My wife is Kenyan and sometime around 15 years ago, when she was still a teenager, she was forced to take one of those “tetanus” vaccines. She and another student who had refused were cornered in a room and forcibly administered the shot. Nearly every one of her school mates whom she is still in touch with have developed some sort of fertility-related problem, and difficulty bringing a baby to full term. My wife herself has had multiple miscarriages. horribly painful and several weeks-long menstrual cycles, sudden death of the baby in the womb, and more. We have one baby who lived. The doctor who delivered her via emergency Csection said he had never seen anything like it....everything was going wrong, the baby stopped developing early on.....our daughter is now 5 and is normal in every way, but it is a miracle.

The girls from her village who were too poor for school fees were spared the vaccine, and they haven’t had any problem conceiving or giving birth.

This horror is still going on in Kenya, now with the Covid shots. We were able to get documentation for most of her family without actually having to get the vaccines, but her sister who was away at boarding school was just forced to get the first Covid shot or she would have been prevented from sitting the national exam. We weren’t able to reach her because she has no phone and I’m not sure what we could have done anyway, because without the exam results you can’t do much of anything in Kenya.

These people who conceived of and are executing these programs are monsters, not human beings. They deserve the death sentence, the same sentence they have administered to millions of unsuspecting, unwilling subjects all throughout the world, and especially in Africa.

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All "vaccines" are poisons. Moreover, just about everything the butchers call medications are the same. Over-the-counter included...

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Thank you for your diligence!

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I still have open geopolitical questions regarding the Safe and Effective C-19 quackcines. I haven't been able to answer these questions since I had a clear evidence last year that the C-19 quackcines were a WMD worst than SARS-Cov-2.

1. Why did Japan whose population growth has been very negative for more than a decade decide to inject known sterilizing poisons to 100 million (80%) of its citizens?

Does this mean that Japanese scientists are all blind?

2. Why was Israel chosen as the C-19 quackine lab of the world by Schizer?

Is there a hidden plan to finish off the work started during WWII?

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Good red pill article! And you didn’t even mention the worst instance of modern vaccine injury- Koprowski’s Oral Polio Vaccine mass human trials from the Congo in the late 1950s. Note that it took 18+ years for the injuries to become apparent…

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Wow. Your research is just incredible. Thank you so much for your eye-opening posts!

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This and your previous were very helpful. (Will need to re-read both.) We so need the historical piece/context around depopulation since most of us can't imagine there are those who conspire to eliminate others. It's so key to how they get away with it. I sincerely appreciate the effort and will share. Thank you.

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Thank you.

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I know I am 'late to the party.......' I just now subscribed to your 'stack', though I have loved your comments over on Steve's.

I was so blessed years ago to be informed & educated about the horrors of these 'death darts' (as well as all things 'pHARMa')

When I was pregnant with my only child in the mid-80's, a friend (whose 2nd child suffered a near-fatal adverse shot injury) pointed me in the direction of the most precious Barbara Loe Fisher. Reading her wonderful book "A Shot in the Dark" opened my eyes wide! I later read Dr Robert Mendelssohn's book, "How To Raise a Healthy Child---In Spite of Your Doctor" My son has a life-time exemption, something that is next to impossible to obtain these days.

Thank you!

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Thank you Midwestern Doctor for being honest, trustworthy and thoughtful in every article. I love that you bring receipts and documents to ALL of your articles. Keep on bringing the truth forward because there are so many misguided people out there. I shared both of your articles on my FB page and instantly got doubters with out even reading them. Those people are a lost cause. Sad.

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Stunning, Doctor! Absolutely riveting. Deep heartfelt thanks from we believers in faith, reason, science and the human spirit.

Put in historical perspective, the Holocaust and Holodomor seem just incidental to this on-going evil vaccine initiative to such monstrous thinking and acting to destroy humanity and creation.

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Well said, and needed to be said. I will spread it as far as I can.

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Another fine work

I think your ability to write concisely is improving

1. Vegan means do no harm. Testing upon animals usually involves harm.

Were we to reCognize our own Womanity it might be harder to hurt others...I believe children know this simple golden rule

No hacksxxxine without the animal manipulations....also they aint vegan with the aborted fetal cell line to my mind

2. The statistical insignificance argument is used to justify a certain amount of harm by big Harmaceuticals

Baloney is still baloney.

3. Rob wrote a song about Gardasil but he sang Tardasil

I heard it and said, sing ...Hard as Hell

We recorded that a couple months back

I still can't understand why he hasn't put that out anywhere, which I feel is ...

a betrayal to those depopulated

And why exactly is everything

Hard as hell ?

It is the height of folly to create an injectable Logan's run and think that

That carousel knows to stop at....

the borders of the Arrogant elites' skin

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SARS-CoV-2 spike protein carries a high number of overlaps with normal human tissue. SARS-CoV-2 also has gp120 HIV insertion (patented by Fauci) as per the plandemic blueprint document below:



Fauci owns patent on SARS-CoV-2 gp120 HIV insertion, which destroys the body’s cancer-killing T cells


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I take my hat off to you. There’s no sense of weaving into historical events an accidental or incidental impact on fertility. They’re there & are present by design.

I suppose I shouldn’t confess to feelings in my thinking, but I had a strong sense of evil in approaching this subject. Too many unlikely coincidences all pointing to harm in those receiving the injections. You’ve pointed out several with the c19 vaccines alone.

Just the three issues of concern in what I called “toxic-by-design” (spike protein harm, higher mutation rate & least dissimilar from “the human proteome”) simply cannot have arisen by sheer bad luck while pursuing the best designs for these claimed “vaccines”.

They’re central considerations in designing the “vaccine”. So if anyone can explain to me how it could possibly be that four competing companies made the same mistakes, I’d be most grateful.

The censorship. And the purported reason for censorship? That counter narratives might undermine public confidence in official policy & lead to “vaccine hesitancy”. Arguable, early on. But not now, when the majority have been “vaccinated”.

The idiocy of the whole policy. Suppression of better solutions than vaccination, even if they’d worked. Adoption of nonsense subplots.

Once you allow for the possibility of deliberate, mass harm, the ceiling falls in & it becomes plain & indisputable. Anyone with any technical knowledge can follow this logic. It’s not possible to maintain that what’s happened/happening is well intentioned or even solely driven by money.

Money no longer cuts it as a motive st the highest level. Once I realised this, and further realised I couldn’t come up with any satisfactory & benign motive for the global event as a whole, that’s when I realised that by definition the motive(s) must be malign.

Incidental profiteering cannot be the driving motive when those who must have authorised the needless, world economy-slowing fraud, are not only the wealthiest people anywhere, but stand astride the money creation processes in central & private banks.

So this isn’t about greed for money.

Nor can this solely be about gaining simple & rather imprecise control over people, because the perpetrators already have that, too.

The logical path I’ve followed, going over & over the pieces, trying & failing to form a different & coherent pattern than the only one that accommodates all the important factors, leads - in my opinion - to conclusions very much aligned with those of the author.

Best wishes


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