Fantastic work, as always. Nobody can accuse these folks of being anti-vaxxers, can they?

FYI I covered Augusto's story in a post after speaking with him. The post has links to more extensive write-up of his case with additional evidence on Dr. David Healy's blog:


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Who in the Hell puts their kid in a Big Phrauda drug trial!?? Blows my mind!

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Thank you for writing this article. It is most valuable. I shall share this with as many friends as I can.

I think most people assume that science research is always done in a very "clean" and ethical manner. The truth is unfortunately quite often the opposite. Personally I know of 4 friends or relatives who worked as researchers or research assistants in the science / biomedical field. Of the 4, 3 of them left a position at one time due to the fraud they encountered being beyond what they could abide by.

I do not know how others will take your fortune cookie anecdote, but I really liked it.

The intellect is useful tool but is not everything and sometimes, it somehow simply fails us.

It certainly seems to have failed a lot of mainstream doctors.

Intuition is a most valuable skill to master. Empathy and Love more so.

I really enjoy reading your articles. They are so interesting and thought provoking. Please continue.

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Masterpiece. I would argue that the column be renamed to garner the attention it deserves, something like: "How Trends in Clinical Research Fraud are reflected in COVID-19 Vaccine Trials/ Studies."

I like the book "Turtles all the Way Down," for how it reveals many of the common tricks for soft fraud--which litter the landscape of ALL of the childhood schedule vaccines, but the effort you put into this piece clearly shows. Your writing is eloquent, with moving examples, with the added plus of hearing, directly, the voices of people who were injured as a result.

Kudos all the way Up!

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God bless all the Hero Whistleblowers who have paid a great price to come forward to save lives.

You saved my life & my children & grandchildren from taking the evil Medical Cabal’s poisonous shots.

Unfortunately several family & friends would not listen & took the covid shots, I refuse to call it a vaccine because it is not!

We are watching in horror & agony as many of our friends, family & neighbors who took the Covid shots be injured, sick & died suddenly!

It has made most of us fearful of ever trusting our doctors & hospitals again!?!

I’m a cancer survivor & I called my doctor & was told their protocol & the hospitals protocol in my state & almost every state was to get jabbed & if you went to the hospital sick with Covid they would put you on Remdesivir & a ventilator if necessary & no other treatments were available!

Thank God for doctors like you who came forward early, I purchased Ivermectin early to have at home in case we got Covid.

So far we have not gotten sick but watch many vaccinated around us get sick with Covid over & over again!

God bless the Hero Whistleblowers❣️🙏🏼

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At this stage, the overwhelming majority of people in academia generally, and in such disciplines particularly, are not researchers, but rather crooks and impostors. The reason behind this is simple -- these people are what the selection process is skewed toward. It has been happening for a long time, and at this stage the mankind is reaping what it has been sowing for the past several decades

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The commercial with the Superhero kids was perhaps the most heartbreaking of all, especially immediately preceding the video of Superhero Maddie deGaray.

Thank you for taking the time and care to assemble this article. Yet another labor of love for humanity.

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"I tried to research it [HPV vaccine] but nothing could be found." This really resonated with me as I had been struggling with whether or not to vaccinate my first child in 2009. I loved our sweet pediatrician who convinced me the naysayers were nuts (there's always a handful of nuts out there right?), but I also did what I felt was a deep dive on the internet, among other things. I had no idea that back in 2012 Google was nothing less than the total amount of information known to man and completely uncensored. No wonder I couldn't find anything on the ills of vaccines other than strong articles debunking "anti-vaxxers." Absence of information in information too right? And so I vaccinated him.

This is how it works. A highly controlled, secretly-policed information patrol. I wish I had known then what I know now. Hopefully this Covid event shed a light on this for millions as it did for me.

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“Heart's wave could not curl and break beautifully into the foam of spirit, unless the ageless silent rock of destiny stood in its path.”

― Hölderlin

a line from the Amores by the Roman poet Ovid, "Perfer et obdura, dolor hic tibi proderit olim. (Be patient and tough; someday this pain will be useful to you.)"

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”A dose of adversity is often as needful as a dose of medicine.”

Hard work and long days build strong bodies and minds. The human body is a masterpiece, and it's built for adversity, as it grows from it. Sheltering the body from every element robs it of the fullness of life.

For that very reason, 2/3 of the USA population was cowed into yearning, or simply accepting, that the toxin billed as a vaccine would protect them. Pioneers did discover that therapeutics had efficacy; pioneers did discover that the clinical disease was not ARDS. Pirates shut them all down.

How did civilization long ago view and deal with pirates and piracy? There were some things you just didn't do, even if you were on the other side of the planet in a vast ocean, for civil society somehow caught up to you. Today, the pirates run it all. Why? Because, civil society believes the law will administer medicine and cure the ailments. Forgotten is that the law was instituted by those who suffered through adversity.

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My guess is the reason for engaging in "soft" fraud vs. "hard" fraud is because hard fraud is far easier to spot, and impossible to deny.

Soft fraud is obfuscatory, requiring work to uncover, can be dismissed as error, can be exacerbated by delaying tactics, etc. I personally think it should be dealt with just as harshly (if not more harshly) than hard fraud.

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Heartbreaking story of Moderna trial participant.

This has been happening in clinical trials for long time. Trials are about getting product on the market. The antidepressants trials were riddled with miscoding of suicidal ideation as emotional lability. There were games played with the calculations to show marginal benefit over product. Much of the Paxil and Zoloft clinical trial fraud came out in litigation after suicide deaths and millions and millions taking “safe and effective” products.

Unfortunately these jab manufacturers were given complete legal immunity. This was a huge red flag for me from beginning.

Thanks for your important post.

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This was another hard read. 💔

Giving trial participants the legal right to sue pharmaceutical companies for compensation if the severe adverse reactions they experience are not included in the final trial report seems a minimal expectation in a humane society. How devastating that it seems like an unrealistic goal.

My favorite fortune cookie message ever: beware of cookies bearing fortunes! 🥠

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i told my gf over and over again, not to take this shot... well, she didn't listen, she even got the first booster... i know she did it because she couldn't stand up to the the abusive social ostracism propaganda campaign that was organized and sponsored by big pharma, elected gov, and admin gov... i think maybe very many felt obliged or intimidated to take the vax... some were forced to do it to maintain a paycheck... this was a conspiracy from the beginning... now that death rates are skyrocketing, she's getting very nervous... if she's lucky, she only got saline or an inert batch both times... time will tell

i hope hundreds, if not thousands are hanged for committing this evil

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👀 💉💔 Conspiracy diagnosis - a short parody video filled with coincidental sound and fury ... (2 minutes)

In case you need a wry laugh today, this medical diagnosis commercial for [the actually fake medical group] Kaufman Institute for Coincidence is BRILLIANT: https://youtu.be/hZZFnNwdgqQ

Transcript from the YouTube video:



Are you or a loved one suffering from a medical coincidence?

You want proper medical care, but you don't want people sniffing around asking a whole bunch of questions about what might be causing your problem?

At the Kauffman Institute for Coincidence, we won't look into the cause of your heart or other problem.

We'll just fix it!

That's right.

We promise to only look at your symptoms.

We won't get all curious looking for causes because that could get your employer or your doctor into some legal hot water.

And nobody wants that!

At Kaufman, we understand that coincidence is now the leading cause of death.


Operate at the speed of science!

There's no time for looking for causes, no pesky questions about drugs or vaccines you may have been given.

At Kaufman, we specialize in the effects and leave the causes to the conspiracy theorists.

And let's be honest: we know the cause anyway.

It was a coincidence, right?

For each new patient, Kaufman's talented team of doctors strap on their blinders and look directly at the problem area, usually the heart just like the CDC


Our main campus now treats myocarditis, blood clots, heart arrhythmia, stroke, heart attack, magnetic skin, difficulty breathing, full body blisters and burning, convulsions, kidney failure, memory loss, cancer, sudden death, and much much more.

Give your coincidence the attention it deserves -- but not the wrong kind of attention -- at Kaufman.

Schedule your appointment today at KauffmanCoincidence.com and receive a doctor's note with a real sciency sounding explanation to provide to your anti-vaxx friends, proving to them it was definitely not the vaccine that caused your coincidence.


Because coincidence has happened pretty much all the time.

Official medical coincidence partner of the NFL.


For more parodies like this, check out https://www.youtube.com/@iwantlibertees

Note: KauffmanCoincidence.com is not a real website. Darn! (But it is available as of 1/17/2023).

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I just got this in my news feed about how HPV has gone down in North America. Let's herald the HPV Vaccine!!! (Not) Unbelievable how Pharma controls the narrative: https://globalnews.ca/news/9414113/cervical-cancer-canada-us-dropping-hpv-vaccine-experts/

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