As a 3 time whistleblower in the health care industry, I can affirm that what you've shared is absolutely correct. Choosing to whistleblow is what people do in order to protect patients or people out in the community or the environment or whatever. Nobody wants to be a whistleblower and the decision to do so is only made after repeated attempts to get those in positions of power and leadership/management to simply follow the law, the standards of care, and not violate patients' rights or harm people.

While many others will say, "Yes, yes, yes" when speaking privately with those who have the will to stand up to corrupt leadership/management, they disappear the moment it goes public and the person who speaks up most often stands alone. Then, the laws against retribution are found to be powerless to stop retribution, because the agencies/corporations/etc simply consider any lawsuits or fines that might arise as a cost of doing business.

It is clear that those who speak up do so because they care about the people being harmed and seek to prevent it. They pay a price that many are not willing to pay, and they sacrifice much while their lives are changed forever. However, there are blessings in remaining true to our patients and the people and to God that are not represented in dollars or cents.

It is also clear that the violations of the law and standards of care are done intentionally, knowingly, in order to accomplish an agenda that includes acquiring great profit through fraud, or actually depopulating (which is part of the current globalist agenda) through involuntarily reducing or eliminating the fertility of the population, disabling the population, or creating disease and death.

These gene therapy injections accomplish all of these and were fraudulently marketed to the people of the world as "safe and effective" when clearly they are quite the opposite. Those instigating this global agenda have sinisterly used massive media indoctrination to mislead the people whose eyes have never been opened to the corruption you write about and trust the authorities.

Because they trust those in authority, they cannot find it in themselves to believe the truth. They cannot believe than anyone would be so evil so as to intentionally poison, maim, disable, or kill millions around the world. Just as many could not believe the Nazis of WW II would exterminate millions.

When people's eyes are opened, they are radicalized to see that there is evil in the world and that evil has perpetrated global crimes against humanity. Those who have spoken up have retained their honor and integrity before man and God, but those physicians, scientists, and government officials who have lied and lied and lied stand together with the Nazis and war criminals of the past.

When this is all said and done, the global crimes -- done in the name of a "pandemic" created by those who sought to inject everyone on Earth -- will make the Nazi doctors and SS troops look like angels in comparison. These modern monsters who have lured the people to their demise in our time, appear with their white coats, badges, and to the applause of many, but will be judged by One who always gets the last word.

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Very good article AMD. You are so on point about the destruction of the economy and the effect that will have on whistle-blowers, and well, everyone, once complete.

When wealth and our means of obtaining it are gone, and we're all dependent on our neo-feudal lords for everything, they will no longer have anything to fear from us. This was a key part of the pandemic plan from the start:

STL Fed: "This is a planned partial shut-down of the US economy in the second quarter":

http://tritorch.com/degradation/!STLFedThisIsAPlannedPartialShutdownOfTheUSEcononyMarch2020.png [image]

"Another reason for closing the economy - in addition to easing the adoption of the vaccine passports - is that the end-game for the globalists for all of this is that you will own nothing and that you will be happy. I.e., you will be a slave and you will be happy about it or else."


With regard to HCQ and Ivermectin:

Ivermectin and HCQ are vouched for by a large number of doctors with first hand experience to be both safe and extraordinarily effective in treating COVID-19. They also very cheap.

The entire edifice of authority from the media, to the pharmaceutical industry, to the government, to the NGOs, want to kill and bury them as deep as possible under mountains of propaganda as a verifiable effective therapeutics. And they are willing to destroy the reputations and livelihoods of anyone who gets in their way to achieve that.

This despite the fact that they've been on the WHO's Essential Medicines List for decades.

If there is a treatment for a disease the FDA cannot grant an EUA for a competing treatment, in COVID's case, the vaccine. Put on your detective shoes and think critically about this for a minute.


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Excellent article.

I think a more profound and more pervasive problem began during the 1800s. Then the notion was that a particular medical procedure would protect you from a specific disease. The disease was smallpox, and the procedure was called cowpoxing, which later came to be called vaccination. From the beginning, there were failures and many deaths associated with this idea. However, this notion became a very popular and lucrative procedure and was pushed forward over the following decades.

Yet, despite documented failures and repeat epidemics, the response by authorities was to increase laws to enforce this medical procedure. People were fined and imprisoned for noncompliance. Government authority ultimately led to most being vaccinated, yet there were still epidemics across the planet, including a massive worldwide one in 1871-72.

Vaccination injuries and failures continued as well as fines and imprisonments for refusals. Finally, in 1885 the people of Leicester, England, protested and refused to submit to this procedure that had not lived up to its promise. Vaccination rates plummeted, and despite this, Leicester did just fine over the next 60 years without the medically predicted catastrophe.

During the same time (later 1800s into the mid-1900s), smallpox became increasingly less fatal (“Smallpox in the United States: Its decline and geographic distribution,” Public Health Reports, December 13, 1940, vol. 55, no. 50, pp. 2303-2312) and was often confused with chickenpox. (Charles V. Chapin, “Variation in Type of Infectious Disease as Shown by the History of Smallpox in the United States,” The Journal of Infectious Diseases, vol. 13, no. 2, September 1913, p. 173.)

So to did all the infectious diseases of the time – whooping cough, measles, typhoid, scarlet fever, etc. They all declined simultaneously, reaching zero or near-zero deaths by the mid-1900s (e.g., measles deaths collapsed by over 98% before the vaccine was started in 1963 and in England by nearly 100% before a vaccine was began in 1968.) These mortality declines are well documented in official government data. (e.g., Death Rates for Measles 1900-1960 - Vital Statistics of the United States 1940-1960, p. 85, https://www.cdc.gov/nchs/data/vsus/vsrates1940_60.pdf)

The data and history showed that it wasn’t all about a microbe, but it was about the health of the individual and society, which is what had radically improved over those decades. Yet, the notion of a single microbe being the sole cause of a disease is completely pervasive and has resulted in this notion that we need to use the idea of vaccinating to protect us from each of these microbes. Failures, deaths, history, and data are all ignored, and the notion has been promoted and has infiltrated our societal consciousness.

Dr. Charles Okell, a high-ranking expert in infectious diseases, noted in an article in 1939 in the medical journal the Lancet that large-scale immunization wouldn’t be possible without propaganda. Accidents and mistakes are suppressed and manipulated to cover them up because if they told the truth, it would be doubtful the public would submit to vaccination.

“...the immunisation of the masses has been undertaken with almost a religious fervour. The enthusiast rarely stopped to wonder where it would all finish or whether the fulsome promises made to the public in the form of “propaganda” would ever be honoured. Without propaganda there can, of course, be no large-scale immunisation, but how perilous it is to mix up propaganda with scientific fact. If we baldly [in plain or basic language] told the whole truth it is doubtful whether the public would submit to immunization... Accidents and mistakes must inevitably happen and when they take place what might have been a highly instructive lesson is usually suppressed or distorted out of recognition. Those who have had to take detailed notice of the immunisation accidents of the past few years know that to get the truth of what really went wrong generally calls for the resources of something like the secret service.” (Charles Cyril Okell, “From a Bacteriological Back-Number,” The Lancet, January 1, 1938, pp. 48–49.)

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Doc, this whistleblower information was very eye opening. I have wondered if there were any good peoe left at DoJ and FBI, especially regarding the Trump years, as well as how did so many people stay quiet regarding the 2020 election theft, as True The Vote and 2000 Mules has revealed.

I remember Gov Kemp's daughter's boyfriend mysteriously getting vaporized in a one-car "accident" on an isolated state highway, after which Kemp backed off his talk of calling a special session. And Robert Epstein's wife's mysrerious "accident" in which she was killed and the car disappeared before being investigated after Epstein was warned by a congressman that he needed security and to be careful while going after Google. Scary stuff. Thank you for your work and being one of the good guys.

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Karma is unavoidable and indiscriminate. I've read Kennedy's new book and am scared to death of the karma that will someday visit the US for the evils perpetrated on the rest of the world by a few men from the US. COVID is just the latest atrocity.

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I wish I could agree that the political will is there to remedy the situation. I strongly disagree. The public needs to be absolutely enraged and absolutely fed up and sick before we can expect politicians to do a darn thing or even acknowledge there is an issue.

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Excellent read… thank you

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I’m so thankful & grateful I try my hardest to walk the straight line.

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MwD... Excellent coverage of this topic. Well done! Many thanks...

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You say often murder or something like but less than murder, this is what they use to keep truth telling to a hush

That is correct

And the systemic and systematic corruption is likely to give a collapse under its own weight, the coercion is the most noteworthy aspect of health scare for two years

How will it end?

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How can a "highly effective treatment" exist for something that cannot even be diagnosed? How can a "viral infection" be diagnosed, if no "virus" in the history of the world has ever been isolated?

Step out of the crazy/fraudulent/criminal paradigm of "viruses," "pandemics," and "infectious diseases." Fear from anything and hope to regain your rights or to get better from the military-grade poisonings wall you in between two facades that don't exist, only in your mind. Make up your mind and you cannot be manipulated so easily.

"Vaccines" are based on a criminal "medical" paradigm and as such, they are ALL poisons, except that the latest ones kill/maim faster.

This is a critical point in the narrative: humanity will not survive, unless the enforcers, including "scientists" and "researchers," realize that they will be next on the road to the slaughterhouse, once they wear out their usefulness. It is vanity and self-importance that prevent them from realizing that they are representing fake science for the masses and as such, they are completely expendable.

CV exists only in computer simulations and on TV. No virus has ever been isolated and there are no infectious diseases, only poisoning and deficiencies. It's the germ vs. terrain theory (read up on it, if you have the time). Pasteur was a fraud, but his gimmicks turned out to be lucrative and there is no better means to enforce oppression (muzzles that humiliate, dehumanize, and kill you slowly with stuff in them and by oxygen deprivation), poisonous (you get infected with self-replicating nanotech), fraudulent (even motor oil, a goat, and a papaya tested "positive" in Tanzania, but the Presidents of Tanzania, Burundi, and Haiti were summarily killed shortly after refusing the plandemic scam; Belarus is still surviving) “tests” that infect you with nanobots and artificial parasites, and steal your DNA (once they have that, they can personally target you through 5G or Wi-Fi and can make you sick or just drop you dead), and lethal injections of five levels that "manufacturers" rotate) and mass democide than a good plandemic.

Already about a million Americans died, lots more are going to b/c of the injections. Based on VAERS, lethal batches, containing graphene hydroxide, come out every two months, rotated between the three major manufacturers, and are carefully spread over the land in order to avoid immediate suspicion and ensure plausible deniability. The rest of them maim or make you sick (various carcinogens, poisons, real and artificial parasites, self-assembling nanocomputers, and/or pathogens), turn you into a 5G receptor/emitter through graphene oxide), or do nothing (saline solutions).

This is mass murder. It's not even a secret: the eugenicists announced the plan decades ago.

5G is a killer weapon and it was installed everywhere during the criminal lockdowns in order to ensure population control.

Chemtrails ensure constant weather changes (carbon tax is coming on your UBI card soon, if you are obedient and live long enough). The "green zones" (aka. death camps are awaiting the non-compliant (in Washington state, liquefaction of the dead has already been approved; it's a lot cheaper than funerals or incineration and you can use the dead and the end product can be used as fertilizer; kind of Soylent Green for the masses.

The New Brave New World is in progress. For the slaves who will be allowed to live until they wear out their usefulness (which includes the enforcers, too, because they will be replaced by robots), there will be no goodness or beauty; only functionality. The remaining rulers will know they cannot trust each other and will slowly eliminate each other until only one remains; One Ring To Rule Them All.

I don't know about you, but I'd rather the sheeple and the enforcers realized that their days are numbered, unless they change course...

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Wow. This is outstanding. I hope you and some of those "present" are taking steps to protect yourselves.

Interesting (to me) little side note, because this is all amazing stuff...

I remember it was I believe March, still, or maybe April of 2020. I was listening to a doctor who had a practice in Kent, WA... Remember how Covid supposedly started in the US in Seattle, and how it supposedly came from China and into the Seattle/Tacoma airport (SeaTac)... I live near there, sort of. Anyway, this doctor in Kent, which is very near the airport was talking about how he had a very small number of patients who came to him with "Covid-like" symptoms. There were about 20 of them. He gave each of them HCQ, and every single one of them got better. I still have my notes, with HCQ, Vitamin D and Zinc, and even dosage and so forth... EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE PATIENTS FULLY RECOVERED, and quite quickly. And... then HCQ was taken OFF the market, even for doctors. Vanished. All of it. POOF. That was when I began to question.

Look how far we've come, thanks to brave and knowledgeable people like you, MW Doctor, and the people blowing the whistle, BRAVO!!! I love you guys. The tipping point is coming...

4/30/22 OMG! Someone "liked" this, and I realized I am amiss!

I have to add, because I TOTALLY FORGOT TO SAY, that this doctor I'm talking about above, noticed too that near where all these patients of his that presented with "Covid-like" symptoms, they ALL lived near where 5G was being rolled out in WA State... FIVE FRICKEN GEE!!!!!!! Wakey, Wakey, the FRAUD is SHAKEY, SHAKEY!

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What is clear is that the technical papers/studies issued by the CDC recently (MMWR) to support immunity, school masking, vaccine effectiveness were so full of obvious statistical faults they are a discredit to the numerous names attributed. Their scientists can't be that obtuse. They clearly find the party-line conclusion based on very flawed analyses. Insiders HAVE to know that yet they published anyway.

The mere fact that the NIH benefits along with NIH scientists from patent royalties gained from sponsored research leads to corruption. That may be the entire reason only new drugs get approved that are quite expensive creating large royalty compensation. How can repurposed generics ever stand a chance in such a system? RCTs are expensive and only profitable drug companies can fund them; yet, Fauci insists only drugs via RCTs are effective. many drugs have been approved in the past without RCTs. And RCTs are largely useless for genetic based drugs suited to only a fraction of the population where it's pointless to use unless you happen to have a given genetic issue.

The corruption in Congress involving family members keeps them all silent - a blue wall of sorts. The corruption in the NIH is along the same lines.

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The military treatment of their own is disgusting. There were some very brave US soldiers that resisted the DEATHVAX.

West Point isolated, punished the few cadets who would not take the kill shot.

The Nuremberg code has severe penalties, including death penalty

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I was a whistle blower on a technology project. The Chairman of ATT was on the board of what was then called Columbia Presbyterian Hospital, one of the top 10 in the country. AT&T Bell Labs was hired to develop and install a state of the art information system. This commercial venture was possible because Ma Bell was broken up and in 1984 and it was thought that the network system experience of the Bell System, brains of Bell Labs, and the manufacturing of Western Electric would be a commercial success.

I had done extensive work in software engineering with a method called Design Through Documentation, which was built on a question/answer framework that guided a project. Even though the people used the method for great results, afterwards trying to understand what they had done , through extensive interviews it was clear that their PRACTICE was much more sophisticated than the method. The method did help the group problem solving leading to a implemented and maintained system of software and/or hardware, but what people had used the method as a springboard for problem solving and that creative work has never been captured.

As an aside: "let doctors be doctors" is stating that the joint effort of doctors and patients is more entangled than just following a script.

Our team walked into the hospital that had 4 miles of paper and images of medical records. Lots of politics between departments and within departments. After the first week, with experience of document engaged problem solving, I knew that the experience of building systems for the captive audience in the telephone companies probably could not lead to systems to fit the medical system. This was 1984 and the most advanced systems were in the labs, like blood analysis, and home grown systems.

I was a member of the technical staff. I was not fired. I was sent to another project. ATT spent something in the order of $100 million and the project failed.

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