory infection, with disproportionately inflated numbers via PCR tests (this is why flu "disappeared" in 2020 -- it was never real to begin with, the numbers were always as fake as with covid, and those deaths which would normally be attributed to flu were assigned to covid instead), and a lot of profit in zero-liability vaccine sales. The only difference I see is that the equally useless influenza vaccine seems to be at least somewhat less harmful than the current generation of covid mutagens, but even that is now under question, on the long-term time scale.

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Thank you again for your thoughtful writing.

This information may explain why I was susceptible to suffering from long covid since the end of 2019. In the beginning of November 2019, I got the first of two Shingrix shots and a flu shot (my last one ever). Regretfully I did not know then what I have learned through much reading now.

Those shingle shots made me very sick for days. No wonder I couldn't fight off covid when it snuck in to infect me then. As a responsible mom over the years, I took my children to get their shots as per schedule thinking I was doing the right thing. I now repeatedly warn them (three are adults now) to never get any shots of any kind ever again.

Lay people like myself benefit so much from professionals like you who take the time to write down and share what you know with us. Thank you.

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It is stunning to me beyond imagination that people cannot see what is going on here. There are so many assumptions that are accepted without question. So much information totally ignored. This is the information:

1. Deaths increasing dramatically since the vaccine including within the young and healthy

2. Covid not identified - ever.

3. Terrain theory totally unmentioned

4. The field of virology totally debunked - scientifically.

5. Viruses have never been proven to exist

6. The idea that flu is the body's way of ridding itself of damaged or poisoned cells.

7. The biological dangers of wifi radiation

8. The installation of millions of 5G cell towers all over the world

9. The inclusion of graphene oxide in the quackscenes (pardon my cynicism)

10. The similar effects of wifi radiation poisoning to flu conditions.

None of these factors are ever even mentioned let alone considered. Why the ignore-ance? What kind of a world are we living in when whatever is said is totally ignored? This is a world of ignore-ance and when ignorance becomes acceptable, then insanity prevails. I don't want this kind of world anymore, I want a world where we address someone when they speak. If there is a disagreement on a point, it is debated. Not never mentioned! Or banned. Or blocked. Or censored. This idea of censorship keeps us all down. It takes us down into the depths of despair and ignorance. It gives others dominion over ourselves for holding information at their discretion and information is absolutely key, for, not only our health, but also our evolution and awareness.

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I noticed that the script narratived a disappearance of all ailments that weren't covid Flubah in 2020.

Round here the Flubah hit me and a few others all at same time, around the second jab pushed thru, and I mean we many got ill who were not injected.

I believe shedding is real and dangerous, while melatonin is safe therapy, and not yet demonized tooo

Gotta feel for the poor and often dead babies who " injected" breastmilk and died, we heard around the time gates of hatred Bill was pushing labbreastmilk

Finally, I am worried most about Depopulation.


War in nUkraine replaced scamdemic, remember. But that war is failing to change focus of dead injectees....


Many women are not conceiving who wanted to do so, babies if born are not making it...


They took out the old first, now the young.

Those of us who were able to question enough reality to be within it. , are gonna be left with the task of preventing the slavery of Womanity that seems to be the nearly achieved goal.

Regards from sf Killafornia

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About a year ago, the Australian Government corporation announced it had come to an agreement with Moderna to build a mrna plant in the State of Victoria. First in the southern hemisphere. They actually list rsv as something they will be doing, along with cv & influenza shots. The livestock sector is another lucrative market for them as the State of New South Wales has announced it aims to have animals jabbed against FMD by midway through next year.

It is a sad state of affairs indeed, & at this point it appears to be a runaway train, little chance of stopping it. Australia is one of the most heavily regulated countries in the world when it comes to health, both for humans & animals. What this really means is that we have been a corporate paradise for ages. Available for endless exploitation & harm, under the guise of "safety".


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Question to Geert Vanden Bossche:

Children's hospitals in the USA are experiencing a major surge of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV). Parents are worried. It seems that the infectious disease specialists and other "experts" have little or no understanding as to why this is occurring. Why is this happening and should we be concerned? 


Although I do acknowledge the current surge in RSV cases, I don’t think it’s a critical priority. I’ve written several contributions on other epidemics/pandemics (including RSV) that I predicted to occur as a result of mass C-19 vaccination.

In my opinion, the reason for the surge is that vaccinees now serve as an asymptomatic reservoir for RSV and other viral infections.

Of course, the part of the population that has weakened or untrained innate immunity and is not vaccinated will suffer most from the higher infectious pressure caused by the C-19 vax’ed segments of the population (i.e., young children and elderly people). Furthermore, young children may start out developing asymptomatic infection due to their innate immune protection. However, re-exposure at a time where they’re still sitting on nonneutralizing polyreactive IgM (as a result of previous asymptomatic infection) may increase their susceptibility to RSV infection (due to IgM Ab-mediated enhancement of viral infectiousness) and is therefore likely to cause more serious disease symptoms. The likelihood of re-exposure to RSV shortly after the first asymptomatic infection increases with higher RSV infection rate and the latter increases with higher rates of asymptomatic RSV transmission which, in turn, is high in highly C-19 vaccinated populations.

So, both enhanced asymptomatic transmission and enhanced susceptibility to RSV subsequent to previous asymptomatic infection are linked to mass vaccination.


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Aggressive cancers following covid vaccinations are growing. Learn how to protect yourself and loved ones with fenbendazole. Read the Case Reports here https://fenbendazole.substack.com

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