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Subject: V is my all-time favorite movie as well

Body: AMD,

I love highlighting one of the last scenes in V.

When the fireworks start, and the crowd begins to take off their masks, specific individuals in the crowd are zoomed in on.

The viewer definitively saw that these were individuals that were killed or jailed earlier in the movie… yet there they are in the crowd, completely healthy, no bruises from being beaten, and very much alive.

To me, it tells the viewer that everything they just watched was first and foremost an allegory of archetypal or thematic essences that were only secondarily expressed via personified analogies.

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Thank you for a wonderful post! I thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on how each of those video clips entwined. You are right, the world is changing, people are more engaged, far, far more suspicious of govt than anytime in my life other than at the time of the Vietnam war protests.

I would only add that to believe the virus originated at the Wuhan lab is not accurate. We are the source of this nightmare, not China. Please allow Dr. Martin in his speech at the EU to explain (link below).

Covid, synonymous with the covid vax, is a US DoD bioweapon, our govt had it in development and planned production since the late 1960's. I believe his is one of the most important presentations of our lifetime


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I confess I only got halfway through this article before I had to stop, so what I share might not be pertinent, but for my family, there is no end to covid 19. My oldest son and his wife are expecting their first child (my first grandchild) in February. They are fully vaxxed (both covid and flu), and wear masks everywhere (they don’t really go anywhere except work). They have not been sick at all the past 4 years, so of course they believe they are doing the right things. They are unwilling to get together with family unless we all (who are not fully vaxxed or vaxxed at all) test and wear masks. I have no idea what the protocol will be once the baby comes. They are convinced the (CDC?) guidelines are accurate, safe, and to be followed. They don’t push their views on us and are otherwise loving and thoughtful, but I don’t know how to get through without alienating myself from them and this precious baby-to-arrive, so I don’t poke the bear. I pray continually for their health and for the truth to be made known, but so far, they are sold on the covid narrative. And last week my second oldest son was diagnosed with a blood clot. Was it the covid he got last year? Was it the vaccine booster he got well over a year ago? No one can tell us. It just breaks my heart what this entire covid debacle has done to my family.

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Thank you this is an illuminating article. I appreciate and share your goal of busting up the mass formation psychoses, and indeed, spreading the awareness of all such collective mind manipulations, so as to render humanity immune from them.

The fact that you have gone viral cheers me immensely!

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Great piece. We will be watching V tonight. I am not as optimistic as you. Covid and its attendant lockdowns and other infringements on basic rights drove home for me what I have known for many years.

With all due reverence to the brilliant Albert Einstein who famously quipped that the greatest force on earth is compound interest, I must disagree. No, the greatest force on earth is peer pressure. We all think of peer pressure as something that ends in High School and it is something for teenagers looking for group approval do.

Nope. Peer pressure is with us our entire lives. It is why people were willing to go along with idiotic, irrational policies that they KNEW were stupid and useless. Here is one the best examples from the Covid era. I would go into a store or market or some other public place and everyone, except me, would be wearing a mask. However, after the first month or two, about 75% of those wearing the masks were wearing them below their nose or worse, as a chin strap. THAT, is proof that people weren't doing it for safety, they were doing it to not stick out.

I can't tell you how many stores I was thrown out of for not wearing a mask. And the reaction was always the same. Not fear or concern. It was RAGE!!! Folks simply couldn't abide that someone would have the temerity to think and act for himself. They were ashamed and I brought that shame to the fore.

The reason I am pessimistic about the future in the West and in the US in particular, is that we are no longer a moral and religious people. And we are not an educated, rational people. Those are qualities that our founders, specifically Adams and Jefferson respectfully, said were necessary for the success of our system of government.

We have become a stupid, immoral polity and those kind of folks are easily led by demagogues. Try this experiment. Go to the mall and ask random people if "Climate Change" is human caused. My guess is 98% would answer in the affirmative. The same would be true were you to poll the attendees of any gathering of Republicans. The brain washing and propaganda is total and complete.


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I am a very ordinary 71 year old grandmother who serves an extraordinary God. My husband and I realized something was "off" when we were told that Hydroxychloroquine was dangerous. We made the decision to wait a bit on taking the "vaccine." Meanwhile, we began finding the doctors and scientists with integrity, and we made the decision not to receive the shots. Substack writers such as yourself have been vital to me remaining sane. My Christian community should be the place I could find support and encouragement, but sadly, the few who realized what was happening were afraid to speak up publicly and discouraged people like myself from doing so. Just a few days ago I was told by the leader of a women's prayer group that I attended, that I should stop talking about the harms the vaccines are doing (and the larger issues) because I am making other women uncomfortable. Personally, I think it is appropriate to be uncomfortable with genocide/democide, but I will comply with the request and will attend only sporadically, if at all, in the future.

Meanwhile, as most keep their blinders on, we have a vaccinated pastor who got so sick he had to reduce his hours to part-time. One of our missionaries was so badly injured by a booster that she was never able to return to Central America, and the family is now living in the US. One of our Bible teachers asked his class to pray for her, but assured them such reactions are rare, and urged them to get boosted. I offered Dr. Peter McCullough's book to him, but he declined, saying it was divisive and he did not want to get involved. I've heard of so many sudden deaths, heart problems, cancers, asthma, etc. I've alienated family by sharing truth on Facebook, I got kicked off Nextdoor (although I could return if I would grovel and promise to be a good girl).

I suppose I am blathering on about this to let Midwestern Doctor and this community know how much you all mean to me. It's hard to act as though everything is fine. My faith assures me that, ultimately, it will be, but in the meantime, my faith requires that I speak out against evil and injustice and live not by lies. Thank you to this community that is so encouraging to me. Let's continue to do this work by whatever means we can.

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"V for Vendetta" truly is a masterpiece. Two things continue to surprise me about the movie. One, that it was allowed to be made in the first place. Perhaps it was made before the Censorship Industrial Complex was a thing. Two, that it still is allowed to be shown, anywhere. How much longer before it is cancelled , permanently?

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My clients (mostly) are blissfully unaware of what is happening in the world. They are typically more concerned with their stepchild not doing chores! It struck me the other day that there are mini wars going on in families that parallel the wars in the world. I will watch this movie and return to the article to re read! I have to admit that this surfer girl sometimes just wants to watch the Endless Summer and sequel, grab my board and disappear! Thanks again Doc for all your thoughts!

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Give the man his due:

Behind me stands a wall that encircles the free sectors of this city, part of a vast system of barriers that divides the entire continent of Europe. . . . Standing before the Brandenburg Gate, every man is a German, separated from his fellow men. Every man is a Berliner, forced to look upon a scar. . . . As long as this gate is closed, as long as this scar of a wall is permitted to stand, it is not the German question alone that remains open, but the question of freedom for all mankind. . . .

General Secretary Gorbachev, if you seek peace, if you seek prosperity for the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe, if you seek liberalization, come here to this gate.

Mr. Gorbachev, open this gate!

Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!

—Ronald Reagan, address at the Brandenburg Gate, June 12, 1987

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Doc: I have watched the movie V for Vendetta perhaps 18 times over recent years. When I started to notice the strong parallels with current events, I too wanted to understand who held the inspirational vision, and as you wrote, the graphic novel's plot and execution were quite different from the film. The movie takes another angle, like a sailboat tacking perfectly into the wind. My more intuitive conception is that the screenwriters tapped into something powerful, whether it was "in the air" who knows, but I am struck by the long years of advance plotting and preparation necessary to spring these "reset" tactics on the world populace over the last 20/50/100 years. Think Rockefeller and Flexner, IG Farben, etc., persistent forces operating largely out of sight. Many people must have secretly run those energies and nurtured the thought patterns involved in birthing so many clandestine plot threads. Did the screenwriters somehow tap into that vein of dubious consciousness as they recast the graphic novel?

For me, the most potent element of the movie is the way V works with symbols to inspire the largely peaceful shift in the consciousness of London, leading to the masked and caped crowd at the end. And having them take off their masks, and reveal characters who were both alive and dead at that juncture in the plot, pushed it to another level, visually reinforcing a key point, that freedom is a state of consciousness that lives on even after individuals in the movement die. A powerful freedom meme is V.

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It's worth noting that in the USA, "disease management" pumps about $4 trillion/yr into the economy.

"Disease" has replaced war as the world's primary money spinner, the elites need continuing large-scale health crises to keep their Ponzi racketeering going. Pandemics are mammoth business opportunities for the Pharma Cartel and the financiers that control the details and direction of policy.

SARS-COV-2 is an in silico “virus” entirely created on a computer. SARS-COV-2 was/is a hoax. It never existed.

As the “War on Terror” illustrated, these deep events are constructed to exploit as many different lines of acquisition as possible.

The “Covid Pandemic” replaced the phony “War on Terror” and another revamped “worldwide crisis” miraculously morphed into a ruling class multi-purpose golden opportunity.

Covid-19, the disease, is nothing more than a disease of FALSE ATTRIBUTION. Normal seasonal respiratory illnesses were all put under an umbrella with a scary code name and a massive marketing budget.

Covid-19, the media event, was the Trojan Horse constructed to usher in a complete transformation of our society- Blackrock formulated this policy in 2019 (see beow)- "Covid-19" was the circuit breaker to put the plan in motion.

Covid-19, The Operation is a business model meant to increase the portfolios of the super-wealthy and consolidate their control.

There is no such thing as “Covid-19” except as a criminal conspiracy.

IMF Chief K Georgieva- "Vaccine policy is economic policy."

The primary objective to the "Covid-19" epidemiological scamdemic portion of the Operation is to normalize a new Pharma market of mRNA gene modifications because the multiple patents of "blockbuster" medicines (patent cliff) are expiring and Pharma ROI has been nosediving for two decades for multiple reasons.

The plan is for the mRNA "vaccine" cash cow to be much bigger than Covid. The plan is to use similar mechanisms against any imagined viral pathogen in existence, get the tech to market and start going down the list with their readily "downloadable" mRNA platforms for these new "diseases" that they perpetually invent.

Suggesting many of Pharma's problems could be sidestepped BARDA's Rick Bright said the following at the Oct 2019 Milken "Furture of Health Summit", “ [If]there were an urgent call for an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes.”

But it is not too crazy to think that an outbreak of a novel avian virus could occur in China somewhere. We could get the RNA sequence from that to a number of regional centers if not local."

Another significant aspect of the Covid Operation is to sanction and legalize regulatory mechanisms which will allow Pharma to sidestep lengthy and costly clinical trials with this new "Pharma business model" through this "new" delivery system.

The plan is to implement a subscription model for endless mRNA injections and turn us into human pincushions in order to line the pockets of The Pharma Cartel.

"There is a coming tsunami of mRNA medicines." - Melissa J. Moore, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer, Moderna

BlackRock Investment Institute- MACRO AND MARKET PERSPECTIVES/AUGUST 2019


The Going Direct Reset


BlackRock Authored the Bailout Plan Before There Was a Crisis – Now It’s Been Hired by three Central Banks to Implement the Plan


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Absolutely EXCELLENT article!!!

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Another thought-provoking article. Enjoyed listening again to Tucker’s monologue about our wannabe dictator. He hit so many aspects of Biden’s horrible presidency that it could be used as a tool in the impeachment process.

The V movie hits on many levels of a wretched government. The clip of Gadaffi at UN is something I definitely don’t remember, but wow did that come around to covid, vaccines, mysterious labs in Ukraine, Fauci’s GoF, and his timely death soon afterward.

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All forms of government fail. They all become tyrannical, especially when they feel threatened or lose their influence, particularly the latter; they become unpredictable and like trapped animals. We are in that period in many parts of the world.

If any here follow Martin Armstrong's ECM model, you are pretty familiar with the date 2032 the model has chosen when the US will reach its peak and then fail. This date signifies the end of Republicism, a form of government that has proven to be the worst. Many will disagree with that last statement, but it's valid, the representatives of republics always become corrupted. That's the main problem, along with many other issues that plague republicism. We don't have any democracy at all; when was the last time you got to vote on whether we should go to war or not? Never, however, the representative did, and they usually are sponsored by a weapons manufacturer. That's just one example of the current corrupt government we are living in. We lost most of our Constitution many decades ago, and finally, citizens are acknowledging this fact, but it's too late; we are in the last days of the US as we know it. The division is far too broad to be called United any longer. The good news is that maybe we can develop a better system in the aftermath of 2032.

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Thank you for an outstanding and thought provoking article. I'll certainly be reading through it again and sharing with others. "V for Vendetta" had been added to my must see movie list which is in truth selective and short). You have made a profound difference in my own life and those that I've shared your work with. Thank you even more for that!

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Two years ago Russell Brand talked about this movie and made an interesting observation. In movies and other media we adore an underdog, someone who is countercurrent and bucking the system, fighting an evil government or an evil corporation. Yet in real life for the most part, we don't seem to recognize that a rebel might be a Good Guy or our government might be the Bad Guy.


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