Hey doc - Tom Haviland and I are so very grateful that you've published the results of our survey. More evidence to blow the lid off all of the lies.

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Step One: They released a virus. Step Two: They ratcheted up the worldwide fear campaign. Step three: they locked everything down, driving people into isolation. Step four: They shut down effective early treatment options. Step five: They provided the solution - the sacred miracle elixir, which they said would stop the spread. Step six: They censored any contradictory evidence/viewpoints from experts and otherwise that challenged the official state narrative. Step Seven: They mandated the sacred miracle elixir to keep your job, resulting in about 66%-70% of the populace (depending on what source you believe) taking the so-called cure. They created the problem. They created fear and hysteria. And they provided the "cure." Unfortunately, the cure was really not a cure. They lied.

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Jan 18, 2023·edited Jan 18, 2023

The worst case scenario came to pass: the leaders in office decided to USE their powers for ill purpose.

The vaxx mandate was a bold step, but if one looks at this from their viewpoint, it was the best possible move they could have made--for their cause: it made the mass populace a stakeholder class in the cause.

What does that mean, exactly? It means that regular folk buckled under the order/pressure to comply because it came from their national leadership and via channels of law. For that reason alone, most complied. That it was illegal/immoral didn't matter; it came from the top, and people are conditioned to obey. Having complied, they are going to be RESISTANT to accommodate any criticism of their collective act. That includes physicians who faced ridicule for even speaking up with expression of simple doubt. They checked their voices, they put their autonomy in a lock box.

Now that 2/3 of the USA has acquired membership in a class, they can be expected to act very similarly in a number of ways. They first are victims of leadership's bold tactic. Their health was sacrificed for some stupid reason or myriad reasons, none of which are worthy of the cost. But, that's how activists roll: they affect others' lives for the sport of being a meddler. Now, they have consigned multiple millions to degrading health if not imminent death. Anyone in that position is going to have conflicted emotions, probably the first and most pronounced being denial. Don't expect to have them even WANT to hear about adverse effects.

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Substack has replaced the academic journal establishment (not to mention the journalistic establishment).

About one year ago, a major study on COVID injection effectiveness was published by a major academic publisher. The authors were professors of public health at two of our top universities. They studied COVID injection rates and new COVID case rates in dozens of countries. Their conclusion was that the injections, sadly, do not decrease the rate of new cases of COVID.

I looked at their graph, downloaded their data, and analyzed it for myself. I could not believe what I was seeing. Their data did not show merely that the jabs were ineffective; indeed, the jabs had negative efficacy, meaning that increasing jab rates were followed by increasing new case rates. The results were extremely statistically significant.

This was an elementary conclusion within the grasp of any first-year statistics student. Could the authors not be aware of it? This would change the narrative dramatically! They could PROVE that the jabs were harmful to protection from new cases of COVID. I had to let them know!

So I did. I wrote to one author. He refused to reply.

OK, no problem. I wrote a very brief, dispassionate letter to the editor of the journal that published their paper, observing that their data supported a far stronger conclusion than they were willing to state.

The journal wrote back very rapidly; that is unusual in academic publishing. The editor told me that not only would they not publish my brief letter, but they were able miraculously to determine that every single other journal in their global empire of journals (this is one of the top publishers) would not publish my letter either.

I was able to find a much smaller and friendlier publisher, so my paper is in print, but obscure. And my college knows I have another publication, without, of course, ever having read the content.

The graph of disruptiveness in academic journals speaks to me poignantly. I feel like I am at the lower right corner staring at a sign that says, "You are here."

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"Everyone who should have been responsible for preventing this (who you have trusted without question for your entire life) failed in their duty to safeguard the health of the people."

Haven't trusted the US media or government for a moment as an adult. I gave that up in high school. I didn't get the shots though. Actually, the unanimity of the mass media and government on these shots turned me away from them completely. There were other red flags too, but that was more than enough.

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It's a shame folks like Stu Peters and Jim Hoft have to be so sensationalistic, sloppy &/or dishonest, when the truth and Ockham's Razor explanations are amply compelling. Almost like they want to discredit the truth and less outlandish explanations by mixing them with crap. We condemn yellow journalism in the Mainstream Media, so why should it be acceptable elsewhere?

e.g. Hoft fabricated a quote by Archbishop Viganò, printed it as a big bold article title, claimed it was in a speech. No such quote is in the transcript published by Viganò, and his rep denied the quote. And Peters had crap on his site about "self-aware nanobots" in the vaccine.

Did Peters ever remove the easily disprovable crap from Died Suddenly? A simple correction-retraction such as the MSM occasionally does would make him more trustworthy and less ridiculous.

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I downloaded the PDF. I am delighted the location of the embalmers is included. I recollect that there was a study of batches that showed issues tended to be related to individual batches and show up in certain states. I'll look for it and relate it to the survey if I can. It would be interesting to see if the two studies map to each other.

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Thank you for this wonderful essay. It’s fast becoming apparent that ALL our previously trusted institutions have become compromised. This includes universities & medical journals. I predict that future research by doctors of integrity will shift away from publishing in the “high status” corrupt cesspools, and will follow the path of independent journalists.

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In traditional Chinese medicine, the color and consistency of these "clots" would likely lead to a diagnosis that included phlegm stagnation. Phlegm in Chinese medicine is a broad category that refers to a range of different abnormalities in the fluid physiology of the whole body not just of the respiratory tract.  the location of these fibrous "clots" in the blood vessels suggest that the phlegm stagnation is entangled with blood stagnation. This is actually a well-known combination pattern in Chinese medicine that is often associated with very serious conditions like cancer and autoimmune diseases. The primary cause of fluid physiology abnormalities according to traditional Chinese medicine is a deficiency of vital energy or what Chinese medicine calls Qi. People with Qi deficiency tend to be significantly overweight or obese, frequently get diagnosed with metabolic disorder or type two diabetes, and generally report persistent fatigue and susceptibility to respiratory pathogens. I'm referring to their general state of health prior to Covid here not the symptoms they experience during Covid. 

One of the externally visible signs of serious internal phlegm stagnation in Chinese medicine is a waxy, shiny, or greasy complexion. Around the time that the first round of boosters was released (shot 3), mask wearing had also decreased significantly in my neighborhood. At that time, I began to notice that  a large number of people, particularly women, displayed this characteristic complexion. Women are more susceptible to the type of qi deficiency and phlegm stagnation I referred to above. I also noticed this complexion was more prevalent in Asian women, which might reflect the generally higher uptake of the vaccine in the Asian population. 

I bring this up for several reasons. If the dots I am connecting are truly related and not just coincidental correlations, this type of complexion might be a useful warning sign for possible strange fibrous clot complications down the road. 

It also suggests that traditional Chinese medical treatment strategies focused on supplementing qi and transforming phlegm might be effective. As an aside, I have a strong suspicion that this presentation is common in so-called long Covid and also possibly some forms of vaccine injury. It would make perfect sense from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine that a person with pre-existing phlegm stagnation would end up with a lingering illness after the acute phase had ended. 

Many practitioners of Chinese medicine feel that herbal medicine is essential for the treatment of either qi deficiency or phlegm stagnation. There's a risk involved with Chinese herbal medicine, so I'm not going to be more specific than that. However, if I had long Covid or was concerned about the lingering effects of vaccination, I would probably seek out a fellow Chinese herbalist for a consultation. Acupuncture alone is generally considered less effective than Chinese herbal medicine for these two patterns of disharmony, but I have had the strongest gut feeling for the past 15 minutes that moxibustion on the acupuncture point named stomach 36 might be really effective for some long Covid patients, especially if severe fatigue is one of their primary symptoms. 

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Over Here, I suspect you know the answer. The "clots" are not clots in the true sense. They are fibrous structures, artifacts of the modification made to normally-harmless blood components.

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Those white fibrous clots are just one of the many causes for death. But it is the most visual one. Doctors for Covid Ethics has several articles about the injections causing damage: Vascular and organ damage induced by mRNA vaccines: irrefutable proof of causality - https://doctors4covidethics.org/vascular-and-organ-damage-induced-by-mrna-vaccines-irrefutable-proof-of-causality/

I made a list of possible causes for harm by the mRNA/DNA injections. https://thescienceanalyst.substack.com/p/the-experimental-injections-are-not It is not just the spike-proteins, but many other components cause side-effects. In short. mRNA causes immune-system problems. LNPs cause allergies.

The reason for the injections to continue, even after they cause so much damage, is due to the agendas that need the injections to continue. (1). Agenda for digital control of citizens via a vax-passport and social credit system. It is now moving towards CO2 credits. The World Economic Forum (WEF) wants these. (2). Agenda for endless vaccines. Which is like free money for Big Pharma. (3). Agenda of information control. They want full control on news and social media, and forbid any real facts to come out. This is the WEF again.

Some examples of information restrictions: (a) the information about HCQ & Ivermectin. (b) the information about Covid being a weak disease, (c) masks and lockdowns not working (ever). The Nuremberg code and such. (d) the problem that everyone who got jabbed, got Covid again. "But it would be worse, if I would not have taken it" (e) the deadly and severe side-effects, far worse than severe covid (f) the nazi problem in Ukraine. (g) laws that forbid Doctors to state the truth. (h) the influence of the WEF over many governments and who is controlling the WEF again.

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I always feel too under qualified to comment on your Stack but I just think you are incredible. Smart (understatement), eloquent, compassionate, strong and we haven’t even met🤣 thank YOU for your hard, tireless work, the information is invaluable.🙏

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Big Pharma is not looking for cures, but rather ongoing revenues.

In sum, if people are aware of Thomas Kuhn's seminal The Structure of Scientific Revolution, they will know this is not new.

As Blaise Pascal once noted, once science is divorced from ethics, scientists will use their skills to pursue power, not truth. The late Dr. Michael Chricton wrote, similarly years later, “as Alston Chase put it, ‘when the search for truth is confused with political advocacy, the pursuit of knowledge is reduced to the quest for power."

I do NOT want to go down a rabbit hole, but truth be told, the EXACT same issue is a work with the AGW scam. The truth is, there has been global warming recently – but it started around the time of the Revolutionary war, and today we are still BELOW the average of the past 3,000 years. And this is not just for Europe, Greenland and North America, yet another red herring that has recently been thrown out by the desperate global warmers. The universality of the Viking and Mediaeval climatic optimums is written about by Kegwin, who wrote in Science, 1996:274:1504-1508, the mean surface temp of the Sargasso Sea (which lies roughly between the West Indies and the Azores), which was obtained by readings of isotope ratios in marine organism remains in sediment, shows we are, today, below the three thousand year average, and far below the Medieval Climatic Optimum, albeit far above the LIA. Civil Defense Perspectives, Mar. 2007, Vol. 23, #3, p. 1, notes that evidence for this climatic optimum has been found in all but 2 out of 103 locations where it was examined for, including Asia, Africa, South America and the western U.S. The graph in Kegwin of temperatures in the Sargasso Sea tells you all you need to know (note: that big horizontal line running across the page is the 3,000 year average!), The Dansgaard & Johnson study, here on ResearchGate, shows the same https://www.researchgate.net/figure/Average-near-surface-temperatures-of-the-northern-hemisphere-during-the-past-11000-years_fig5_313127868

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I see that here in Canada #vaccinegenocide was trending with over 9K tweets. Just a regular day here in Canuckistan. Sweet! Seriously we are going down a dark road.

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Very interesting article. I appreciate the survey done of coroners. Certainly, a significant number of them experienced an increase in jelly and white fibrous clots. However, responses were really right across the spectrum with significant numbers having seen these for years and in other cases some not having ever seen them. So, while a particular phenomenon may have been uncovered, a coherent explanation of what is happening does not seem close at hand. I look forward to more work being done in this area.

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I do not have a clue who Midwestern Doctor is, but the man is a ruby above price. No one speaks better than he (and has more common sense in his little finger....).

Every post he makes is a must read. Truly this man is a gift. When I get the money again, i will be a paying subscriber again.

Thank you Sir. Thank you for everything...and I don't suppose you could turn your mind to what in

God's name we can do about CBDC, which is coming fast...May 2023 I think.

How do we get our Congress to pass a law RIGHT NOW that DIGITAL Currency will BE illegal for

this country? Because once it is in place, none of this will matter anymore.

We will be serfs. for Generations.

Please dear Doctor, I know it is outside your expertise, but your common sense and insight

would be greatly appreciated.

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