Bravo for a truly well-written and compelling article. It’s refreshing to see a doctor on board using critical thinking and analysis. Living in the twilight zone with the medical community has been unsettling. I took my mother to her young, hip doctor several months ago and she was pushing the booster. My mother Is 80, has COPD and is in the final stages, and rarely leaves the house, so I made it clear she wouldn’t be getting any more jabs. I believe she had heart damage from her J&J and almost died but she actually had good care and made it through, although a myriad of pills seemingly keep her heart beating. Anyway, the doctor has come to see me as a troublemaker, when in fact, her own ignorance may carry a legal liability one day.

My uncle died within a day of the vax. His wife died in the hospital from Covid, or from the mistreatment of Covid. We’ll never know because she was allowed no visitors. Another relative died in her sleep. And I could go on. The list grows longer everyday.

Turbo-cancers are big now. A friend was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and was dead within two weeks, although I have Facebook pictures of her golfing, swimming, and traveling just last month.

So little is written about the emotional toll the SAD deaths take on individuals and humanity as a whole. Nearly everyone in my beautiful family was vaccinated—including my very pretty and intelligent daughter who just finished her masters in nursing. I can’t entertain the idea of anything happening to her. She now has an autoimmune disease and is sick often since her third vaccine.

I have changed as a person, especially as an unvaccinated person. It’s been a rough few years holding my ground, but now I feel like I go to bed at night hoping everybody I love wakes up. Let me share something with you: Many, many years ago, I had a vivid dream. I never remember my dreams but this one is still as clear as day: I dreamed that everyone around me was dying—shot by powerful people, but I had found a way to stay alive. I was running from my captors but I stopped and asked myself—do I really want to live without the people I love? What is there to live for? I woke up before I could answer the question.

That dream seems prophetic to me. Not very scientific, I know. But yet, here I am, proverbially running from my captors. The emotional toll these years are taking on my fellow humans is unknowable but deep.

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This is another amazing article. Many of your readers will appreciate the discussion of various syndromes. The metabolic one is of special interest to me as I have a "diabetes gene" and always diet to stay in a reasonable (but not amazing) condition. My distant relative has Raynaud's syndrome that followed her vaccination.

A rabid vaccine advocate David Fisman from Toronto posted this ironic tweet, meant to lampoon antivaxxers: he reports falling off a bicycle shortly after vaccination and he thinks it is totally unrelated.


Assuming Fisman is not lying about his bike fall (which he seems to have actually experienced, based on his subsequent comments): I have been riding bicycles for years and I NEVER fell due to a pothole. Why? Because I am in a state of ordinary neurological health, I see potholes and I avoid them appropriately.

Most likely D Fisman experienced some kind of a blackout, syncope or what have you and fell off a bike DUE TO HIS VACCINATION.

He is the author of the study that "proved" that unvaccinated people are a menace to the society.

I am soooo sorry for his bike fall!!!

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Fantastic article. Timely for me personally, as I just finished reading "Moth in the Iron Lung" last night. I chuckled out loud when you mentioned the use of fancy-sounding Latin terms for medical conditions. As a plucky high school Latin student, I once called my dermatologist's bluff with this... He examined me and informed my mother that I had "perioral dermatitis." I chimed in that we already knew I had a rash around my mouth - that was why we were there. Heh.

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Woke up an hour ago, read this whole thing. Still no comments so I might as well provide feedback. Overall very good starting article for this new series. I think the situation is slightly worse than described here because the CDC seems to be hiding many deaths from its database, which is currently undergoing a suspicious and lengthy "upgrade;" hmm where have we heard that before. I agree it's astonishing watching the media try to normalize this whole SADS thing. The linguistic programming of it is really interesting, SAD for everything, everywhere. What you will of course never hear is the one underlying factor that could be the potential link between all of them. Also imagine this headline: "SADS not impacting overwhelming majority of unvaxxed people, pandemic of the vaxxinated is here!" One can dream. But what one can't dream about, is the reality of the articles which mention a "vaxx" for the SADS. It's worth point out, only after the SADS thing started coming out, did I think that SIDS could be, in fact, vaxx-provoked. Hopefully you'll cover that as mentioned.

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"When you study the history of medicine, you will frequently observe that the nature of disease..."

The list of syndromes listed above is impressive in all its medical and technical details. It came to my mind that, if we refer to medical history only on the basis of the descriptions of a rich multitude of syndromes evolving through time, we might be missing the forest for the trees. There is a history of medicine that shows that modern medicine did not have the freedom to evolve solely for the benefit of people's health. Before studying the syndromes affecting the people, shouldn't we study first the "original syndrome" that, before affecting the people, has affected medicine itself, namely the "Rockefeller syndrome"?

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Just wanted to highlight the terror and torture of solitary isolation, the IsoLa imposed upon the world couple years back.

Literally torture that destroys neural circuitry, solitary confinement has proven to be the most cruel and effective (tm) technique to induce learned Helplessness that could be arranged.

Constant light, isolation, segregation and removal of prior sanity and society render the subject essentially void, devoid of will and soul.

Then you can get the subject to comply with any demented imposition , for lack of ability to resist.

Take your clothes off , bend over, whatever the jail keepers require to keep you in compliance from one jail to go to the next back in jail.

YesSir. Thanks you master Sir.

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Awesome way to fire up some thinking minds. When an obvious cause - effect is not present instead of ignoring it we should try to better understand the factors at play and keep an eye out on any potential root causes that might be responsible for those other identifed factors.

CFS/M.E is similar to both GWS and Fibromyalgia, but isn't the same. It is also similar to long covid and post vaccine long haul syndrome. These conditions/syndromes all interest me immensely. They're giant puzzles. What is the root cause?

Personally I still think its mitochondrial damage eg whether from chronic stress, toxins, iatrogenic complications or specific infections. But no doubt we will find out in time.

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Each of these make me feel I’ve completed a chapter in a great textbook. And then I look for the problem set at the end and become momentarily disoriented. I can confirm in my case at least that disorientation is not shot related. Minor edit: “Shot Adverse Death Syndrome” ;)

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A therapy I have found extremely useful, after briefly living in a mold damaged home and rapidly developing multiple chemical sensitivity, is called the Dynamic Neural Retraining System (DNRS). You basically spend an hour a day doing positive visualization while consciously addressing/reprogramming your primitive brain (Limbic system).

All of my (extremely debilitating) symptoms vanished within three weeks. For longer term issues people use the technique for 6 months - up to 2 years to heal.

It's practically free (besides first buying the program that teaches you the technique) so no use for pharma. Coincidentally, people are now using it to heal long covid, along with many of the other syndromes you named in this post.

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Re: Metabolic syndrome. I read Dr Lustig's newest book: Metabolical. I came away thinking that it was another example of where the science is converging on the understanding of how food affects your blood chemistry and how that leads to the rise of diabetes, auto-immune disease, etc. So it would seem to be that "Big Food" and "Big Pharma" are co-dependents.

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Excellent information and very thought provoking way to view what is going on. I started researching health about 10 years ago because I started becoming chronically ill and when I would go to the doctor, they basically had three answers for me. 1. Medication to cover up the symptoms. 2. More expensive and invasive tests. 3. Surgery to remove diseased organs. I finally had this momentous of clarity and realized that I needed to take my health in my own hands. After reading and researching, I realized that I was literally making myself ill due to poor diet and due to swimming in a toxic soup (environmental/dietary toxins) everyday. I had to make drastic difficult changes and it took years to really incorporate serious heathy living practices but I have never felt better and I’ve saved probably hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical and dental expenses.

I’ve only seen a doctor one time since and that was to have a lump checked out in my breast. Of course the doctor recommended surgical removal (to which I accidentally let out an audible laugh because it was so predictable) and then I went home and did a little research. I then remembered that I had neglected taking an iodine supplement and after correcting my nutritional deficiency, the lump was gone within a month, maybe less. Cost? $20. And, the iodine actually improved my health, whereas expensive surgery would have been devastating to my health and I still would have been nutritionally deficient But the doctor/hospital would have had a lot more money from my bank account, so a loss for them.

I’ve obsessed over our medical system, our Societal nutritional disaster and all things related and I honestly think it’s a very complicated situation. I really do think that pharma companies are as corrupt as is possible and almost entirely driven by profits. But at the same time, one of the reasons they have so mulch power over people is because we have neglected our own health for generations. We love convenient everything. When we have convenient food, there is a price to pay. When we ask big AG to grow our food cheaply, there is a price to pay. When we choose taste over nutrient density, there is a price to pay. When we surround ourselves with toxic chemicals that make our lives more convenient, the consequences add up.

You mentioned that often toxicity is a reason for illness but I would suggest that perhaps toxicity is likely second of important to nutritional deficiency(depending on the toxin and dosage of such toxin of course). In my opinion, when one has adequate nutrition, the body is much better equipped to deal with toxicity, thus lowering risk of permanent damage by such toxins. I’ve been studying the microbiome and it’s roll in health and it’s amazing how instrumental microbes are at aiding the body to remove toxins - but this process is only optimal if there is a good balance of beneficial microbes. And having a good balance of beneficial microbes is mainly achieved through proper nutrition (and of course avoiding toxic medications such as antibiotics and any medicine that has upset stomach listed as a possible side effect, which is most of them).

Fiber is also very important in ridding the body of toxic sludge produced by our liver and if we don’t eat regular large amounts of fiber, our bile is essentially re-absorbed back into circulation. Again, a nutritional deficiency. Vit A is so important to aid the body in fighting’s odd disease but few people’s eat liver or brightly colored veggies and fruits. The list just goes on and on.

I guess I’m just wanting to point out that while I think it’s very true that pharmaceutical companies have tried to hide their roll in modern illnesses, part of this equation is individual nutritional choices. Less than one in ten Americans eats the minimal recommendation of fruits and vegetable each day and that’s one simple aspect of have a healthy diet. Because people aren’t taking care of their health, it truly hands the power over to drug companies who offer an instant, easy “solution”. Of course the problems are only made worse by the very profitable “solutions” but it’s truly not a problem drug companies or doctors or hospitals can fix and we need to stop looking at them to fix our chronic diseases. And wasn’t covid essentially at its root a chronic disease problem? And a vit D and zink deficiency problem? The drug companies can’t ‘do the right thing’ because they don’t have the power to solve the root cause of our current problems.

My rant probably doesn’t belong on this excellent article that you have written but it’s where my mind goes when people try to step back and see where things went wrong and how we can change them moving forward. There’s so much focus on the wrong done by pharmaceutical companies and public health agencies (rightly so) but I really think that we, as a society, need to also take a look at how we handed them the power to do these things to our society. It’s the only way to really get to the root of the problem, in my opinion. It’s unrealistic to expect that we can go to our doctors and ask them to fix us (be it a vaccine, medication or surgery etc) if what we really need is proper nutrition, exercise, meditation, a clean environment, fresh air, loving relationships, limited electronic use and sunshine. Doctors and hospitals cannot give us these things but they will continually offer something because we demand it. Pharmaceutical companies are only too happy to fill the void.

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Thanks for exposing yet another part of this colossal fraud, which has been a web of lies from the beginning. I'm sure you are familiar with Yeadon's The Covid Lies, which is an excellent document.


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I’m starting to think that the best bet is to avoid allopathic medicine as much as possible, perhaps altogether.

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Thank you for this excellent, thought-provoking, article.

My dad developed dementia when he was 80. He was the picture of health and had not been in a hospital since the day he was born in 1928. The youngest of 4 brothers, his 3 older brothers all lived into their 90s with full mental faculties. Dad's dementia downfall was swift and sobering to watch. His decline frustrated him more as he was always a very healthy man (I use to say if I could sell his blood work and blood pressure results on the web, we'd make a fortune.) We had no idea what could cause this decline, but over the next 4 years, it was a contentious battle to get him the care he needed. He always knew who I was, not so much for other members of the family. When he died, he was 84, and I was beside myself to understand what the hell happened to my dad. Well, going thru his papers and medical records, I found evidence that he had received the annual influenza vaccinations (pushed on him by his then girlfriend who worked for the medical industrial complex) for several years immediately preceding his dementia downfall. Reading up on the flu jabs, I found they contained 25,000 times more Mercury than was found in fish. Was THIS the cause of his dementia? Or was I just fishing for a cause? I don't know. But I will say that I can find very little research on flu vaccination and dementia (I don't say Alzheimer's because that can only be diagnosed postmortem, and that didn't happen.)

Thank you again. I enjoy reading your articles, and I learn so much.

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After diving very deep into vaccine injuries a while ago i would say you are not at all biased , it is only that many people, doctors, nurses scientists were and most still are afraid to speak out due to cancelled, blacklisted, and worse because of the power of the pharmaceutical industry. I see more and more doctors, scientists starting to speak out... thank you for sharing your wisdom! ...there will always be those who blindly follow and criticize any alternative narrative because “they don’t want to know”. To each his own!

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Required reading for anyone doing basic research, or just wanting to advance their understanding of how science really works.

The Structure of Scientific Revolutions - 1962 Thomas S. Kuhn

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