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The Honest Doctor's Story Made National Television

The hatred and cruelty we witnessed toward the unvaccinated must never happen again.

A few days ago, I posted a story a longtime reader I trust sent me I felt was in the public interest to know. It ended up being picked up by The Daily Sceptic and a few days later by Fox News.

Dr. Miller did an excellent job in the five minutes Fox News provided to him and added an important dimension to the story for those of you who have already read the previous article. I would highly recommend you watch it if you can.
Note: Since Twitter has recently banned their videos from being embedded on Substack (which is a massive problem for many of us here), I went with a different way to share it. The interview can be viewed above via Substack or below on Rumble.

Note: As far as I know, this is the first time this Substack has been mentioned on national television!

When Doctor Miller contacted me, I was hopeful his story would go viral (it had a few elements suggesting it could, and unlike many of them, whose details are faked to increase virality, I knew his was authentic). The reason I wanted it to go viral is because many doctors have seen the exact same things Dr. Miller has but feel terrified to speak out. Having the social proof of others doing it (e.g., Peter McCullough), especially on national television, will give them the courage to speak out and start the tsunami necessary to change what has happened.

When the state-level vaccine mandates were being pushed across the nation at the end of Obama's presidency (e.g., SB2777 in California), what really disturbed me were the attitudes I saw my colleagues (who strongly supported those early mandates) held toward the unvaccinated. There was a palpable degree of hatred for the unvaccinated, and they often wished the children would die from the diseases they were not vaccinated against (which was utterly non-sensical if you had taken the time to research the actual risks and benefits of each of the vaccines they wanted to mandate).

What I found particularly disturbing was how open the discussions were and that no one ever called them out on it. In juxtaposition, these were the same people I regularly heard espouse the need to address all injustices and affronts to personal dignity patients experienced. I had even seen a few cases where they tried to destroy a colleague's career for committing what I deemed to be an insignificant microaggression.

The best way I could summarize what I saw was that although many of these people actively spoke out against anything even remotely related to Nazism, I (and colleagues felt) these people would have been the first to rat on their neighbors for hiding Jews had they lived in Nazi Germany.

Because of what I witnessed in 2015-2016, I was not quite as surprised as many of my colleagues (e.g., Dr. Miller) by what I saw happen during COVID-19. To some extent this makes sense in hindsight, as I am now almost certain the cutthroat campaign for school vaccines mandates across the nation that happened then was meant to lay the groundwork for the COVID-19 vaccine mandates,

Nonetheless, it still was utterly dystopian to see how much scorn many members of my profession directed towards the unvaccinated. Especially since many of them were also willing to violate their previously unquestioned duties as physicians to each patient and not care for many patients appropriate because of the patient’s unwillingness to take an ineffective and potentially lethal  vaccination.

Josh Guetzkow for example put together an excellent summary of the hatred the unvaccinated faced, which was repeatedly scientifically quantified to greatly exceed that faced by other groups that are commonly discriminated against. The saddest thing about this was that the hatred was based on the big lie that the COVID-19 vaccines prevented transmission (and the non-sensical logic the vaccine “worked” but somehow simultaneously did not protect you from catching the disease from the unvaccinated).

Josh also shared many examples of hatred expressed towards anti-vaxxers prior to COVID-19 during the initial PR campaign we witnessed for school mandates at the end of Obama’s presidency.

A few comments on the screenshots before I paste them in. Perhaps the most amazing thing about these statements is that people felt that it was OK to express these opinions “out loud” in public on-line settings and were often encouraged and congratulated by others.

This is in contrast to other forms of prejudice that people have become more reluctant to express openly as such views are seen as illegitimate or not acceptable in polite society. But here they felt no shame. And since these people had no problem expressing their views in public, I am not going to go out of my way to protect their identities, though in some cases the screenshots were anonymized before being sent to me.


Dr. Miller's testimony and those like his are critical for our current era. Something needs to be done about the collective hypnosis that took over the medical profession that all of us with open hearts and minds, could clearly was happening. The more people who speak out, the sooner it will happen. For those wishing to see Dr. Miller's full story (it covers a lot of things not discussed in the video), it can be viewed here:

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When I originally made this Substack, I found myself in a very frustrating position—I had something I felt was essential for the world to know (that we were repeating the disastrous smallpox vaccination campaign, its cruel mandates, and the widespread counterprotests against them by the working class). Still, I had no way to get the message out. I tried…
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My core mission with this Substack is to provide the information I believe will best benefit the public in these extremely challenging times, and it can only happen if we all come together, are honest, and see things with a clear spirit. I put a lot of work into this platform because we are at a time where history has many different directions it can go in, and what we do now will ripple out far into the future.

I am profoundly grateful Dr. Miller trusted me to help him spread his message and allowing me to be part of making a tangible positive impact. If you can share his interview with others (which can also be viewed directly on Fox News here), please do so, as this touches on a point much of the public can get behind.

I thank each of you for your support and for making it possible for me to feel like I am making a difference. It means a lot to me.

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