Thank you or posting this information. I’m a retired nurse that worked mostly in ICU until I became a school nurse while raising my family. I was astonished to find that in my small, Parochial school, outside the Beltway, that 30% of my students had chronic illness. Asthma, food allergies, other allergies such as bee stings or latex, ADD, ADHD, Alopecia, POTS or other mental illness just to name a few. I can’t tell you the percentage of children according to race but it is a multicultural area. I can only tell you that these people were educated and were middle class or above. I can also tell you that they frequently verbalized that these illnesses do not exist in their country. One little girl, parents from the Philippines, was allergic to all foods except rice, beef and broccoli.

It would be interesting to know what the Vaccine schedule is in other countries. I was always for vaccines until I saw these children and my own children, that have chronic illness. The new problem I see in young girls and women is thyroid conditions. I know personally six young women that have had to have their thyroid removed or are now taking thyroid replacement, including my own daughter. What is going on? I don’t know. I’ve been sick since 1975. I was 11 years old when I started getting large hives all over my body. Eczema and allergies followed. Severe itching in the sun. Headaches that made me vomit. I become allergic to kiwi. Vertigo that left me sick for days. They said it was hormonal. I wish I knew if this started after I received a vaccination.

My own experiences saved a little Chinese boy further allergy testing when he started to develop hives on his face outside at recess. He spoke only Cantonese but appeared fine. I told his mother I would watch him. The next day, the same thing happened. Urticaria caused by the cold…just like me. Cured with a scarf.

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I'm never going near a vaccine again - period. I am thankful I am old enough that the vaccine schedule when I was a child was very limited. Ten years ago I had a tetanus shot when I cut myself and needed stitches, just because the doctor said so. Now I would say no thanks, I'll use some iodine.

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Regarding the hostility of the medical industry towards cheap and effective remedies as they cancel the need for expensive procedures my gp told me the following story: a good friend of hers Was a midwife, who worked in a hospital. Ever since she had stumbled upon a study that linked vitamin d deficiency to the need for c sections, she urged her patients to supplement vitamin d. It worked so good, that the c section rate of her patients plummeted. When the hospital admin found out, they forbade her from mentioning vit d to her patients since it would decrease the profits of the hospital.

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I’ve been binge reading your articles for a couple days now as I’m able. I plan on printing them out for a binder to set out at my office. Maybe I won’t feel so bad for running late knowing this material is out there... not that I’m ever running late... 🙃

This one hits close to home for so many people. Sensitive subject and your writing style is perfect for opening hearts and minds to the terrible truth. Very thorough and logical, plus you display compassion appropriately for both the injured and the deceived.

Thank you very much for the time you put in. Fifty hours plus everything you observed and studied beforehand to be able to write it in the first place. 🙏

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The times seem to be changing rapidly.

For example, Covid skeptics used to be lampooned as stupid antiscience ignoramuses. Then they were banned and deplatformed everywhere.

Now they are winning. Not only that but millions of disinterested people are turning into antivaxxers -- whereas in the past they had no interest in this topic.

What will we do when we win? Seems like nobody is even asking this question.

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My son was injured by a DtP shot in 1993, and I can tell you firsthand that this was a hard lesson in learning how massively negligent the system is with regard to informed consent, reporting of vaccine injury (which was non-existent), or patient treatment. They wouldn't recognize it as a vax injury, gave me zero information about VAERS or any reporting system, and recommended a treatment for a 6-month old baby (who was born with two 10's on the APGAR scale) which had never been tested on anyone under the age of 12. They further stepped in it by declaring that he would forever have some asthma related condition. I took him to a naturopath who administered a treatment, told me he would be slightly worse for a couple of days, and then he would recover, which is exactly what happened. He had sustained some long term neurological issues that presented as ADHD and some learning disabilities, but at age 9, after fighting off the school admin drug pushers, I got him to a center which offers non-invasive therapies for sensory integration (https://www.sirriaz.com/), and their 30 day treatment got his nervous system back on track. What I've learned about vax reporting, stats, hazards and treatments during this time was enough to make me VERY wary of what Big Pharma was trying to sell us in 2021 with these experimental jabs. I kept asking WHERE'S THE DATA that proves they solved the issues with the earlier experiments? There was none! Add to that that the billionaire perverts at the WEF who openly call for population reduction (but not THEIR families) were backing this, the contracts with governments shielded them from ANY liability, and I couldn't believe how many people obediently lined up for this, even to the point of harassing and ostracizing others who didn't follow. And for a virus with a .3% mortality rate and several known, safe and inexpensive remedies. This mass formation psychosis is the most insane thing I've ever witnessed.

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God bless you doc for taking the many, many hours to produce this excellent, eye opening article. I spoke with a young pregnant women (our bartender) last night who mentioned she was not vaxxed nor would she vax her children for covid. She was extremely receptive to me advising her to research CHD’s site before she gives birth in February. I sent her the link. I will also send her this article. I believe you, my dear doc (along with other courageous docs) will be directly responsible for preventing many vax injuries and deaths.

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I’ve known about the dangers of childhood vaccines for 30 years, but all the data and information in your article made me burst into tears at the criminal and inhumane practice of childhood vaccinations for profit and depopulation.

How will we ever recover from the great harms and death to our most innocent and precious generation?

I want to send this to every person who ever questioned my parenting practices and refusal to be part of the diabolical medical system for the past 30 years.

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Stay away from vaccines............ALL OF THEM!!!

"The medical authorities keep lying. Vaccination has been an assault on the immune system. It actually causes a lot of illnesses. We are actually changing our genetic code through vaccination.....100 years from now we will know that the biggest crime against humanity was vaccines."

-Dr Guylaine Lanctor author of "The Medical Mafia"

"Much of what you have been led to believe about immunization simply isn't true. If I were to follow my deeper convictions, I would urge you to reject all inoculations for your child....There in convincing scientific evidence that mass inoculations can be credited with eliminating any childhood disease"

-Dr Robert Mendelsohn author of "Confessions of a Medical Heretic"

"These chronic diseases, including hay fever, asthma, cancer, and AIDS, are the result of wrong interventions upon the organism by conventional medicine.....the immune systems of the Western population, through strong chemical drugs and repeated vaccinations, have broken down.....medicine, instead of curing diseases, is actually the cause of the degeneration of the human race"

-Dr Juan Manuel Martinez Mendez writing in the Aug/Sept 2004 Townsend Letter

The Truth About Vaccinations – History and Hoax


Vaccine Ingredients and Vaccine Secrets


The Poisoned Needle - Eleanor McBean:




Dr. Andrew Moulden: All Vaccines Cause Ischemia (Impaired Blood Flow) Which Blocks Oxygen Delivery Leading to Chronic Disease






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Thank you so much for this article. Neither of my now adult teenage daughters are vaccinated, and we avoid doctors and hospitals. I wish there were more doctors like yourself that actually cared more about the patient than they do about their careers. And that fought back against the establishment that seeks to silence them.

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Add tocilizumab to the lethal list. I was admitted to hospital with COVID with 50% blood oxygen saturation, still conscious but very tripped out with sepsis. They put me in an induced coma on a ventilator for 4 weeks, and only gave me tocilizumab, an anti-inflammatory for rheumatism, no antibiotics or antivirals, and tocilizumab is stated in official studies to cause areas of glassy opacification in all areas the lungs as shown clearly in lung X-Ray images signifying bad lung damage.

Though of course, TPTB in the present controlled government, surely acting only as representatives of a hostile foreign military occupation government with similar politicians and top 'medical' officials now thoroughly infiltrated in most nations of the world for 'WEF' Israel, having set out to cause maximum carnage, are absolutely certain only to ensure that all so-called COVID treatments will only ever heavily maximize the damage to ensure the success of their intended spike protein weapon.

They do this while truly effective remedial treatments like hyperbaric chambers are refused, which make oxygen get absorbed through the skin 10 times faster even when the lungs are compromised, even when interstitial and diaphragm muscle is wasted away, being the ideal therapy that does not need a patient to be knocked out first, so they can keep physically active at intervals, thus requiring no extensive period of being bedridden or eventual physiotherapy to teach them how to sit up, to stand up, and to walk and how to eat again when all muscles are heavily atrophied, with hyperbaric chambers at half the price of ventilators. They refuse ivermectin, hydroxychloroquine, both with zinc, large IV amounts of Vitamin C as recommended by Dr Marik, combined with hydrocortisone steroid for the sepsis that kills most COVID patients combined with thiamine and other B vitamins, high dose Vitamin D3 to cool down the overactive immune system (and Vitamin K2 and magnesium with calcium to ensure increased calcium absorption goes to the right places in patients with risk of bone loss through being bedridden long term) - you will be staggered when you see the stone age knowledge of vitamins and minerals in NHS hospital, and the sheer crap they actually give you, you would be just as well going to the pound shop to their health section.

For instance, in just 4 days of usage on COVID patients, official studies show tocilizumab causes massive damage in 80% of the posterior parts of the lower lobes of the lungs, which together, constitute around 45% to 51.3% of total lung volume depending on whether one is laying down, sitting or standing, and massive damage also occurs in all other areas of the lungs as is shown in X-Ray study images, and my own personal X-Ray images were exactly the same as in these studies.

No wonder the hospital in London where I was has a 75% death rate on ventilators for COVID patients, one of the highest in the country a nurse working there told me, this figure being validated also by another nurse in the ICU when I was there, and when I came round with still untreated pneumonia, they just offered me remdesivir after a whole week asking for treatment at 15,000 dollars cost to US patents for instance for a 5 days course, whereas ivermectin would cost only 15 dollars or less for a 5 day course, and ivermectin actually works, go figure. I only stopped coughing up blood weeks later after being released from hospital already very nearly dead even before I caught COVID again and this time decided to avoid the hospital and just treated myself successfully for 5 days at home with ivermectin from a veterinary supplier for horses, which stopped all the bleeding totally for the first time.

In the ICU earlier I had naturally refused the already officially declared totally ineffective Israeli Gilead drug remdesivir already knowing the 1.1% actually increased death rate from using it as clearly stated in the WHO and Lancet reports when this drug is issued to COVID patients in general, also knowing the 26.9% death rate from organ failure again with less than zero recovered patients in ventilated COVID patients (my lung capacity was very severely damaged already when I came round by this useless toxic drug tocilizumab) I knew that having just survived a 75% death rate on the ventilator, with many more dying even after surviving the ventilator from heart attacks and strokes, a further 26.9% death rate risk from remdesivir was not going to do anything but finish me off.

These people in power are just demonically freaking out on a death cult trip, they know the damage they are doing, but carry on doing it with a fanatical zeal, with real relish, and keep on authorizing and giving these actually lethal and totally useless and massively expensive fake treatments out, fanatical maniacs who will not and cannot stop themselves. I met a lot of extremely kind, conscientious, compassionate, hard-working, dutiful nurses on the lower staff levels though, but they are powerless to do anything except what they are told, and some of them confided they too had not been 'vaccinated' for COVID.

The spike jab is a death weapon, the top government and health officials all knew this from the beginning but are WEF infiltrates. "I was only following orders" 'is not an excuse, by law.

NHS staff in the subordinate levels need to revolt and call out those at the top planning their NWO takeover on the back of this for mass murder, otherwise, they are all complicit, I am sure they have all rally heard the 'rumours' and have had time to do some private internet searches about this, they know alright, but as long as the pay keeps coming in, and they are too scared to speak out or leave their jobs, they remain prepared to turn a blind eye to organized mass murder and also become guilty.

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I still recall my doctor's shock when my dad forbade him from administering some vaccines -- in the 70s. My dad had an easy job overriding him as he was a prominent researcher in molecular biology.


At this point. No, none. Zero.

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EXCELLENT. Thank you for this piece.

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Molnupiravir, zidovudine (AZT), and remdesivir are all nucleoside analogues. (Remdesivir is a nucleotide analog with a cyano substituent.) They interfere with RNA/DNA replication, and likely (esp. molnupiravir) also cause mutations.

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From the UK, follow the links as they are being 404'd:


Basically in as few words a possible the single dose measles jab (Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis) and the MMR jab (similar condition as before and a rubella type infection leading to non-fatal autism/true autism) are not as safe as claimed and known to cause serious and life-threatening illnesses in those jabbed which is why the documents were hidden away.

Try contacting Mina via here as she or her family have been involved in something to do with fighting/treating the above:


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Bravo Bravo Bravo....Standing Ovation!

Definitively one of your best pieces yet.

To say I learned a lot is an understatement. The interweaving of themes, sometimes not even explicitly called out in similarity to the cv shots, is always appreciated and helps connect dots.

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