My first thought after reading this is to avoid the whole issue by never going to a doctor again unless I'm in a car accident or break my leg. Disgusting sucking up to a person abusing his or her power.

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I so appreciate your methodical navigation of today's iatrogenic hell! Having been raised with Stanford trained doctors and engineers but also a more brilliant mother from the school of Price Pottenger, the intellectual tyranny of allopathic medicine and sidestepping it has been my life's work. My childhood was full of broken dishes and fighting, fracturing my family. I escaped to Alaska and raised four sons who never saw a doctor. So much can be summed up in my favorite joke - " What's the difference between God and a doctor? God doesn't think he's a doctor".

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First there were emotions...fear of covid...confusion about masks, early treatments, lockdowns...anger at antivaxxers

Then there was covid fatigue...this is a sign that emotions are dissipating, which may be encouraging if we can get people to engage in conversations.

Unfortunately, fatigue brings the danger of relaxation of vigilance--and covid 2.0 is coming. The megalomaniacs who pushed the panic-demic will have learned valuable lessons about crowd psychology and psychological tactics. If we aren't prepared, the psychopathic monsters are likely to succeed. But many prefer to sleep.

We need our own version of Event 201 with war-gaming what the megalomaniacs will try. The good thing is that they have to publish their plan in order for the globalist agents to act.

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While I absolutely agree that there must be emotional calm when approaching the dr, I have to admit that emotionally, I am not there with my family member who was harmed by decades of bad dietary advice. And by religious adherence to Guidelines without appropriate curiosity as to whether this family member even met Guidelines in the first place. Meaning, this family member’s uncommon presentation of a common disease ought to have provoked at least SOME curiosity in the treating physicians who therefore should have evaluated the person for confounding, contributing conditions. They did not. And so now this person is suffering with a lifelong, quality-of-life limiting condition. Being managed, of course, with pharmaceuticals. Which I am starting wonder if they are not contributing to the person’s ongoing fatigue. Because according to the drs, the severity of the health problem shouldn’t be causing this amount of fatigue. But, honestly, I don’t think they care enough to ask. They think they care. But, they aren’t really curious enough to care.

Anyway, it would be mostly pointless for me to bring this up to a dr.

Many of my close friends are physicians, and it’s really hard to not be able to be forthright with them about not only the hardness of the situation with my family member BUT ALSO the increased hardness knowing that the current situation could probably have been prevented.

I attempted recently to share w a long time mentor, who happens to be a retired physician, how sad I have felt about this. Her response was that this family member wouldn’t even be alive were it not for procedure X several years ago {true!} and that although she has heard of fraudulent studies recently, this was certainly not the case years ago when she trained or these other physicians trained. 🙄 She seemed aghast that I would even suggest that my family member’s situation might have been caused by bad dietary advice. I told her that I didn’t want to debate the issue at that time, but that I have many books here at home demonstrating how the modern American diet has made us sicker.

I would have a really really hard time pretending to give a doctor the benefit of the doubt in my present state of mind. I guess it might depend on the exact issue. And the particular physician. But, I am by nature not a schmoozer, and to schmooze in this context would feel really hard.

I’m not saying you are wrong. I think you are right.

I’m saying I don’t think I could do that.

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I love your writings! Personally, I intend to stay away from doctors and stay healthy on my own. Even though I see your advice as spot-on, the idea of placating and more-or-less begging a doctor to help me is anathema to my core. I will only go to a doctor if I know exactly what I want (setting a broken arm, for example).

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It must have taken you a long time (and years of experience) to write something so comrehensive. You have given this a great deal of thought. It is very sad that you had to write something like this, but I am sure we are very grateful that you did.

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Thank You.

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I appreciate the time and thought you put into these very worthwhile recommendations. Thank you.

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Another annoying thing is that doctors think everything is caused by a pathogen.

No, right now you have strep in your throat, ecoli in your intestines and yet are fine.

But whatever, it's a stupid religion based on honoring past frauds like Louis pasteur, Jenner, Jonas Salk and other overhyped morons and sellouts.

The Spanish flu was another one that they couldn't prove transmission, even when they directly injected infected blood into others.


I guess the only way they can prove transmission is like in the polio and rabies "proofs"where they injected the infected material directly into the brain of animals, which would cause sickness even if it's not infected with "viruses".


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"If the doctor is still resistant to considering that the pharmaceutical could have caused the adverse events, it is important to become firm in your position while remaining accepting of the doctor’s perspective."

Perhaps from a different perspective:

As a practicing community pharmacist for 38 years I actually found doctors very responsive to my calls regarding drug therapy, as I tried to combine all pertinent facts including costs as well as recommending possible solutions but these rarely were the kind of devastating quality of life affecting injuries we see with the vaccines, and even more common reactions like angioedema absolutely required a trip to the hospital so after the initial action I was "out of the loop."

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“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world … would do this, it would change the earth.” ~ William Faulkner

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good advice... Jesus Christ is still healing.

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Your comments on types of intelligence reminds me of Ian McGilchrist's work on the left-brain/right-brain dichotomy. We have become increasingly left brain dominated---especially in the sciences--leading to the sort of reductionist algorithmic thinking you are describing, rather than the "big picture" type of thinking more typical of the right brain. It does help explain why the farmers and truck drivers seem to "get it" while the intellectual class (selected and trained to be left brain thinkers) seems to have lost its collective mind. McGilchrist's book "The Master and His Emissary" should be required reading.

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I had an oncologist point his finger at me in my late 20's telling me I should have a complete hysterectomy, since my Mother was being treated for a rare cancer. Something inside my own innate intelligence told me not too. We all have our inner knowing wisdom, it is the never ending cycle of life to keep hearing it and trusting it. The busyness in our culture to attain more,is like a hamsters on the wheel. Sooner we realize as a collective we have created this system( that is being dismantled) the sooner the fields our covered in beauty to thrive in.

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May 19, 2022·edited May 19, 2022

Well put, Doc. I have enjoyed your writings and have profited thereby. Keep thinking and writing...

The best technique I have seen for "red-pilling" others is that described by Dr. Madhava Setty in this 50 minute video - https://rumble.com/vy5ule-ask-your-doctor-to-explain-this.html

(I give the video a C for videography but an A+ for ideas.)

Setty suggests you find information that you and your "target" both agree with and use only that in making your case. He uses the Pfizer EUA study results for material and demonstrates numerous inconsistencies.

Being an engineer, not a doc, I also suggest the following..

Challenge your doctor friend with a number of other diseases which present with viral replication AND/OR inflammation AND/OR coagulation. Ask when and how (s)he would use established treatments to alleviate symptoms and/or address the underlying cause. Then ask why the problems of replication, inflammation, and coagulation are any different for Covid.

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Upon consideration, I see that my public school education, especially Kindergarten to 6th grade, taught me COMPETITION. Raise your hand first. Speak the loudest. Speak the longest. Win. Win. Win. Prove how much you know. Do not cooperate with others, it is not necessary for your success (a good reportcard). It is no wonder we have lost so much.

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