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The complete disregard of 'a second opinion', has been one of the more interesting developments surrounding the CV disaster. It was like finding a mole on your forearm was a basal cell and as a treatment the dermatologist recommended cutting your arm off. Most people would question that recommendation and seek out a second opinion. But with CV, it was trust the experts ! Just not those who are actually working on the front lines. The constant gaslighting is one of the most infuriating issues about this whole debacle.

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Imagine we had actually treated it instead of all this drama. That'd be a world to live in.

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Distribute Vitamin D to the population - Yes! First on the list, in BOLD. Yes indeed.

Vitamin C, Zinc, Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin - yes. Ideally, magnesium chelate too.

However, an ordinary healthy vitamin D3 supplemental intake - such as (for 70 kg 154 lb bodyweight) 0.125 mg 5000 IU/day - takes months to raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels from typical baselines such as 18 ng/mL to the 50 ng/mL needed for proper immune system function, including reduced risk of wildly dysregulated inflammation.

For actual infections, bolus vitamin D3 (10 mg 400,000 IU) will raise 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels over 50 ng/mL in about 4 days. Best of all, a single oral dose of calcifediol, which _is_ 25-hydroxyvitamin D, will raise circulating 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels safely over 50 ng/mL in about 4 hours. This is by far the most important early treatment for those who have not been supplementing vitamin D for months, and who have not recently had a lot of UV-B skin exposure.

Please see the research articles cited at: https://vitamindstopscovid.info/00-evi/ and https://nutritionmatters.substack.com/p/calcifediol-to-boost-25-hydroxyvitamin .

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Above all, I am fond of the doctor here; he always stays open and unjudgmental and even answers questions, despite his overwhelming site traffic.

Yes, everything was a theater to begin with, but let's add the fraudulent and dangerous tests and, of course, the lethal injections that maim or kill "safely and effectively."

Of course, the "pandemic" was far from being mishandled; everything followed a schedule, a means to the same end.

Now, what would (have been) a sensible approach to handling the situation?

1. Suspending the announcement of a "pandemic" would have been a sensible approach until it would have been proven to exist. In 2020, fewer-than-usual people died by August in the five countries I checked (USA, Canada, Germany, Hungary, and I forget the fifth), so there was no sign of a "pandemic."

It would have been nice, if someone had proved it first that "viral infections" actually exist. At the age of five, I tried for infectious diseases (went to stay at a hospital for "epidemic-causing illnesses" on my own accord, because I was curious about hospitals) and miserably failed getting sick (in a room for 28 little boys, nobody contracted anything from anyone and doctors and nurses were not falling like flies). My experience has been confirmed by several serious (unpaid) resources in the last two years...

2. Second, the most powerful mode of mass manipulation was implemented during the plandemic, driving people nearly insane with fear:


One must always be cautious, when such a powerhouse is activated to manipulate people...

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The PCR-Test plandemic was handled exactly the way it was supposed to be.

They did exactly what you'd expect from ineptocrats.

They did exactly what they did in Afghanistan for 20 years:

1- Bomb and kill indiscriminately with no strategies and no goals (quackcination!)

2- When you encounter a resistance, just ask for a surge (booster!!)

3- When surge #1 fails, ask for surge #2 (booster#2),

4- When surge #2 fails, ask for surge #3 (booster #3)

ad infinitum.

5-If you want to bombard a different country (money pox!), just stop the first war.

$2 Trillion spent. No strategies, no goals!!!

That's how an Ineptocracy works.

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Consider that we are looking at a ‘virus’ that cannot be identified as SARS-CoV-2 (there is no evidence), so that’s the end of that story. It was man made on a computer by Drosten et al in Berlin in January 2020 for reasons that we all know.

The average age of a death by or with "Covid-19" is higher than life expectancy. No other figure even need be known to understand the "pandemic" (business model) is a fraud and a giant Ponzi scheme.

The fact that there is no such thing as a "Covid death" is another minor problem here as SARSCoV2 itself is a computer generated fiction.

Everything you see or read is an orchestrated narrative that's been crafted to sell a story for you to believe- that's the big lie they don't want you to understand.

You were not alerted to a "pandemic-level pathogenic disease causing agent" by your own senses, observations or experience. You were conditioned by propaganda to believe in a pandemic-level pathogenic disease causing agent by the media, the pharmaceutical industry, and government.

99% of people falsely certified as having 'died from covid' actually died from their preexisting conditions being exacerbated by mass medical malpractice and 'public health' despotism, the other 1% simply died of old age.

From the CDC itself 7/16/21: "Of the 540,667 hospitalized coronavirus patients included in the study, 80,174 died during the observation period (March 2020 to March 2021). A whopping 99.1% of the patients who died had at least one pre-existing condition, with just 740 having no prior condition on record.

Most patients who died from COVID had multiple pre-existing conditions, with just 2.6% suffering from only one condition, compared to 32.3% who had two to five preexisting conditions, 39.1% who had six to ten, and 25.1% who have more than ten pre-existing conditions."

Translation: No one has 'died from covid' as "covid" is nothing more than a fraudulent PCR result plus a nebulous clinical re-branding of cold, "flu" and many other disease conditions.

Covid-19 is the biggest money laundering scheme in the history of this country.

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I lived in a rural barracks town in Chile in Oct 2019, when the troops that participated in the Wuhan military olympics returned from Wuhan sick with Covid19. I coincidentally got an MRI for my hip where I suppose I used the machine after a troop with a severe respiratory disease from Wuhan must have used it, because I was developing pneumonia before my husband got home from work, and I knew I had gotten it from the piped in air coming out an inch from my mouth inside the tube. I survived it, had symptoms and immunity to the Italian strain for long afterwards, then also treated myself with Hydroxychloroquin (after being misdiagnosed with RA). I spoke with people on the street afterwards because I never took the mask mandate terribly seriously, and I would say, don't worry, I already had it. The common response was, "Haven't we all..." No one would report that they got it for fear of being sent home without pay, and herd immunity was well underway MONTHS before the news came out in mid March about the Italian strain. At one point I had a good half dozen workers sick with it in my patio, lethargic, with fever, sneezing, etc, before there was any protocol set in place. We could have and should have ignored it, and those that got sick should have gotten paid to stay home for 2 weeks.

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I said early on we should have HCQ/Z-Pak/Zinc/Vit D/ASA 'dospaks' hanging in every checkout line in America for a tax deductible $5 all within the two weeks and could have done it for less than 10 billion dollars .

And if we had done this the "heart problems" from all the HCQ dispensed would have not even been a fraction of the cluster we now see not in the making, but already made!

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I think the goal of the plandemic was to user in the "Great Reset". Be that financial and or biomedical type control.

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Valuable perspective. I was lucky - in summer 2020, I came across a Quillette article by Jonathan Kay that said spreading could be reduced by proper airflow, so I knew that where ventilation was possible, it would reduce transmission. Worked at a school whose director had students in classes under awnings/tents outdoors until too cold. I opened windows whenever possible. Will suggest UV to younger family who work in corporations, in case the President's prediction of another pandemic comes true.

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As always, your extremely well thought-out and laid-out information is excellent - and so very crucial for other medical professionals to read and learn. I pray they do.

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This is a SUPERB interview...only 30 mins and worth every minute of it...."The consequences of vaccine mandates.....My conversation with Canadian social scientist Kevin Bardosh, lead author of a recent paper on COVID-19 vaccine policy in the BMJ Global Health medical journal".....https://tarahenley.substack.com/p/the-consequences-of-vaccine-mandates?utm_source=podcast-email%2Csubstack&utm_medium=email#details

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An excellent and sensible approach to Covid.

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Unfortunately all advocates for a "Sensible Approach" were marginalized or outright cancelled;

nurses and doctors were 'disciplined" and even lost their professional licenses. The wrong "experts" gained pre-eminence. To prevent a repeat of such disastrous responses to the next outbreak, epidemic or pandemic, epistemic trespassing should be formally outlawed, and perpetrators prosecuted.

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There are now dozens of studies that have proven the efficacy and safety of Far-UV Sterilray continues to be ignored by healthcare. The shame is that, as pathogens go, coronaviruses are easy to destroy with Far-UV.

222nm (Far-UV Sterilray™) lamps in a room gives the same level of protection as everyone in the room wearing N95 masks! Another needed layer of defense.


222nm light is the only tech that does NOT rely on air circulation to destroy viruses in the air instantly. Safe for humans info@sterilray com

Equates to >182 air changes/hour‬



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