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Each post of yours I read, I am convinced your conclusions and axioms are exactly the same as mine. Multiple times throughout, I am fascinated to finally have discovered someone who's life view/outlook is so close to mine that I can't imagine it being less similar. And then a few paragraphs later, you say something new that is also identical. Long ago, I learned I'd struggle with which of my beliefs I could share with whom and in how much detail. Most people cannot tolerate nuance or complexity, but I thrive on it. Reading your posts has been one strange, exciting, and eerily mystical trip....

Of all the things you've shared, two of the axioms have helped me the most in life:

1) Trust but verify. (- Ronald Reagan) But life is short, can't verify everything. So I try to expend only as much energy in the verification as the difference the outcome will make in my life. (You said it much better.)

2) This: "I believe one of the fundamental things that has allowed my own knowledge to develop as far as it has was my decision to derive enjoyment from discovering an axiom I carried was wrong and instead become excited by learning there was a much broader or complex truth I was never before aware of. "

I just want to know the truth, learn more, and achieve the best outcomes for me and mine. Other than you, I am the only person I know that "derives enjoyment from discovering an axiom I carried was wrong..."

I will also speculate that that "world view" resulted from the drive to learn the truth. They're linked, at least for me. The excitement from correcting a mistaken conclusion literally means to me I've learned more truth, which seems to be the fundamental pillar of my psychological existence.

Of course, that all links to the awareness of the nuance and that the black/white paradigm is insufficient. If one truly seeks truth in things without concern for violating one's axioms along the way, decades of that honest pursuit really can't lead to any other conclusion. If it does, the pursuit isn't honest and you're no longer purely looking for truth.

It's a joy to read your posts. Keep writing!

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"when a complex issue is framed as two opposing simplistic truths, it makes it possible for the mass media to continually keep Americans in a state of outrage"

"Let’s You and Him Fight: Can We Overcome a Manipulated Conflict?" https://coronawise.substack.com/p/lets-you-and-him-fight-can-we-overcome

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We absolutely appreciate the philosophical perspective you take to these articles, and it really cuts to the crux of the conundrum. It's a little trippy reading these musings on zen and the art of medical dissidence, which lines up with so much of what we've been thinking and writing on these topics, some of it word for word.

The ability to entertain notions which appear to be in tension is markedly missing from our cultural discourse. There's a focus on object over process, and an unwillingness to understand before objecting.

Robert Anton Wilson, with whom you may be familiar (?) called this idea Maybe Logic; we call it Treealism, or, for the academic set, post-rational constructivism. "Although I greatly value the truth and nothing but the truth, it is important to remember the value of any idea or philosophy should be measured by its utility in your life." That is one of our core axioms.

Understanding the events of the last several years has become a real-world test of these principles, and navigating the murky waters of the group-mind has produced several disturbing conclusions. Indeed, most people only seek to argue, not to agree or understand. We describe this as a motivational matrix running the second-circuit territorial imperative. In times of stress and under threat, this becomes the default mode. Truth becomes something to own and protect, rather than to seek.

Truth is a goat.


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This is a wonderful investigative meditation on where we are. I think the meta issue is finding a method for discerning what is worth using up one's bandwidth for and what one can use a heuristic for. When I was a lot younger, I used to walk in an iffy neighborhood in East Oakland California and if a male walking towards me was over 10 or under 70, I would cross the street or change my behavior. Unfair to men, but that was my unconscious heuristic. I just assume everything in the MSM is manipulated BS, and that no data whatsoever is trustworthy, and I'm aware that that's a heuristic, but it is much more likely to be true than not. There's an idea in evolutionary psychology, which I agree with, save for its overarching materialist reductionist paradigm, that our species survived through the overfiring or promiscuity of certain behaviors, e.g. if we thought the motion in the bushes was a tiger when it wasn't, not much cost, but if we blew off the idea that it might be a tiger, we got eaten, thus the genetic lineage into the next generation selected for those who hyperactively or promiscuously assumed tigers. If one is threat sensitive and overfiring and promiscuous about those threats, one has little bandwith left. Then there's also the right brain gestalt which those plugged into the conflict entrepreneurialism of the media never get to. The right brain comprehends where as the left apprehends, according to Iain McGilchrist, and the MSM seems hellbent on making sure that doesn't happen often which creates people with undigested uncomprehended threats and worries saturating them. That's where I think the mass formation theory comes in -- derealized or depersonalized people walking around stunned, or people who've used the heuristic, but never stepped back to comprehend and let their right brain create a gestalt. I knew a year ago when I heard Steve Kirsch and Pierre Kory on Dark Horse because Bret Weinstein had risked his family's livelihood to stand up and speak the truth and Pierre Kory had left everything behind to go into the viral inferno of NY. Then I found Dr. Varon, who hadn't had a day off in 400 days, who speaks 10 languages. My right brain knew the pandemic could've been effectively ended with repurposed drugs because my right brain recognized something that seems patently obvious about these people. But the MSM will keep people in their aggressive mechanistic left brains so they are prone to delusion and derealization. Music will put people into their right brains. It is a very different experience to read the news with headphones on.

I'm just rambling, but I think it is a crucial part of the puzzle, to recognize that we need to think with our bodies and right brains and that is why that is being prevented. Never underestimate one's enemy! (my late English teacher mother would bop me over the head for my shifting subject pronouns in this post but I have no bandwidth lol)

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It's a good way of thinking. More people should really be aware that this is...

a) Possible to think in spectrums, not just one way or another. Nor left and right, but up and down, in and out and all around.

b) Situations like you find in the game rock, paper, scissors exist everywhere. So one best tool, idea or thing isn't always the best. It is situationally dependent.

c)Yin and yang is probably my favorite symbol in the whole world as it conveys a lot of important messages. Not just of "balance" which is the most obvious and very important, but within each half, a small portion of the opposite exists within the other. Eg you don't need to be perfect to be perfect and the little imperfections in something are often what make them perfect and valuable.

d) I also keep an eye on some of the sciences emerging from certain "conspiracy theories" as often these are simply new sciences emerging, or forks in the road of older sciences that may actually turn out to be right because "science" made a mistake years ago and is now finding it hard to go back. But some are totally bogus too. A lot are.

e) "It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it." not Aristotle.

f) "Spike protein destroys mitochondria" by DrBeen https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1UzetqiWG4

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Wow. What a great post. There are too many subject points worthy of comment, so I would like to ask a question instead. One of your points is that the blood clots that often form can be resistant to anti-coagulants. Given your openness to traditional/alternative treatments, what is your opinion on Serrapeptase?

According to WebMD - "Blood Clot Thinner: Serrapeptase may potentially help break down the plaque that builds up inside your arteries, something known as atherosclerosis. Recent studies have successfully used similar fibrinolytic enzymes produced by microorganisms in the treatment of blood clots, specifically in relation to dissolving fibrin, a common artery-blocking compound."

The mystery clots that Steve Kirsch has been reporting for months are very concerning to me. If there is any way to mitigate that risk, I am open to exploring it. Not asking for or expecting official medical advice, but I am interested in any comments you might have. Thanks!

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Jeez lots of great thoughts here but there are some misconceptions. These include but are not limited to the following. I'm not going to give references except for my robertyoho.substack.com.

Disinformation, misinformation, and conspiracy theory as verbiage should be purged from your thoughts and writing because all are used as propaganda and to promote lies. (See how simple and clean that was?)

Saying that our response to Covid was wrong is an obvious point. Equally obvious now is that Covid itself was manufactured to damage the western world. The entire malign effort was planned, still in progress, and we must stay frosty if we are not to be destroyed.

Sociopathy is NOT poor childhood or adverse conditioning. It's inborn, innate, and 1-5 percent of the whole population. Religious people call them devils, and you must realize by now that they walk among us. Their motivations are obscure, not only because we don't think in terms like theirs--overwhelming narcissism, lack of interest or concern for needs of others, and often criminal intent--but because they may have irrational goals of torturing or damaging others that do not even advantage themselves.

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My brother and wife came down with the COVID flu in July 2020. The PCR test showed positive for her but negative for him. Both had similar symptoms. My brother said it was the worst flu he ever had. (using a cycle threshold > 40 is obserd, I have used PCR for over 20 years.)

I worked closely with him for two days outside at my mother's house. One day later he developed symptoms. I did not. When I asked about treatment, he said the nurse told him to stay home, take tylenol and go to the emergency room if breathing became difficult.

I found the "stay at home until near death" prescription totally unacceptable! That is when I began to scour the internet searching for answers including peer reviews on treatment of viral flu and COVID. I already knew that HCQ was not deadly as I took chloroquine for malaria prophylaxis in 1990.

I found out about alternative early treatments including vitamins and other treatments being careful to view toxicities of each. In Aug 2020 the word about IVM began circulating. It was amazing to me that these, HCQ and IVM, treatments were banded by State governments. That just made me angry and I found ways to get HCQ, IVM, and Bromhexine from overseas.

I read about the glorious mRNA work around by replacing uridine with pseudouridine in late 2020. The mRNA spiked protein was only to go into cytoplasm and not the nucleous with no mention of the mitochondria. I knew they were lying but had to wait until late 2021 for the truth to come out.

There is much more to share but after the mRNA gene therapy began but now I have zero trust in hospitals and some doctors that I had great respect for including my cardiologist by August 2021 I no longer trust.

I visited an allergist in mid 2021 that asked me why I have not taken the jabs. I told him of a bad reaction to PEG and was concerned about anaphylaxis.

He went not further with that. I assumed later that there must be some type of bonus for doctors that convince people to get jabbed. I friend of mine in another city said that after the death of her father, the hospital called and wanted to put COVID death on the certificate. She refused.

The very idea that government and businesses could force people into injections of experimental carp is/was anathema to me. No informed consent, non full disclosure of ingredients, no liability.

Was this all an accident or something contrived?

My background was pre-med but ended up with an engineering degree instead.

Have a BS, MS, and PhD in engineering.

My father and uncles were all in WWII and Korea. I was taught in high school how to recognize propaganda and have heard a lot if it in the last 2 years.

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I really appreciate the way you laid out your philosophical framework and then explained what you saw and how you experienced the COVID-19 events in the context of that clear framework. I pray I can get more of my friends and family in the medical fields to read your work.

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Brilliant! That movie Idiocracy has been in my mind since I saw it years and years ago.

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Interesting article...long but worth the read. You need to read it carefully for the "bad" kind of typos that are not automatically found -- like this one: "Many stories that should be covered or censored by the mainstream news and as a result, you can only find them within the conspiracy realm." (Obviously "or" should be "are". Completely changes the meaning of the sentence. I hate those.)

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I am very familiar with Reagan's 'Trust, but verify' quote but I also like 'Doubt, but verify'. Keeps you honest!

So many good points...your point about how there were severe outbreaks in NY and the theory there was something else exacerbating it. Early on, I remember thinking that was odd because Patient Zero apparently came into the US through Seattle. I am in the SF Bay Area and given the west coast had thousands of people coming from Asia everyday, while there were outbreaks here, it was no one near as severe as the east coast. Frankly, despite the news count. locally the only people I knew to get CV were my nephews and that wasn't until Christmas 2020. There are way, way more now. In spring 2020, the only people I knew getting CV were family members of colleagues at work who lived in the NY area. (One lost both parents in a week.) At one point, I saw that the east coast had 'the Italian variant' which was the reason for the greater severity, but my understanding is at that point in time, only the wild variant existed, so why the difference? (Please correct me if I am wrong)

I will don my tin foil hat for a moment here.; if indeed there was an environmental element exacerbating the virulence of CV. I wonder if the intent was to install fear amongst your colleagues so they would be 'on board' with the narrative. NYC is the face of the US and home of the traditional media. But very curious the Bay Area - home to social media - did not experience the same issues, even though pre-CV, there were something like 30,000 people coming into CA daily from Asia.

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I love reading your posts and find myself well aligned with your line of thinking quite often. I think I told you before that my husband is a patient of a well known Michigan practice that developed a nebulizer and vitamin protocol for treating CoVid early, as they were in the middle of a hot-spot early CoVid county. After our visit to them to discuss my husband’s work vax mandate and the CoVid treatment protocol so we could be prepared, I told my husband that the office was, IMO, way too casual about CoVid. There was almost a downplaying of it as if it were similar to any other respiratory virus. There was a definitive statement made that “I’ve had CoVid, so I am now immune” by the physician. I had already heard, through my unvaxxed homeschool group, of unvaxxed people getting CoVid again. We had already seen in the media “breakthrough” cases in the vaxxed. My theory has always been that spike damage is going to be cumulative, so you want to avoid the spike as best you can, and when you do get sick, treat aggressively and early and give enough time after to REST and fully recover. I told my husband “That’s hubris to not take CoVid seriously and be so casual. People are getting it more than once regardless of vax status, and nothing about this virus is normal.” So it was interesting that during the Delta surge, when I drove to the practice to pick up more pre-mix of the nebulizer solution (I gave my previous bag to an ND friend when she and her husband got terribly sick during the Delta wave) that the practice that had been so casual about the staff being immune as CoVid had already gone through the office had NOW instituted major protocols to keep their staff and patients safer. I was not allowed into the office to pick up my supplies. I had to park and call and have it delivered to my car. There were signs on the door that no one with any symptoms should come into the office and if they needed care, care would be given in the parking lot. It was a total change, and I imagine it is likely because the staff caught CoVid again during the Delta wave.

We did avoid CoVid for two years while we stayed home in a little bubble with homeschooled kids. But at a certain point we realized that it is an exercise in futility and we can’t live this way forever. So we rejoined society and got Omicron. For us, it was unlike any other illness as well. My husband and I both had neurological issues. My PANS kid actually did well with it and mounted a good fever response which is unusual for him. My middle kid had some weird lingering effects that I still feel unsettled about. My youngest seemed to sail through.

I still don’t want repeat CoVid infections. I assume the damage will be cumulative. We are going to adopt some hygiene and supplement protocols as the kids return to in person school. I don’t know what the future looks like, but I am trying to be prepared and cautious without crossing over into agoraphobia and paralyzing fear.

No one truly understands the total impact that repeat infection with a lab enhanced chimera will be. Even if we are unvaxxed. Spike is spike. It’s pathogenic.

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Thank you for another great article. I very much appreciate you expounding upon the nuances and shades of gray that surround us. It is an ability or trait that most people lack these days, which is to the detriment of our society. I assume that the ability to see things in gray ebbs and flows over time. Twenty years ago, my preference to see things in gray colors meant that I was everyone's friend because we could always find something that we agreed on. Now it makes me an enemy of most people because I don't pass their purity tests. The reality is that very few things are truly black and white.

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i am documenting this whole "viruses do not exist" argument in very simple terms so everyone can agree on what the argument as really about. i would love your input. thank you.


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Pneumonia in covid-19 puzzles me. I've had pneumonia from more typical flu, but none from either covid bout (original and "Omicron"). Horrible, but does not kill suddenly. However, the first gave me choking bronchial spasms. (I think the Establishment concealed bronchitis as "CT signs"; perhaps what you called "unique lung CT finding".) Other than a personal communication, I've never seen any published reference to it, though early on the Establishment mentioned use of dexamethasone injection and inhaled budesonide. Very odd, since coronavirus is classically called "infectious bronchitis virus" (IBV).

Fraud and delusion differs much in science depending on field. Economics, social science, psychology, and psychiatry seem far worse than virology or pharmacology.

Chemistry, though often subservient to Big Pharma, seems to have relatively little, though keep all those bogus, erstwhile "elements" and polywater in mind. I suppose the pharmacological patent literature will have to do for most of the fraud in chemistry. (See the patent US3254124 for ketamine as an example. Invokes an implausible ring expansion and cyanide acting as a leaving group. Wikipedia does not show the alleged cyanide leaving group. Granted, I haven't personally tried to replicate that reported synthesis. If anyone reading this has, please let me know.)

Physics appears to have very little outright fraud, though I have some suspicions about wrong turns, misleads, and delusion, and remain bewildered about metallically catalysed "cold fusion". (Specifically, the Standard Model seems to fail Occam's Razor. Muster Mark's quarks have fractional charge and can't be isolated? Yeah, you "take three quarks"! Even better, take one. We'll skip two quarks, since that's the "recipe" for a meson.)

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