The captions in the excerpted Pfizer document speak of "wells." This is a huge red flag.

Traditional Western Blots use gel electrophoresis in which samples are pipetted or otherwise droppered into actual physical cavities or pockets ("wells") in the agarose gel before the electric current is applied to the matrix to begin the separation of proteins by weight.

For "automated" Western Blots - the 'synthetic' kind where a computerized device uses a different sort of system for weight separation and antigen testing of the proteins, with the results displayed using a simulated set of lines that look like a traditional blot - the manufacturers' literature for those machines *does not* use the expression "well" to refer to the place where you pipette in the sample. Often it's "plate" or "microplate" or something else.

Using the expression "well" when, at best, a process that does not use "wells" was employed seems to be an attempt at being deliberately misleading.

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Spot on Doc. Great job--sadly nothing will come of this. No penalties no accountability. The mainstream media will ignore it just like its ignoring excess mortality and plunging birthrates. Its a great strategy because we are literally helpless. All we can do is keep our families away from this poison.

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With past vaccines one of the reasons some had bad reactions was because they have type 4 allergies to the metals in them. The mercury or aluminium. I’m hypersensitive to both. I also have a theory that this is also one of the main reasons some get mild illness from a respiratory virus and some get severe illness. Those with type 4 allergies to metals are obviously also allergic to those metals in the toxic load they have built up in their lifetime. When people get the flu or covid the immune system goes into detox to rid the body of the virus but it also tries to get rid of the patients toxic load by association. Once the metals in the toxic load of the patient start circulating the patient gets symptoms of metal allergy which are the same as flu like symptoms. Those hypersensitive to the metals in their toxic load get the worst virus symptoms. We become allergic to metals from repeat exposure. I became allergic to metals at 13 years old which is when I had my first bad reaction to the metals in a vaccine. The hepb vaccine. I’m also allergic to titanium due to multiple orthopaedic implant allergies. The implants had to be removed. Any teenager who develops mental illness should be tested for allergy to metals in vaccines as it’s a major cause. Although it’s not actually mental illness, it’s neurotoxicity from the vaccine which presents as mental illness symptoms

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Jan 10, 2023·edited Jan 10, 2023

It goes deeper than that. Please consult with Katherine Watt https://bailiwicknews.substack.com/ and Sasha Latypova (I see some mention). Pfizer and Moderna are (admittedly multibillion dollar) bit players. The Maddie de Garay case is merely "soft fraud"?

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I sent this article to a friend who works in biotech, this is what he said:

"One of our instruments is an automated western blotting instrument. The data doesn’t come out in traditional form, it comes out as an electropherogram. And then we have software convert the signal peaks from the electropherogram into an artificial representation of a traditional blot. Pfizer has 20 of those instruments."

He linked this particular instrument as an example: https://www.bio-techne.com/pdf-download-arena-document/brochure/pl6-0002

Not to defend Pfizer, but simply the computer generated nature of the Western blots cannot be used to prove fraud.

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I would like to get excited that this is smoking gun evidence of fraud that will lead to some consequences for the corporations and regulators involved, but lately I've given a lot of thought to what Katherine Watt and Sasha Latypova have pointed out.

Specifically that these mRNA injections were merely 'large scale manufacturing demonstrations' according to the exceptional contracts they were produced under. They were produced under laws designed for emergency biowarfare countermeasures. Those laws attempt to exempt the products from normal clinical trial or regulatory considerations. The law has been carefully rigged for this situation for decades.

The FDA and CDC approval process were just theater for the public much like the 'full approval' was just a show to allow the military mandates since the full approval product didn't materialize.

I believe Pfizer argued openly in court that the trials they conducted could not have been fraud since the government was aware of what they were doing and participated in it. I think they will claim they were under no obligation to conduct a proper clinical trial for what was merely a manufacturing demonstration for the DoD of a biowarfare countermeasure exempt from normal drug laws.

I hope the drug companies and the bureaucrats and legislators that are complicit don't get away with this but they seemed to have stacked the deck in their favor.

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Help me understand how scared I should be:

My initial shots, pre booster, were from the worst most terrible lots, the dreaded EW0 batches. I received them in May and June of 2021. My 3rd and last shot I had in Dec 2021. That shot barely even registered on HBIMB. My question is, am I safe if I haven't died yet from the "hot lot shots" I got 18 months ago? I'm in total despair I'm so frightened.

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On the topic of hot lots. My dad was injured but survived with ongoing health issues. When Craig was still on Facebook (pre how bad is my batch days) I worked with him some. I have identified multiple cards where people with injuries received not one BUT TWO hot lots….a month apart…at the same location. Let that sink in. My dad got the 1st and 3rd most dangerous lots according to Craig’s work. Again 9500 lots what are the chances of getting 1st and 3rd…a month apart..at the same location. I sought out injured people and started requesting cards. I never saw a card where both lots were not on the top 100 list. (Small sample size of less than a dozen cards of people willing to send them to a complete stranger). I let the investigation go because I simply don’t have the resources. I would be happy to share if you are interested in taking this investigation up. I have contact information on the people who sent me the cards. I fluctuate between bad manufacturing (assuming one location got all their lots from the same facility) and intentional dosing differences as an explanation. I have a BA in math. No way these happened randomly.

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Latypova’s work is about much more than quality control or manufacturing issues. That’s the tip of the iceberg. Due diligence requires deeper digging. The contracts, administration, the money flow, the military classification of the shots. The legal structuring is key as well. See Katherine Watt.

There’s only so much that science and medicine can tell us about this. Much *much* deeper than just pharma and greed.

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"Why are only some people getting ill from the vaccines?" From very early on (Jan 2021) here in Europe we heard cell biologist Vanessa Schmidt-Krüger explain the EMA assessment of Pfizer's injectable substance. We heard how EMA was concerned about the process scale up from a lab scale process (used for producing shots for the Pfizer clinical trial) to a full scale industrial batch production for commercial roll-out. EMA could see that the scaled up process was not producing the same quality as the lab process and resulting in high variation of quantity of mRMA produced. There is no indication that this outage was ever properly fixed (if it was possible to fix it at all). https://open.lbry.com/@LongXXvids:c/CA--37---Dr.-V.-Schmidt-Kru%CC%88ger-%28Part-I%29-Pfizer-vaccine---EMA:7

Now, two years later! we again hear the same from a Canadian researcher.


In this detailed presentation we see the variability of product batches which is huge. I think it can be said that this manufacturing process is totally out of control - in other words - it cannot deliver a product of constant quality. I used to work as a process development engineer. My company - a major US FMCG producer would not have shipped product with the variability these injections have.

This can certainly be one reason why patient outcomes are so variable. But even if the process could be brought into control there is still the problem of the toxic nano lipids.

But this process variation by itself should be enough to prove manufacturing fraud. They cannot guarantee a constant quality is delivered so how can they possibly guarantee the benefit if they believe there is one?

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Just more and more and more coming out. I know they were desperately trying to distract people into ending the conversation on these mRNA Covid-19 injections, but I and many others kept telling people: Stay on point. This is what they don't want anyone to talk about or figure out.

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You need to create a video of these findings, by yourself or as a group. This will increase the number of people that receive this important message.

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This is excellent!

Some other considerations of fraud may be:

1. PCR tests cannot distinguish between viruses, so anyone with a cold or the flu, or any other viral infection would have tested positive for COVID19. The flu never went away. They just stopped testing for it most of the time, because the COVID test was done first and would come up positive from their flu infection! Isn't this major fraud???

2. The CDC and NIH knew Ivermectin worked against COVID19. They knew hydroxychloroquine worked. We have had that information for about 20 years since the SARS-COV-1 infection in 2003. And because these drugs worked to treat and even prevent COVID19, the CDC and NIH wanted to get EAU approval for the new vaccines, and knew they couldn't get the EAU if there were any therapies that were effective for treatment. So, the NIH and CDC went on a smear campaign. FTX and Zuckerberg were involved in funding the suppressing of this information, which caused tremendous amounts of unnecessary deaths. They set up fraudulent studies, that were designed poorly on purpose, and printed them in journals and medical literature. The WHO even set up a study whereby they overdosed patients with 6x the dose of hydroxychloroquine to try to "prove" it was dangerous and ineffective. They relentlessly went after Ivermectin. They manipulated pharmacies into refusing to fill scripts for doctors ordering either drug.

3. The protocols were designed to kill, not to save lives. We don't intubate patients with viral pneumonia, put them flat on their backs on a ventilator, turn the ventilator up high, and then give them nephrotoxic drugs in order to cure them. If doctors don't follow the protocols, they don't get paid, but if they did follow them, they get paid really, really well! There was incentive for the providers to harm patients, to kill them even, because that was the only way to get reimbursed, and get reimbursed handsomely. Isn't this fraud?

3. Fraud was encouraged because of the rules given to providers, facilities, and insurance companies.

People did not even have to have a positive test to be given a co-diagnosis of COVID19. It could be based on symptoms alone, or someone near them having tested positive for COVID19, even if they tested negative. Providers didn't even have to test the patient. They could just write it as a diagnosis or co-diagnosis for their billing and say the patient had COVID19 symptoms, or was near someone who had a positive test recently. Everyone with private insurance or with Medicare and Medicaid who was given a diagnosis or a co-diagnosis of COVID19, got reimbursed at 100% by the federal government. I was working for UnitedHealthGroup as a RN, and for the first time ever, insurance fraud was okay, and even facilitated, it seemed, by UHG. I had several patients who did not have COVID19, were in the hospital for a knee surgery or other unrelated reason, and yet the co-diagnosis of COVID19 had been added to their billing information. When I sent these cases to the fraud department and my manager, I was corrected by my manager, told it wasn't fraud and told to ignore them. When I pressed how this wasn't fraud, I was told not to argue. I sent cases up to my director, thinking my manager misunderstood, and was corrected again and told it was not fraud, even though, it clearly was. It appeared to be happening on a massive scale, where maybe 80% of my patients would have that co-diagnosis of COVID19 written on their billing and medical histories.

4. Medicare and Medicaid incentivized ICU care and putting people on ventilators; the hospitals got paid a lot of money, $37,000/day I believe, for their ICU COVID19 patients. Do you think people were placed on vents who didn't need one, or were admitted to the ICU because there was a free bed and the patient could make the facility more money in an ICU bed than a regular bed.

5. They took down and manipulated the DOD's medical database as soon as whistleblowers went to Congress to testify about the dramatic increase in injuries of pilots and soldiers.

6. The NIH and CDC ignored the VAERS data that proved these were crazy dangerous 3-4 months into the rollout. That is what VAERS is supposed to be for; it's to help providers to recognize danger signals, so they can stop recommending a vaccine, if there are indications it is unsafe.

7. The CDC and NIH knew mice had wavy ribs in the mRNA animal trials. Pregnant women were excluded from the human vaccine trials, citing safety concerns. And then, they rolled out the vaccines and recommended all pregnant women get them anyway.

8. The vaccine mandates and relentless coercion from our employers, our government, the NIH, and the CDC, people were told these vaccines were "safe and effective," again and again. At my company, our head medical director got up and lied on multiple employee podcasts, explaining how safe they were, that only minor side effects were possible, and that everyone needed to get them to protect other people. That was all lies and manipulation. I have video from UnitedHealthGroup of Dr. Migliori explaining these lies, and would love to show it to you, so you can see what was happening inside the largest healthcare providers and companies in the nation. They worked with all the nursing licensure boards, medical boards, and medical associations to pressure doctors and nurses into complying.

They used the AMA, threatening loss of licensure of doctors if they wrote any exemptions for vaccines or masks. I had 2 bad reactions to 2 flu shots in 2007 and then 2009, and the TDAP booster in 2006, and had vaccines listed as an allergy in my medical records from 2009. But, my PCP still said he could not write me a vaccine exemption letter, though I begged and pleaded during several appointments since I was being threatened with loss of my job. I worked from home fulltime for over 7 years, and UnitedHealthGroup still insisted we had to be vaccinated. I resigned in 10/2021 rather than get vaccinated.

9. At UnitedHealthGroup, we were forbidden from reporting vaccine reaction to VAERS. I specifically asked in writing to my medical directors and manager, how we report the injuries we were hearing about to VAERS, and was told "it was out of scope" for us as nurses to report the injuries by my manager. My team of 15 nurses saw possibly a hundred or more injuries in just the first couple of months of the rollout alone.

10. People with natural immunity were excluded from the human trials too, with reasoning being there was no benefit. But, they still recommended everyone with natural immunity also needed to be vaccinated as soon as they were rolled out.

11. Children and young healthy people were never at risk! Isn't fearmongering and spreading that fearmongering to every nurse and doctor in the country so they then will also spread it to their patients fraud? They added the COVID19 vaccines to the childhood immunization schedule! This has to be stopped. The deaths have been catastrophic and are going to continue to rise by the millions. Miscarriages and stillbirths were caused probably by the millions also.

I could keep going. I'd love to help you all with research, to testify to the fraud within my company, or in any capacity, if you need volunteers.

Thank you for your boldness.


Sarah Lawton, RN, BSN, CCM



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The best possible explanation is that they rushed these jabs to market for no good reason whatsoever other than to make as much money as possible as quickly as possible, with safety, countless human lives, livelihoods, suffering and human rights be damned.

I do not want to hear about criminal “fines”. Criminal activity requires harsh criminal punishment of the individuals involved.

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Soft fraud...hard fraud? What nonsense. Fraud is fraud. This is why we are in the predicament we are in. There were no complete trials and this garbage was approved for distribution and people are either becoming disabled or are dying. I guess it is "soft" murder, so that doesn't count.

What does the fact that the drug makers share no liability for their vaccines or mRNA products suggest? That maybe they know they are going to commit "soft" fraud but it's fine because they have no liability unless it is hard fraud? Until this BS is eliminated, the drug companies will always pedal their products without any worry. People will die and nobody gives a hoot.

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This is quite the article. One question -- what about non-aspiration of the injection? Could that also contribute to wide variation in side effects (e.g. if it is injected into a blood vessel).

Also thanks for linking https://sashalatypova.substack.com/p/it-doesnt-add-up -- that article is incredible

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