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The freedom movement and its eternal base of Truth is doing just what it was expected to do. Kill tyranny. One step, one flag, one salute to a trucker and farmer at a time. One legal notice to a fake MD, pharmacist, nurse, government-hired poison injector at a time. The tide turns, and its a tidal wave of truth. And demons can’t swim. 🙏🏽

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Excellent! Thank you so much. I bought Ed's book (Cause Unknown) as soon as I first heard about it. Robert Malone has arranged for us to get the Kindle version free through the end of February. Also free are his own book, Lies My Government Told Me; as well as Robert Kennedy Jr.'s book, The Real Anthony Fauci. Check it out on Amazon.

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I’m constantly surprised Tucker is allowed to tell all this truth.

Murdochs aren’t exactly Truth tellers

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I agree that Mr. Dowd is a very clear thinker. Some of it by talent and trade, but by his own admission he’s been through a dark night of the soul and that tends to contribute actual wisdom as well.

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I think when you say "because our economy is driven by greed" you oversimplify the problem and potentially misidentify the solution.

Better to say our actions are driven by incentives.

And when the incentives we put in place reward greedy/selfish/careless/criminal behavior over better behavior then greedy/selfish/careless/criminal people take advantage of those incentives to outcompete people who do not respond to the incentives.

Imagine a world where drug companies bear full liability for all harm their drugs do (and courts are accessible to all). In that world there are twenty drug companies all competing with each other. They each experiement with various strategies. One in particular - let's call it Pfcriminal - decides to skip safety testing, falsify its efficacy test results, and engage in fraudulent advertising as a strategy. In this world of full liability its behavior causes it to lose a lot of money to lawsuits and it goes out of business because its competitors, HonestMedcos, not having to pay all those legal costs, are able to price their drugs lower.

Then think about what happens when we change the law to remove liability. Now Pfcriminal has a huge advantage over its competitors. Pfcrminal incurs no legal costs because it is immune from lawsuits, and its drug development costs are far below those of its competitors since it falsifies its test results and therefore doesn't have to make drugs which actually work. Pfcriminal is able to sell its drugs more cheaply than its competitors and its competitors themselves face a choice: go out of business, or join Pfcriminal in its immoral (but no longer criminal) behavior.

Thus these bad laws don't just let bad guys get away with bad behavior. They create a situation where only bad guys win and the good guys go out of business. So after some period of time, all companies left in the business are criminal.

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I am currently working with Tucker Carlson's producer to try and get an interview with Tucker concerning the results of my "Embalmer Blood Clot Survey" completed a month ago, which A Midwestern Doctor graciously featured in a Substack article a few weeks ago. When I last spoke to Tucker's producer yesterday, she said that right now they are intensely focusing on Ukraine, East Palestine, and their very recent access to 40K hours of Jan 6 footage, BUT the results of my survey ARE STILL on their radar. She predicts that Tucker will come back to the COVID topic soon. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. Everyone, please say a prayer that Tucker says "yes" to giving me an interview so that I can get this important information out to his large audience.

Meanwhile, here is an interview that I did with Eric Metaxas several weeks ago: https://rumble.com/v270d8o-tom-haviland-a-freelance-data-analyst-has-surveyed-over-125-funeral-directo.html

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What appears to be the case:

1. Covid appears to have been a gain of function project that got released either purposefully or by accident from the Wuhan Lab.

2. It appears to have been a project of Eco Health Alliance and Peter Dozinac who used to do work in the US until that work was made illegal by congress. Eco Health Alliance also received some funding from Faucci and NIH... which might be one reason for the lack of interest in investigating this.

3. Trump was tipped off by Zelenko that Hydroxychloroquine was effective against the virus. He initially took the drug and pushed it, but was sabotaged by Brix who rather than making it available to the public, only allowed use of it in late stage hospitalized patients, after it was too late to do any good. Trump did not correct this.

4. Trump was persuaded to go the vaccine route. The Feds pushed the medical and pharmacy boards to suppress the use of both Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin so there would be no alternative to the vaccines.

5. It appears that "operation warp speed" was a short cut too far. There is some evidence of fraud in the Pfizer trials, and they were too short in any case. The data from the tests of pregnant women is missing (Pfizer cannot find it).

5.5 It now appears that the vaccines were acquired and pushed by DOD as "prototypes" not needing any testing before release. See Bailiwick news and the work of Sasha Latypova, and per these sources, that any testing that was done was in the nature of "performance art."

6. Ed Dowds all cause mortality data is a killer (no pun intended). This is primary evidence of stupidity, fraud, or unwillingness to look at the data. Whoever is controlling Biden is still pushing this stuff, but folks are beginning not to buy what they are selling..

This is evidence of VERY lousy science, or fraud or both. The MSM up to now has been bought off, and a culprit in killing people. Fox is a nice change, but this is still behind a paywall there.

A very bad look for the country, which used to be a medical and pharma leader. Not so much, now.

Our politics appears also ossified and brain dead. As Dowd points out, this has had a larger effect on us than all the wars of the last century.

You would think that those we elect might want to fix it... but it sure does not look that way.

At minimum the FDA, CDC, NIH need to be cleaned out, and new ethical standards need to be established and enforced... IMHO by the docs that turned out to be right, like Malone, Korry, Merrik, Urso, Ryan Cole... etc. "By their fruits ye shall know them."

End of rant.

The above is my humble opinion.

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Maybe that is why the other side is trying soooo hard to start WW3 ?

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The book is free on Amazon Kindle. I downloaded it and then ordered the paper book. He deserves to get paid for writing this informative book.

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Doctor - I know you have the entire USA to tap into trends, data, and similar-minded folk, but I found so many correlations to your observations in an Irish Substack published earlier today.  Please note that Ireland was like a case study in Pandemia Propaganda.  Due to a lack of alternate channels and comfortable trust, the majority were manipulated by the greatest social psychology experiment ever. Also - Biopharma and Big Tech have been major employers in Ireland for 2 decades plus.  Following all 'orders', the Irish went through most of 2020 and first half of 2021 under extreme lockdowns, including the reporting by neighbors if you left your own garden.  All Unjabbed were pariahs, banned from family functions (including funerals of their own parents), and blamed for the uselessness of the Jab.  I speak from experience.

While the Narrative continues on MSM channels, an Irish substack today https://louiseroseingrave.substack.com/p/senior-medics-talk-vaccine-harm-as pulls back the curtain on what is now going on in Ireland.  Irish doctors are afraid to speak out, but they are acknowledging the Jab injuries, and have connected the dots enough to see the boosters drive the injuries.  I had not seen this diagnosis discussed elsewhere (can't read the entire internet daily) but it is an interesting observation. In addition, the major propaganda station is airing tonight the Thalidomide Survivors, no doubt a moment of reflection for the Irish viewers.

You are correct that we are moving to the next level of public awareness but it is on a global level, as was the Pandemic Push.  So don't despair - these grains of sand are building into dunes. Thank you for your strength and critical thought process.

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Love your stuff. In the third paragraph of the critical thinking section, I believe you mean "empathize" rather than "emphasize". Still sort of makes sense, but do not think it is what you meant. Thanks for what you do.

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Ed Dowd in his Carlson interview shared a personal detail that launched his successful push-back (around time-mark 8:30) which deserves thoughtful attention:

"But then when the vaccine mandates hit in the summer of 2021... that's when I said I've had it. And I literally prayed to God how I could be of service. And God answered my prayers...."

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I enjoyed watching Mr. Dowd and had no idea of his personal struggles! Thank you AMD for bringing his book and research front and center !

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Thanks for the link to the Tucker Carlson interview with Ed Dowd. Fascinating.

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"The most important part of this article is the above interview—please watch and share it."

Just watched. Paused & Shared within the first minutes.

I know Ed Dowd's data well.

Always try to help, no matter the rejection I encounter. I just keep trying. As Ed does. As do you Dear Midwestern Doctor. 💕

Will finish your article now. 😁

Like all the cool kids say (do they still?):

"BIG UP".💖

#NoAmnesty 💲💉☠💔

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I am in Canada for a few weeks and am interacting with many CovIDIOTS.

They are completely oblivious to the deluge of sudden deaths... they are unaware of all the vax injuries.

If any of them are aware they believe Covid is the cause -- or whatever BBCCNN tells them is the cause... they do not believe the vax is dangerous

Nothing has changed.

The only people who are aware are the ones who refused the Rat Juice.

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