It Takes a Village of Bureaucrats to Implement Medical Despotism:

AMA = American Monopoly Association

CDC = Center for Death and Corruption

FDA = Fraud and Death Association

HHS = Holistic Humanicide Services

MD = Moral Deficiency

NIH = Nihilism In Healthcare

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Here is the video with the nurse you requested: https://www.bitchute.com/video/WEnEy0jEjhDJ/

Here is the commentary re that clip from the UK Column community:

"The above was posted in early August and is the only dateable version I’ve managed to find of the talk given in front of a haystack background. The talk has been associated, in several other widely-shared posts in English and Russian, with an unvarying summary text of the claim that an outgoing head nurse at Ljubljana University Clinic made a claim that the vials for Covid jabs (brand(s) unspecified) administered there came in three number-coded types: saline placebos for nomenklatura and tycoons, mRNA for the middle classes and doctored carcinogenic mRNA for plebs.

The above link is of the most pertinent one-minute segment, in which she speaks of -01 being the denotation for placebo vials.

Fuller versions of the talk, subtitled in English by apparently different people (as the fonts and subtitle overlay background colours are different), also include the claims about the inclusion of an adenovirus conducive to contracting soft-tissue cancers within two years of administration, which according to the English textual summary applies to jab passes ending in -03 before the Slovene country code SI (capital i).

The subtitling of every version I’ve encountered is accurate, the language is Slovene and the lady speaks clearly and with a good level of education that would be congruent with her being a retired/resigned head nurse of Ljubljana University Clinic, but no source has given her name, precluding verification.

I haven’t yet found any Slovene written news reports of the press conference either. Local kingpins might have suppressed contemporaneous local reporting.

The string music seems to be encoded together with the voice channel in every version circulating.

The final half-minute of the highlight clip uploaded in August cuts to Anton LaVey holding forth in the Hallowed Precincts of Democracy’n’Values.

I can’t discount the possibility that these claims started among ethnonationalist groups; the above link is by White Rose Ireland, and some Eastern European ethnonationalists seem to have been early to the sudden sharing frenzy this week, too.


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Wow! I just purchased a small house on a large plot of land in Pa. The seller was a Desert Storm veteran. It took awhile for him to move and we got to talking when we went for our home inspection. He had alopecia everywhere. He told me he had an autoimmune disorder and was concerned about vaccination for Covid-19 for himself and his children. He was feeling well with his illness and was afraid vaccination would cause him to get sick again. We just closed on the property a few weeks ago and S and his family moved to Texas. I never imagined that S was vaccine injured. Thanks for posting this.

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Good grief. This really is like peeling back a mask that's been hiding [sometimes in plain sight] an orchestrated gory nightmare.

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Squalene, turning the entire population of the United States of America into a lab rat, controlled experiment.

It makes me nauseous to read and think of all this that our own government has done -- to US. This is worse than the Nazi's experiments-- Mengele.

This is sickening.

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So sad and horrifying. I wish Ron Johnson knew about this. He is the only politician who seems to care

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So I would love to go for Health care to a doctor like you.

BUT NWO has coopted medical boards, many colleges etc... health insurance is a mechanism of control by evil powers. Kissinger?

Catholic teaching, if we had a Pope would immediately challenge their obscene power. Here is basic Catholic teaching on allowing power at lowest level power that is practical.. government, economics etc... SUBSIDIARITY .

Caveat... I don't accept these people at link as Catholic because they are in union with a commie loving idolator who was not Catholic at time of election.

But Catholic Church is so small, and I can't access Catholic teaching as well as a 7th grader before great apostasy...


I will try to find encyclical which IS Catholic.

No March 2020 without October 1958.

God bless you

United Nations, WHO, WEF... All from hell.

I want 10,000 doctors and scientists fighting like hell and gradually come to a consensus, with a couple new problems noticed...

Wherby they start fighting like hell again.


Fauci method: ban all dissent, savage them, take away their license.

Is he obscene, or the majority who accepted this?

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My husband was deployed to Gulf War 1. When he came home he was ill and within a month or so myself and my 3 year old were as well. I became pregnant several months later and our 2nd child was born early due to complications and ill, (this was common among many of those who returned, with high numbers of miscarriage and still births as well). My first child has sever and chronic, to this day, gastric issues. My second child had extremely severe allergies and an undiagnosable bleeding disorder that ultimately led to Military Medivac Flight from Germany to Walter Reed. She had platelets jumping up and down everywhere along with clotting issues but no discernible disease to include cancer. We were there for a month and given every test imaginable. We were sent home with no answers. If I had a dollar for every time we were told, “this is something I’ve never seen before”, I would be a millionaire. We had two more children who also suffers with immune issues. We searched for help when Stateside and literally, EVERY TIME, we found a Dr. willing to help we were issued orders back overseas which meant No Access outside of Military Medical. We moved every 18 to 24 months with ALL of my living children born overseas. Finally, as soon as my husband retired we found a Researcher, and also a Doctor who knew the researcher, who were successfully treatinging other military members and families, at great persecution and personal cost to their practices and selves. We also found a Chiropractor who had a nephew that suffered and thus believed our plight. It was through they courageous and godly men that we were treated and went into what would be called ‘remission.’ When the CV19 first hit I turned to my husband and said, “I wonder if we were the guinea pigs for this current situation?” I never imagined how correct I would be. Throughout these past two years I learned so much. The two most personally important were learning of ‘shedding/transmission’. So many times we were dismissed bc how could myself and our children be ill with GW Illness when we were not deployed or some... not even born yet?!? Also, the DOD whistleblowers revealing that there is a database that tracks ALL military and their Heath Records!!! I have so much more I could recount, but typing isn’t conducive for that.

You may contact me personally, if you so choose, for more detailed info.

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So you are looking down a rabbit hole. Many comments leave links; instead I give you encouragement. The cognitive dissonance realizing that Governments and their Agencies and mouthpieces are perpetrating a hoax now? Crazy, right? Just how long has it been going on?

Find out why John D. Rockefeller’s money suddenly went toward new, scientific "Gold Standard" medicine, demonizing all others who had previously healed. What did he establish with his petroleum based doctrines? What else did his money fund? Which countries? Which Wars? What were his intentions regarding the population of Earth?

Luc Montagnier reportedly became interested in homeopathic medicine in his final time on Earth. Why? Why does "Modern" science, medicine, hospitalization, research, all the wealth, all the knowledge, all the vaccination leave us with more disease, needing more pills, and more treatment by all of the above? What is the current death toll from Fentanyl in US? What is The BMGF really doing vis a vis hunger, poverty, disease? What's with AIDS? Where did it come from? How are these gene therapy experiments affecting AIDS? Questions,,,

So many unanswered questions have come of this cognitive dissonance. Where's it going?

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Really interesting article.

One pedantic point, sorry! You say "A key difference between SARS CoV-1 and COVID-19 was the structure of its spike protein, which many suspected was engineered." COVID-19 should be SARS-CoV-2

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Thank You for this in depth report, it is very enlightening-pulling the puzzle pieces together, as it were.

As a realist, fighter and truth-seeker, I know that we can not rely on a “great-accountability” to correct or punish all of these misdeeds regarding the chemical genocide of humanity.

There will be no political or legal accounting for all of the damage that has been done, and continues to be inflicted upon society by the political-pharmaceutical-industrial-military machine.

We must add Autism spectrum disorder to the list of common vaccine injuries now common amongst our population.

We must add Norplant and Depo Provera to the category, not technically vaccines, but the resulting infertility/chemical sterilization fits the population control criteria. Add to that all of the suppressed research regarding oral contraceptives and the direct correlation to breast and other cancers………………..

And Gardisil, which has one of the highest adverse reaction rates, next to Covid vaccines.

What is in the insulin supply that causes the majority of diabetics to be morbidly obese?

The questions go on ad-infinitum.

Chicken pox, shingles, flu,………………

Too many Americans believe the lie that without daily medication they will die. Yet they ignore their nutrition and physical fitness. Get informed, get healthy. Walk away from the system and find a different way.

We can only educate ourselves and those around us, and continue to fight for the truth.

The victory is freedom and autonomy.

Keep up the good fight doctor.

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Here is an article that goes into more detail than the video. Politicians and wealthy are getting a placebo (saline). Part of the rest are getting a standard dose, and the the rest are getting a hot shot. Vaccine vials are coded.


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Yup----this whole Covid-19 mass vaccination operation only makes sense when we accept Big Pharma, public health agencies, and the US military don't give a damn if they kill and main millions of people in their quest for power and profit!

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Thank you again for a GREAT post.

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Thanks as always, Stevens-Johnson syndrome is an interesting one, wow the Siefkin needs a warning disclaimer.

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'Red' States targeted? Dem voters are more likely to seek the jabs, so see if 'Red' States by Presidential Elector and Representative voting fare worse than those with "just" 'Red' Senatorial representation. A State will still enjoy 2 Senators no matter how few voters remain.

Or were 'Red' States more conscientious about keeping the ampules cold?

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